Three Weeks Later

Quinn watched, teeth biting into her lower lip, as Santana dropped her last bag into her new room. She didn't know how she would get used to this, waking up and going off to school in the fall, but without the familiar warm kiss against her forehead from her mother. The way she would wake up to the sounds and smells of bacon in the kitchen. The I love you's and the Quinnie's her mother would speak to let her know she did have someone who loves her more than anything, more than anyone else. It makes her wonder if she still has that now, that same unconditional love she always needed and finally got in Judy Fabray.

" love me, right?" The other girl nodded, brow furrowed as she walked closer, sitting down at the end of a white-sheeted bed.

"Yea, I do. What's wrong, Q?" The blonde joined her, laying down and staring up and clouds painted on the highest level of the inset ceiling.

"More than anyone else?" She asked, not asking the obvious question of more than her.

"Of course. What's got you thinkin' about that?" She asked, laying down along the alabaster-skinned girl and wrapping her tan arms around her.

"My mom. She used to always tell me that she loved me more than anything and anyone. I can't help but feel like I've lost that along with her." She said, closing her eyes as slim fingers ran smoothly through her hair.

"You haven't, baby. I got you now. I love you. More than anything and anyone. But Judy, she was a good mom." The blonde nodded, her mind filling with her own perspective over her mothers last ten minutes alive.

"She saved my life. He had those gigantic hands around my throat and I couldn't...I couldn't breath and she hit him on the back of the head with pan. I couldn't even see for few seconds. But once I could I watched him backhand her and...her eyes were so scared but she just said 'Run Quinnie. Get away, please. She was more afraid for me than for her own life. I thought I could save her..." She spoke, tears falling into the fluffy white down duvet. Santana pla;bced gentle kisses against her eyelids, calming her.

"You did everything you could. Everything. I won't ever let anyone put their hands on you like that again. I love you just as much as Jude does, i swear."

"The same way?" she asked, half-bow shaped lower lip in her teeth's grasp. Santana laughed loudly, shaking her head.

"I'm not your mom, silly." Quinn huffed and pouted.

"You know what I meant." Santana nodded.

"In a different way." She said, pressing their lips together for the first time since the day that Quinn had awoken from her three week coma. The blonde leaned up, returning the gentle press against Santana's softness.

"Will you go with me to see the Dr. Hartmon tomorrow? It would just be easier to have someone I trust with me." Santana nodded yes.

"You don't have to do this so soon if you don't want to. But I think it'll help you, you know. Either way I'll be right by your side. Now come on, I know you're tired."

"Yea, you'll be here when I wake up?"