Chapter 15 the principal's office

Marina didn't want to go to school on Tuesday because she would have art class. Ashley noticed that Marina was a little nervous put she decided not to ask about it, Marina would tell her if she wanted to.

Yasmine sat next to Marina so she could keep a close watch. Marina was busy working on her drawing when Mister Viator walked by and her pen case fell. She leaned over to get it when Mister Viator hold his hand up. ''I'll get it, while you continue working.'' He crouched down and laid his hand on her leg for support. Marina froze, when he picked up her stuff he just walked away like nothing happened.

Yasmine noticed that something was wrong. ''What is it?'' she whispered, ''did he touch you again?'' Marina nodded and Yasmine raised her hand. ''Sir, Marina isn't feeling well I'll go take her outside.''

They quickly gathered their things and left the classroom. ''Okay we'll go straight to the principal.''

''Come in,'' they heard the principal's voice say when they knocked on his door. ''What is it?'' he asked as soon as they entered.

''Marina has a problem with a teacher.''

''What kind of problem? And which teacher?''

''Mister Viator, he touches her against her consent?''

''So you're accusing Mister Viator of sexual harassment?''


''I want to hear it from Marina herself Miss Brooklyn.''


''I'm very ashamed to hear this, mister Viator is a good friend of mine and I assure you he would never do anything like this.''

''But….'' Yasmine started.

''I will hear no more of this. Return to your class and I expect you both to write an excuse letter to Mister Viator. Goodbye now.''

When they left the principal's office Yasmine said that her sister had a free period at that moment so they went to her.

''Aren't you two supposed to be in class?'' Eathelin asked when they entered her classroom.

''Yes but Marina has a problem with a teacher and the principal won't listen to us.''

''Okay what's the problem?''

''Mister Viator is touching her.''

''Touching her, how do you mean that?''

''He is touching her in a sexual way.''

''You mean sexual harassment?''

Marina nodded.

Eathelin kneeled down before Marina. ''I have to ask you to tell me how exactly he touched you and I promise to help you to the best of my ability.''

Marina explained everything and Eathelin could she in her eyes that she was telling the truth. ''Don't worry I'll talk to the principal. You must be getting back to class now I'll write a note explaining that we had a conversation together.'' She wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to them. ''Now of you go you two.''

As soon as Marina and Yasmine left for class Eathelin went to the principal.

''Eathelin what is it?'' he asked surprised as Eathelin entered his room.

''Mister Nereus, I know that Yasmine and Marina went to see you earlier today and that you refused to listen to them.''

''They were making a serious accusation towards Mister Viator.''

''Even there more a reason to listen to them.''

''Did they tell you their accusations?''


''And you believed them.''

''Yes of course I believed them. Why wouldn't I believe my sister, and I believe my student until they give me good reason not to them. And mister Viator is always looking at woman's breast and stuff he is sometimes even worse than doctor Whale.''

''Miss Eathelin,'' he said in a stern voice, ''Mister Viator is a good friend of mine and I don't believe him capable of such a thing. Now you parents were good friends of mine to and I know you and Yasmine miss them very much, but maybe Yasmine and marina have been more damaged by what they've been through than we previously though. And because your parents were such good friends of mine I gave you a chance to work here, because I believed in you and knew you need the money, but don't think that because of that I won't fire you if you step out of line. Now I'm sure that you have a class waiting for you so you best get to them. I suggest you forget about this made-up story of marina and Yasmine and get to class. Goodbye Miss Eathelin.''

Eathelin left but wasn't planning on letting it rest. She would talk to Mister Viator himself if it was necessary. But first she needed time to think about it.

Next chapter the curse is broken and a little reunion, can you guess who everybody is?