Year 697, March 29th, 03.00 PM

Geffen Plains

There was he, kneeling besides the dying crusadress. From his uniform, it seems that he was a priest, though some part of his clothes was already tattered. The land of red fire and scorching earth in his surrounding, together with the evening sky, are seemingly trying to engulf them together into a burning hell. Around them, abominable creatures with much kind of strange shapes were roaming.

Those creatures are called as monsters.

There's no hidden meaning in that name. They're called as a monster since they're really a monster. Mindless beings with powerful strength, which no one knows where they even came from. Some said that they were mutated animals. Some said that they were a product of a failed alchemy experiment. Some said that they came from another dimension. But no one knows for sure, since they're having their hands full with just thwarting the monsters.

And right now, some of the monsters are trying to attack the priest and the crusadress. But somehow, a barrier made of light was protecting them. It seems that the priest has cast the protection magic, Safety Wall, before.

But that also at its limit. Unable to hold his Staff of Recovery anymore, he put it beside him, then he continuously chant healing spells to her sister, the crusadress. He doesn't care about the fire and the monsters that were slowly approaching him and the crusadress. He's more concerned about the girl in front of him. Deep cut in her chest and waist, rib fractured, are making the black bluish-haired priest effort were in vain.

"Divine light, answer the prayer of your believer and cure their wounds… Heal!" the priest shouts.

A divine light appeared on his hand. With that light, he tried to heal the wound of the crusadress. But, no matter how many times he does that, the wound just wouldn't close. Blood still flows endlessly, as if indicating that her fates already sealed.

"Divine light, answer the prayer of your believer and cure their wounds… Heal!" the priest shouts.

Again, a divine light appeared on his hand. But no matter how many times he did that, it was futile.

"Divine light, answer the prayer of your believer and cure their wounds… Heal!" the priest shouts.

Again and again. The priest continue to use his spell, ignoring the fact that it was in vain.

No, perhaps exactly because it was futile that he just continue to do that.

"Hey I going to die? *cough*" the girl said as blood and mud were staining her black bluish hair and her armor.

"No, of course not, Lyre! What good of me if you can't be helped with only this scratch?!"

"It's okay, Clay, *cough* don't fool me... I know the best of what's happening to me." she stare deeply into the blue eyes of his brother.

"C'mon! Don't die on me, yet!" Clay shouts. Tears were already streaming down from the tip of his eyes. He was unable to control his emotions anymore, despite being a priest, who had already endured many trial and temptations. It's seems that his sense of care and love overcomed his pride.

"Why're you always the one to protect me Lyre? I'm the one who should've protected you!" said the priest with a frantic and sour expression.

"It's always the job for a Crusaders to protect the people, Clay. *cough* and it's always been my choice to protect you, my brother, and my only family."

A band of Knights and Crusaders who witness their comrade being cornered, all at once charges to the enemy's pack, distracting the monster that were nearby to Clay and Lyre. Some of the wizard cast water magic to put down the fire.

The Crusadress eyesight began to fade slowly as she feel numbness on her entire body. With her last strength, she reach out to grasp her big brother, her best friend till the end.

"Heyyy...are you crying again? For god's sake you're a priest now, Clay! *cough* Don't sully the reputation of the Holy Priest, you know..." Lyre said with more blood coughing.

With overwhelming tears he hug the Crusadress, he knows that his little sister will be soon no longer here. He should be ready for anything that happens to him, or his little sister in the battlefield, but he just can't. He's not ready to lose his little sister right now.

"…Is it a sin to grieve for the one I hold so dear?" said the stuttered Priest.

"You fool, I don't be the reason.. of your mourning..."

And at that time, the last warmness left her body.


He shakes his sister's body. Anxiety is filling inside his body.

"Lyre! Speak to me! Please!"

But no matter how many times he did that, the departed won't ever return.

"No! Please! I'm begging you! Lyre!"

She was already gone.


…he knows that it was futile.

He can feel that his sister has stopped breathing, leaving this world back to the world of the dead, Nilfheim.

And yet, his heart won't accept it. He can only shout in despair against this.

Emptiness surrounds him. He can't stand to keep living in this world without her little sister, that he cared so much that he chose to be a Priest rather than to be a Monk, or even more, to be an Acolyte in the first place.

"...Why did it come to this? I've given my whole life for you. As your brother, it's my joy for you to live in peace and happiness, far away from any danger. And yet..." Clay murmurs lifelessly.


Not far from there, a Lord Knight who was the commanding officer saw what's happening, rides with his Peco-peco toward to Clay and talk to him...

"Hey! Are you okay?" he shouts to Clay.

His sword shines and embedded with many layers of aura, symbolize that he's at the Transcendent Class. It is a Lord Knight ability, after all. He was still young, no older than Clay himself, must be a prodigy in the Cavalry to be a Transcendent in such a young age. But being a Transcendent means that he had overcomes "death".

"You're a priest, right? C'mon, you gotta help the squad! We need as many men we can get."

Clay just remained silent, he's still in shock of his loss. Then he mumbles...

"No... I can't..." He is lost in thought.




It has been a three days since the war between the allied army of Pronteran and Geffenian against the Darkness army of Glast Heim broke out, again. Casualties exceeded beyond the Allied Forces imagination. The battle is at lost nor they are going to surrender their city, Geffen, to the enemy.

Clay already had a bad feeling when his sister suddenly wants to search an old acquaintance in Geffenia.

Year 697, March 29th, 07.00 AM

Geffen City

"Oh c'mon, Clay, just this time, please?"

With such a cute face and as well his brotherly love to her, of course Clay can't refuse to her sister request. The only family he had is his sister, since their parents died in an accident during an experiment in Einbrooch. It's such an unfortunate timing that they're visiting Geffen when Geffen were being attacked.

When the city mages were conducting a training exercise on the field, an army of Orcs attacked the training site and not long after that, a bunch of Darkness cavalier of Glast Heim, which is Abyssmals, Raydrics, and Khalitzburgs were rampaging through them. This, of course making a great confusion among the Geffenian, because it's not usually for the Orcs to roam so close to Geffen, let alone The Glast Heim Cavalier.

Hearing such notice, the city of Prontera, who's always been an ally to the city of Geffen, immediately rushed to their aid. The Pronteran Knights and Crusaders are the first to arrive thanks to their respective mounts, Peco-pecos and Grand Pecos, while other battalion such as the monks and the priests arrive a day and a half after. Since then, the army Prontera and Geffen is at war with the Orcs and the Glast Heim cavalier.

He felt so guilty that he can't stopped his sister.

Year 697, March 29th, 10.00 AM

Geffen City

"Clay, we must protect the city!" says Lyre.

"But Lyre! It's too dangerous!" Clay said with a worried face towards his sister.

"Oh please, I got you, right? The almighty o' Priest?"

"But, but..." Clay was stuttered, but before he finished his line his sister grabbed his hand, dragging his brother all the way. "Ughhhh.." Clay circling his eyes.

And now there he was, staring the dead body of his sister, while his body was shivering. His heart was filled with regret, that he wasn't able to stop her.

Year 697, March 29th, 03.15 AM

Geffen Plains

The Lord Knight stumbled upon Clay's reaction, "...Excuse me?"

"I said that I can't... I have no use in any kind of battle, I will only be your hindrance, I can't even protect myself and my sister!" He shout when glaring to his hands covered of his sister's blood.

The Lord Knight saw the body on the priest's lap.

"This is..." he murmurs.

For a second, the Lord Knight seems surprised when he saw the face of the dead crusadress, but Clay was too caught up in his sadness that he can't realize it. Seeing the Crusadress that was lying on the Priest's lap, not breathing, the Lord Knight knew that it was going to be a waste of time to persuade the Priest, but he does realize that the place is still a battlefield, so he dismount from his peco-peco, and quickly he carry Lyre's body into his peco-peco. Seeing this Clay is shocked at what was the Lord Knight doing.

"YOU are a Priest, you should know better than anybody that a battlefield is no place for a support squad to mingle alone mourning for his comrades death. Hurry! Hop on!" the Lord Knight shouts as he giving Clay a cue to ride on his peco-peco.

Clay feels mystified, and he didn't questioned the help from the Lord Knight. As he hop aboard, they then dashing through the field. Speeding through the clashing sword, piercing spear, fireball and other kinds of magic flying through the air. Almost hitted by a grimtooth from a passing by Khalitzburg, the Lord Knight riding skill is magnificent.

They arrived at the Geffen Western gate. The Lord Knight dismount himself to carry Lyre's body and hand it to Clay's arms. Her cold body feels like a thousand needles on Clay's heart. Then he saw that the Lord Knight mounts his peco-peco again, and then talk to Clay...

"I am the head of Pronteran Knights Third Battalion, Reitterged and also the battalion's first squad commander. My name is Zekemond Pike, but people usually just calls me Zeke. What is your name, my fellow comrade, the Priest?" His short brown hair sways as the winds blowing.

"Clayton Age..." answers Clay, "Thank you for saving me..."

"Don't mention should evacuate to the eastern side of the city, I'm afraid it's too dangerous to be on the western side. I'm sorry for the brief introduction, but I have to command my battalion, so if you'll excuse me..."

Just before the Lord Knight leaves, 2 mounted knights approaches.

"Sir!" shout one of the knight to Zeke.

"What's is the situation?" asked Zeke.

"We are being pushed back sir! The Geffenian army has fallen. Many of our Knights and Crusaders have fallen, not to mention the Monks who were assisting us, also the Wizards can't afford to use their magic for a long period of time. They're totally exhausted, and these monsters are stronger beyond our capabilities." answered the other, it was a female Knight.

"…Any answers from Payon?"

"Not yet sir!"

"What about Morroc?"

"Morroc was just attacked an hour ago and overwhelmed from many directions. They're in a graver situation than Geffen, right now."

The Lord Knight runs deeply into his own mind. He's either anxious or just searching for other plan to defend the city of Geffen. He questioned himself, why was the Orcs aligning themselves with the Glast Heim Cavalier? Not to mention their super powered strength that are truly impossible to believe! He's determined to report to his fellow commander first.


Zeke blinked, he realized his subordinates fearful gaze, that his perplexity will only lowered the morale of his subordinates.

Then he valiantly step forward and gaze at the so distance of the battlefield.

"What should we do, Sir?" asked the male Knight.

"...You!" He pointed at the Female Knight, "Help this Priest, and go to the city to evacuate the citizen. Their safety is our top priority. And as for you…" he looked at the Male Knight. "Tell the second and third squadron commanders, that we have to pull back our army. Prioritize the civilians evacuation. This battle is a lost cause. We're just going to be massacred by those monsters."

"Yes, sir!" The two knights saluted their commander. They then run for their own task.

As he watches his two subordinates move away, Zeke murmurs...

"...There must be something that makes them become so strong and attacked us so fiercely...and even more important, they even attacked us in group... How is this even possible? Unless, there's someone who was able to control them..." the Lord Knight murmurs as he look to his two subordinates who has already far away, not realizing that Clay heard his words in surprise.

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