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Love is a dangerous weapon
That needs to be used correctly
For it can play with your mind
Yet please the heart
It can make you feel so high
Then break you apart
So basically love is dynamic
Always changing
When, one will never know
It can please you
It can tease you
It can build you up
Then break you down
It can define you
It can change you
It can push you to your limits
Yet you will always know it's true
That we can't live without love
We need it more than the air we breathe
More than our daily needs
It can bruise you, wound you and scar you
Yet it can heal you
It can give you a new purpose in life
And make you do things you never thought were possible
Love is a test that has no pass or fail
It tests your emotional stability
And your physical strength as well
Whenever you fall and crash
It sits and waits for you to get up and continue on
To show that you are brave and strong enough to love again
So love is somewhat a double edged blade
Which can either pierce and hurt
Or protect you
And sometimes...


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