And we're back with season 7! Yay! You sure got surprised as you read the summary. Yupp this girl totally changed the order of the DigiWorld. -smiles-

Let's explain a bit. The 7 Great Demon Lord were always the atagonists. Well, what if someone turned them into the protagonists. (Lucemon and co. were anything else then happy when they heared that ^^). Since that group was always one of my favorites I decieded to give them a second chance. To be honest, if you get the group know better, you'll see that they ain't so bad as they're supposed to be. Their partners, the Shadow Tamers you already meet briefly in the previous seasons.

For this season the major characters will be, beside the 7 Demon Lords, Akinari, Airu, Hiroshi, Damien, Seichi, Arisa, Akari, Zia, Gumdramon, Calumon, Shinzui and the group's sensei (you'll find out why =) Chiaki Ando. And the atagonists, well, you'll find out who they are in this chapter. And since the last two seasons had a more darker nature, this will have a more lighter nature. And it'll be a bit longer then the last season.

So far, enjoy!

Seven Demons were awaken. Instead of causing destruction, they were choosen to save the Worlds. Belphemon, Leviamon, Barbamon, Deamon, Lilithmon, Lucemon, Beelzemon - each one being the Guardian of two Crests, one a Sin, the other a Virtue. Only they can save the DigiWorld and destroy the Legendary Enemy of the Past and his minions, the Death Generals. Sins or Virtues, Bad or Good, Darkness or Light, which side will win? Only the Crest Keepers know it.

[Shining Dreamers by Digimon Xros Wars Hunters plays]

1. Chapter

Comeback of the Demon Lords, Enter the Shadow Tamers!

[Ready, Steady, Go by FullMetal Alchemist plays]

"Lord Fanglongmon, it's time." said a little girl. She seemed to be five years old, with brown hair, binded in pigtails with black ribbons, a purple T-shirt and a black dress which was similar to Ai's dress from Digimon Tamers and black-white sneakers. On her chest was a mark which looked like a heart with a black and a white angel wing. She also had a purple armband with a small screen.
"I know." said the golden dragon Souveregin. He sighed. He feared that he would regret what he'll do.
"Here take this. That'll open the seal." Fanglongmon sent Shinzui a golden key.
"Thanks." she replied. In the next second, she dissapeared.

Shinzui appeared again at the Forbidden Area, at a Temple where the 7 Great Demon Lords were sealed away. She opened the ceiling and entered the cave like temple. 5 DigiGnomes followed her as she walked towards the stands where 5 DigiEggs were. That were the DigiEggs of 5 of the former 7 Demon Lords: Lucemon, Daemon, Belphemon, Barbamon and Leviamon.

Shinzui thrusted her armband and on the screen appeared 5 Crests, which were the Crests of the five Demon Lords. Each Crest represented one Sin. Lucemon's was Pride, Daemon's Wrath, Barabmon's Greed, Belphemon's Sloth and Leviamon's Envy. The armband shone and five light orbs each in the Demon Lord's respective color went to each of the DigiEggs.

"Alright guys, time to wake up. You'll soon meet your own Tamers, but also some old 'friends'. So, it should be the best when you retrive your old memories." Shinzui smiled. The DigiEggs shined and the five Rookie Forms of the Demon Lords popped out.

"What the?" Lucemon looked around. The others were just as equaly confused. He then noticed Shinzui who was standing behind them with a big smile. "You!"
"Sorry, I think you're mistaking me for someone else." said Shinzui. "I'm Shinzui, a kind of your guide."
"Guide?" asked DemiDevimon.
"Yupp, and I have a task for you." said Shinzui.
"A task?" Lucemon crossed his arms.
"Yes. Actually a mission for which you were chosen long time ago." said Shinzui. "BlackGatomon and Impmon were chosen as well."
"What is this mission?" asked Candlemon.
"You'll soon find out more 'bout it." said Shinzui. "After you meet your Tamers."


"Tell us you're joking!" said Lucemon. Shinzui rolled with her eyes.
"Why should I? The situation is pretty serious and there's no need to joke around." she said. The five sweatdropped. The DigiGnomes more giggled. "Anyways, it's time for you to go. Oh, and before I forgett, could you please give this Onee-chan." She gave Lucemon a note.
"Who's your sister?" asked Candlemon.
"Ah, you'll know it when you see her. Actually, we're pretty similar." Shinzui smiled. Lucemon crossed his arms.
"I'm sure you are." He knew exactly who Shinzui meaned.
"Onee-chan will explain you everything about your mission. So, see ya." Shinzui waved them before she dissapeared in a flash of light. The five Demon Lords looked at each other. Lucemon sighed.

"Well, let's find out what kind of mission we got." he said.

A 16 year old girl was sitting on the tree and watching the sky. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair was bound in pigtails with black ribbons. She wore a purple t-shirt with black sleeves, blue jeans and a jeans miniskirt on them. On the skirt was a purple belt with a red heart. She sighed. Tommorow will be her first day in her new school. In her hometown Yokohama. She was a bit nervous about that, but she also knew she'll see her old friends again. The ones she met before she moved to DigiCity.

Arisa Bunya noticed something on the sky. It were 5 strange colored lights and her D-Power suddenly reacted. However, she didn't jump down to find out what they are. First of all, she had a feeling that she'll soon find out who they are and second Impmon and Calumon were somewhere in the city, possibly in the park and she really didn't felt like going to get them.

"Wonder what they are?" asked a familar voice. Arisa suddenly fell down with a yelp. Luckily she landed on the bush. Covered in leaves, she watched her 5 year old copy watching her.
"Shin-chan, next time you could ask me without giving me heart attack." said Arisa as she got up. She took the leaves out of her hair.
"I'm sorry Onee-chan." Shinzui pout out her lips in a sarcastic 'I don't care' way. "It's not my fault that you cannot hold on the tree."
"Ow, just tell me what do you want." Arisa rolled with her eyes. Shinzui clapped one time with her hands.
"That's the funniest part. Guess who's back." she said smiling.
"Who?" asked Arisa.
"Onee-chan, you should guess it." said Shinzui.
"And who should be back, the Demon Lords?" asked Arisa sarcasstically. In the next second she noticed that that was the right answer. Shinzui nodded. "Yupp, and they're actually going to met their Tamers right now." she said.
"So, that were the five lights I saw." said Arisa.
"100 points. Anyways, you'll be the one who'll explain them what they have to do." said Shinzui.
"Why me? Ain't you our guide?" asked Arisa. Shinzui crossed her arms behind her head.
"Yupp I am, but I thought since you got the Crest first you should tell them what to do." she said.
"No way, that's your job." said Arisa.
"A-a..." Shinzui waved with her finger. "My job now is to help you getting your Crests. And anyways, I already told them that you'll be the one who'll explain them everything."
"Just great." Arisa sweatdropped. "You're kidding me."
"No, I'm telling you the truth. That's why you call me Shin-chan." said Shinzui. [A/N: Shin means truth in japaneese. Shinzui means spirit. At least I think so. ^.^"]

"Well I hope you do know what your mission is." said Shinzui.
"Yeah, gather all 7 Virtue Crests to close the Gate of the Seven Seals, before the Great Evil passes through." said Arisa. "It'll be easy."
"Well, the mission changed a little bit." Shinzui rubbed her head.
"How do you mean it?" asked Arisa.
"Well, the first of the 7 Sin Crests started to glow again. Gluttony to be precisise. I doubt you'll find all 7 Virtue Crests in time so it seems like the Demon Guardians will have to fight the Great Evil." said Shinzui.
"That, can't be your honest." Arisa sweatdropped.
"Hey, I'm Shin." said Shinzui.
"Alright, something else. Who is this great evil anyways and which are the rest of the Virtue Crests?" asked Arisa.
"What the Virtue Crests regards, they're the opposite Virtues to the Sins. Balance for Gluttony, Purity for Lust, Generosity for Greed, Diligence for Sloth, Kindness for Envy, Patience for Wrath and...Humility for Pride." said Shinzui. "Oh and I also heared that the Great Evil has some slaves who'll try to kill you just as Ogudmon did."
"Could you please tell me who they are?" asked Arisa.
"The Death Generals: Dorbickmon the Fire-fury, NeoVamdemon the Moon-light, Zamilemon the Wood-spirit, Splashmon the Water-tiger, Olegmon the Gold-thief and Gravimon the Earth-god."
"I did watch Xros Wars. Say, ain't Apollomon the Sun-wheel missing?" asked Arisa.
"Well, we didn't found any Apollomon under his command, but I'll tell you if we found out something new." said Shinzui.
"And could you please finnaly tell me who that Digimon is?" asked Arisa.
"'Coruse. But you should better take a seat." said Shinzui smiling.
"Why?" asked Arisa.
"Because the enemy issss...GranDracmon!" said Shinzui. Arisa made an animefall.
"He!" Arisa snapped at her. "That's a joke, right?"
"I said my name's Shin." Shinzui crossed her arms with an serious expression on her face.
"They're gonna freak out." said Arisa.
"Calm them down then. Onee-chan, there won't be any need to worry. That's why the DigiGnomes made the Virtue Crests. You will have a chance to beat GranDracmon." said Shinzui.
"If we find the Crests in time." said Arisa.
"If." said Shinzui.

A boy, about 16 years, sulked in his room. He had dark brown messy hair and flame colored eyes. He wore a black T-shirt with a yellow thunder on the back and blue jeans. On his neck were black googles hanging. Soon a flash of light illuminated him and he glared at the emerged D-Tector. The D-Tector was white with black edges and had a jet black and a light white thunder on the sides, each next to the screen. Together with the D-Tector appeared a golden Tag with the mark of the Crest of Pride.

"What the heck?"

He blinked confused as he noticed a purple mist, a Digital Field forming in his room. It wasn't big and a Digimon emerged quickly from it. The Digimon looked like an angel with holy rings on his hands and feet.

"Where am I?" asked Lucemon as he got to his senses.
"In my room." replied the boy.
"So, I finnaly managed to get to the Real World." said Lucemon to himself. He adressed the boy. "Name's Lucemon. And you are?"
"Akinari. Araki Akinari." said Akinari.
"I assume that you are my Tamer." said Lucemon crossing his arms. Akinari shrugged.
"Well, I got a Digivice, so yes. I'm probably your Tamer." he replied.

A boy with light blue messy hair and deep green eyes looked at the sea. He wore a blue t-shirt with a wave print, brown pants, sandals and black sunglasses put on the collar on his shirt.

He noticed a strange light in front of him and as it faded away a green Xros Loader with blue thunders next to the screen and a Tag with the mark of the Crest of Envy appeared. Before he could say anything a Betamon jumped in front of him from the water.

"Hey, did you see anyone of my comrades?" asked the Betamon the boy.
"I even don't know who your comrades are." the boy shook his head.
"A Lucemon, a Phascomon, a DemiDevimon and a Candlemon." replied Betamon. The boy shook his head.
"I have no idea, but you can come with me if you want. Maybe we can together find your friends." said the boy.

A boy, 16 and half years old searched for the key of his apartment. He had brown hair and grey colored eyes. He wore a red-white baseball cap, a red T-shirt with a Warcraft print, grey sweatjoins on both of his hands, brown pants, and black sneakers. In his hands he clutched a Gameboy Color and a grey iC Digivice with light purple thunders next to the screen. Around his neck was a Tag with the mark of the Crest of Sloth. It appeared out of nowhere in front of him on his way home.

He was a bit confused by that, but the shrugged it of. He entered the apartment and went into his room to play a computer game. However, as he opened the door he saw a little koala with bat wings sleeping on his bed.

"Hey, who are you?" asked the boy. Phascomon opened his eyes lazily and yawned out his name.
"I'm Phascomon. You have a really good, soft bed." he said. The boy sweatdropped.
"Am, thanks."

A boy, around 16 years, put his glasses back on. He was sitting on his bed and reading a book. He had a simple white T-shirt with a flame print on the front and brown pants. On his hands he wore green sweatjoins. He had dark green-black messy hair and light brown eyes. Next to him was a Digivice which looked like the one from the Adventure season 1, only with red buttons and two yellow thunders next to the screen and a Tag with the Crest of Greed on the back. He was so much focused at the book that he didn't notice a Digital Field forming in his room.

"What are you reading?" he heard a voice. The boy rose his head and looked at the candle Digimon. He blinked surpriesed.
"Am, this is an encyclopedia about dinosaurs." he replied.
"Interesting." said Candlemon.

A 15 and 1/2 year old girl played the drums which were placed in the attic in her house. She was playing the melody of 'Make a Face like you mean it (Vampires)' from House of Heros and singing the song along. She had blonde hair binded in pigtails with pink-red bands and dark blue eyes. She wore a dark pink T-shirt, a black skirt, black boots and black sweatjoins. On her neck she wore the Tag with the mark of the Crest of Wrath on the back. On her belt was a black-white D3-Digivice with red thunders next to the screen hooked.

She stopped playing as she saw a Digital Field forming in front of her. A little bat Digimon emerged from it.

"Don't stop playing. I like this song." said DemiDevimon. The girl smiled and countined her play.

Lucemon sighed. He just explained Akinari how and why he got here, that he's a Demon Lord and that he searches for the other members of his group.

"I'll be glad to help you. It is kinda cool to have a Demon Lord for a partner." replied Akinari. Lucemon hmpfed at the partner part. He still didn't like it to have his own Tamer.
"So, do you know someone named Arisa Bunya?" asked Lucemon.
"Oh, Arisa. Sure I know her. She was together with me in the kindergarden before she moved to DigiCity." said Akinari. Lucemon blinked in confusion.
"DigiCity, where's that?" he asked.
"Nearby Tokyo. A few hours away. This town here is called Yokohama." said Akinari.
"AW great." Lucemon groaned in annoyance.
"Why do you need her?" asked Akinari.
"She has some important information I need." said Lucemon. Akinari smiled.
"Don't worry, I'm gonna find her." he said. Lucemon gave a half-smile. Maybe it wasn't that bad having a Tamer.

"Hiroshi! Airu! Damien! Seichi! Wait!"

The three boys and the girl turned around as Akinari runned towards them. They were on their way to the school.

"Hey Akinari, what's up?" asked Daminen Itachi, the boy with blue messy hair and deep green eyes.
"You won't believe what happened to me yesterday." said Akinari.
"Well, we also have something to tell you too." said Seichi Tsumura, the boy with dark green-black messy hair and light brown eyes. He cleaned his glasses with the edge of his shirt.
"Yeah, and it's kinda cool." said Hiroshi Orikasa, the boy with short brown hair and grey colored eyes.
"We got Digimon partners." whispered Airu Adachi happily. She was the girl with blonde hair binded in pigtails with pink-red bands and dark blue eyes. Akinari nodded.
"I think I know who your Digimon partners are. But can we first wait for this till school is over?" he asked.
"Sure thing." said Damien, and threw his bag over his shoulder and put a hand into his pocket.

Ding! Dong!

The school bell rung and the class which Damien, Seichi, Akinari, Hiroshi and Airu attended waited for their teacher to enter it. However, this time they had to wait a bit longer. Finnaly, Ayako Seta-sensei, a woman in her mid 30s entered the class.

"Please, be quiet." she said. The students stopped talking and already opened their books.
"Today..." Seta-sensei countined. "Today, we'll have two new students in our class who are coming from DigiCity."

Everybody held their breath, while Zia Hasane smiled. She was a 16 year old girl with brown hair which had some blonde hairs and crimson red eyes. She already knew who the new students should be. Akinari blinked in curiosity. Arisa and Akari entered the class.

"Could you two please introduce yourselves?" said Seta-sensei. Arisa and Akari bowed.
"I'm Bunya Arisa." said Arisa.
"My name's Inoue Akari." said Akari. She had red wavy hair and dark red eyes.

They were both wearing a white marine T-shirt with a red collar and sleeves which were red on the edges, a red tie and a white skirt which was also red on the edges. The boys uniform conisted of a red coat with the school emblem, blue trousers and a white shirt with a red tie.

Akinari, Seichi, Damien, Airu and Hiroshi looked at Arisa.

"Seems like she's back." whispered Damien to Akinari. "The Shadow Tamers are complete."
"Yeah." replied Akinari.

"Bunya-san, you can sit next to Hasane-san. Inoue-san, you sit next to Adachi-san." said Seta-sensei. Arisa and Akari nodded and took their seats.

Akinari glared at Arisa. He didn't expect that he would meet her again. He frowned. Sure, maybe he promised Lucemon that he would help him, but he never said that Arisa and he were best friends. Actually they were a cat and a dog, always fighting with each other everytime they met. That endured since the kindergarden.

Ding! Dong!

After a boring hour, the break-time came. Most of the boys immediantly gathered around Akari. A smaller group gathered around Arisa.

"So, you're back." said Airu.
"Yupp, my parents got a job in Yokohama." said Arisa. Akari, who managed to escape the boys' crowd came to them.
"Guys, this is my friend from DigiCity, Inoue Akari." Arisa intruduced Akari. "Akari, these are Itachi Damien, Adachi Airu, Orikasa Hiroshi, Tsumura Seichi and Araki Akinari. You already know Zia. I know them since the kindergarden."
"Nice to meet you." said Akari.

"Arisa." The two girls heared someone calling for them. "Akari."

They turned around and saw Kathrin and her two followers standing behind them.

Kathrin had long blonde wavy hair and icy blue eyes. Alana had glasses, black straight hair and blue eyes. Nia had long straight brown hair, green eyes.

"Ow, hey Kathrin." said Arisa.
"Listen you two, Arisa and Akari. I will give you only one chance. If you join me you'll be on the most popular group in the school. If not, then you're losers." said Kathrin.
"Since when are you in the most popular group in the school?" asked Arisa.
"Hey, I just wanted to be a bit nice to you. Geez." Kathrin rolled with her eyes.
"Then go and be nice somewhere else. You're stealing our air." said Arisa. Akinari, Hiroshi, Airu, Seichi, Damien and Zia started to giggle. Akari was more confused.
"You're so pathetic Arisa." said Kathrin.
"Yeah I heared that more then a few times and guess what...I don't care. So please take your big ego with you and move. P.S. Is that a pimple on your face?" said Arisa with a devious smile.
"What?" Kathrin searched for her mirror.
"Oh, sorry, that was your nose." said Arisa. Now the group bursted into laughter.

"You are and will stay a loser." said Kathrin. Arisa rolled with her eyes. Kathrin turned to Akari. "And you?"
"What I?" asked Akari.
"Are you coming to my group or what? Seems like most of the boys keep an eye on you, but that's only because you're just as beautiful as me. Well, I'm a bit prettier." Kathrin laughed. Akari swatdropped.
"No thanks." she said.
"What?" Kathrin looked at her.
"I'm fine by staying with Arisa and her friends." said Akari.
"Then you're joining the loser team too." said Kathrin.
"No, she's joining the Shadow Tamers." said Akinari.
"What a stupid group name." said Kathrin poutin her nose. "Let's go."

She walked away, her followers following her.

"Hi, Crazy Aiz." she said as she passed Zia. Zia stuck out her tounge.

"Who's that hussy?" asked Akari.
"That's Fujimoto Kathrin. She's half american-half japaneese. And she thinks that she's the most important being in the world. Her followers are called Alana and Nia." said Arisa.
"She's a pain in the neck." said Damien.
"And heck she has a big ego." said Seichi.
"But for some reason all boys have a crush on her." said Akinari.
"You too?" asked Arisa.
"Well..." Akinari sweatdropped.

Just then the school bell rung.

[With you by Inuyasha plays]

"I wonder if they're already awake." said BlackGatomon to Gumdramon. The two went to Chiaki Ando's house, which was also Arisa's home.
"Who knows." Gumdramon shrugged. The two jumped from a tree into the yard and opened the door which lead to Arisa's room. They saw Impmon and Calumon still sleeping. Both sweatdropped.
"We should wake them up." said Gumdramon. BlackGatomon walked over to the table where she noticed a whistle.
"Yeah, but on the funnier way." she said. She then walked over to the two Digimon and stood right in front of their heads. Gumdramon put his hands on his ears. BlackGatomon took a deep breath and put the whistle in her mouth.



Impmon and Calumon immediantly jumped on their feet. Gumdramon meanwhile laughed his ass of.

"Damn you Lilith, you know that I have senstive ears!" yelled Impmon at the cat Digimon.
"Calu, my head hurts." complained Calumon.
"Do you two know that it's already 2 o'clock pm?" asked BlackGatomon.
"No. But I'm starving now." said Impmon. BlackGatomon sweatdropped.
"Let's go eat something and then we go to get Arisa, Akari and Zia. Calu!" said Calumon.

Leater, the four Digimon went to the school to wait behind it for their partners. They jumped from rooftop to rooftop until they reached school. They then jumped from the school roof on the nearest tree, which was next to the old bike parking lot.

"Now it says, wait. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon and looked down. His eyes wided. "What the?"
"What is it Impmon?" asked BlackGatomon. Her eyes wided too as she looked down. "Tell me I'm dreaming."
"If you're dreaming, then I have the same dream too. Ba-Boom!" said Impmon. Calumon and Gumdramon joined them.
"I want to see too what you're dreaming. Calu." said Calumon and looked down.
"Hey, what's all the hopla about?" asked Gumdramon as he looked down.
"Apparently, that are the rest of our teammates." said BlackGatomon.
"I get it, but what are they doing here?" asked Gumdramon.
"I have no idea, but I'm gonna find it out." said Impmon and jumped down. BlackGatomon sighed.
"And the chaos starts." she jumped down too.

"I wonder when they'll come back." said Lucemon who meet up with DemiDevimon, Betamon, Phascomon and Candlemon.
"Who knows." shrugged Candlemon. "But I think they said that class will finish soon."
"I hope so." said the impatient DemiDevimon. Just then Impmon and BlackGatomon jumped down.


"Hey, what are you doing here?" asked Lucemon. Since he knew that the two outcasted of the group he got in his battle stage.
"The same I could ask you." said Impmon. Until he finds out how the situation between him and Lucemon looks like he deceided to be on guard. It seemed like the two Rookie Leveled Demon Lords will attack each other.

"Why should I tell you, traitor." said Lucemon.
"For the last time I didn't betray the group!" yelled Impmon.
"You did!" replied Lucemon. The angel Digimon rushed over to the smaller imp Digimon knocking him down. Impmon quickly got on his feet and jumped on Lucemon. The two rolled trying to get the upper hand, both baring their teeth at each other.

"Am, Lilith, could you please explain us what is going on?" asked Betamon.
"It's a little bit complicated." said BlackGatomon. "Could you please help me seperate those two?"
"Okay." Betamon and Candlemon took care of Lucemon while DemiDevimon and BlackGatomon took care of Impmon. The two Rookie struggled to get free. They wanted to countine their battle.

"Betamon, Candlemon let me go so I can show how I treat traitors!" yelled Lucemon.
"I show you whose here a traitor! Let me go! Ba-Boom!" yelled Impmon. The two growled at each other.
"What's wrong with them?" asked DemiDevimon.
"Don't ask." BlackGatomon swatdropped.

"They're coming." said Phascomon looking at the parking lot entrance. The Digimon's attention went to the group of teenagers who were just as confused as their partners.

"What the heck are you doing?" asked Arisa with an confused expression on her face. DemiDevimon, BlackGatomon, Betamon and Candlemon let Lucemon and Impmon go.

"So we meet again." said Lucemon as he looked at the girl.
"You two know each other?" asked Airu as she looked from one to other. DemiDevimon sat on her head.
"Hey, we're surpriesed too. Could someone please explain us what is going on?" asked DemiDevimon. Just then Calumon and Gumdramon jumped down.

"Huh?" the 5 Demon Lords looked at them. But only DemiDevimon recognized Calumon.
"Anyways, can't we discusse this somewhere else. This parking lot will soon be crowded with teens and it'll be better if you get out of here. We'll meet at my place." said Arisa.
"What? But..." Lucemon wanted to protest.

"Do me a favor and just listen to me." said Arisa and turned to the Shadow Tamers. "You better go home too and don't forget to bring your Digivices and Tags."
"Wait, how do you know...?" started Akinari.
"Hey, our little guide gave me the job to tell you what's going on." said Arisa.
"Guide?" asked Hiroshi.
"Yes, so like I said. We'll leater meet at my place." Arisa cut off.


"Am I late or what?" asked Zia as she and Gumdramon entered Arisa's house. She wore now a blue t-shirt with a silver dragon print, blue kapri jeans and yellow-blue sneakers. Arisa, Impmon, Akari, Calumon and BlackGatomon were waiting for them. Akari had now a dark red T-shirt with a black heart on the right sleeve and blue jeans.

"Nope." Arisa shook her head. Soon the rest of the crowd arrived in front of the house.

"So, that's her house?" asked Lucemon with crossed arms. The Demon Lords and their Tamers gathered in front of Chiaki's house.
"That's actually Chiaki Ando's house. Arisa is her grandaughter." said Akinari, with his hands in his pockets.
"Sheesh, Ando-san is a pretty furious person. I got once into her backyard because I kicked my ball there. And she took me over the coals because of intruding." said Damien."I wouldn't better go there."
"I know what you mean. Ando-san ain't someone who you would invite to a cup of tea." added Seichi.
"Why are you so afraid of her?" asked DemiDevimon.
"It's not like we're afraid of her, but...Man, you must first meet her to find out why we don't like her. Despite being hot-headed, she's also a great swordsmaster and has her own school where she teaches sword- and maritial arts and techinques." said Hiroshi.
"Now I get it from who Arisa inhabited her personality." muttered Lucemon under his breath. He well remembered the girl who caused his downfall.
"I'm going in there." said Akinari and went into the yard. Lucemon followed him.
"He's nuts." said Airu, sweatdropping.
"Should we also go in?" asked Betamon.
"We should. I mean what could happen if we go?" said Candlemon.
"Everything." Damien rolled with his eyes, but they followed Akinari and Lucemon.

The doorbell rung and Arisa went to open it.

"We'll got to the backyard." Arisa pointed at the little way that lead to the backyard. The group followed her.
"Say, is your grandmother at home?" asked Seichi.
"Nope, she went shopping." said Arisa. Hiroshi, Airu, Seichi and Damien gave a sigh of relief.
"Why are you so relieved?" asked Lucemon.
"Once you meet my grandmother, you'll see why they're relieved." said Arisa.
"Yeah right. We're only here to see what that Shinzui girl wanted from us." said Lucemon crossing his arms.

As they entered the backyard, Impmon, who was sitting on a brigde on the pond, glared right at Lucemon. Lucemon glared back with the same intensity. But before they could do anything, Arisa jumped between them.

"Alright, no batteling you two! Or the rest of the group. If you destroy the yard, my grandmother's gona freak out and then you don't want to hear what'll happen next." she said. Lucemon just hmpfed. The other members just looked confused at each other. Lucemon maybe told them that Impmon and BlackGatomon were traitors, but they never found out what actually happned.
"Lucemon, why are you here?" asked BlackGatomon.
"That strange kid, called Shinzui gave us this letter and told us we were chosen for a kind of mission." Lucemon pulled out the letter. "Also she said that that you're the one who could explain us what that mission is."
"Could I see the letter?" asked Arisa. Lucemon gave it to her and she read it.
"Hey Arisa, could you please read it loud?" asked Akari.

"Sure I can. This is actually a prophecy. It says:
The Demons never sleep,
A granted Wish, a forgotten Prophecy,
They will come back.
A New Battle will begin.
The Crests will shine,
the Undead will rise,
the Gate will reopen,
and their Master will awake.
A Great Digimon from the past.
The Sins will strenght him,
The Virtues will destroy him.
Which Atributte will win?
Only the Keepers know it..." read Arisa.

"Soooo, what the hell is going on here?" asked Lucemon. Arisa sighed.
"I'll explain you guys everything, but do me a favor and stop that 'Staring-Contest'. It's ridiculous." she said looking both at Lucemon and Impmon who still glared at each other. Both Digimon glanced over to Arisa and then they sat on the opossite sides of the open-corridor and sulked.
"Alright, then, spit it out." said Seichi.
"Would you like to hear the part about your mission or how did you got involuved into this thing?" asked Arisa, looking mainly at the Demon Lords.
"The second." yawned Phascomon who was on Hiroshi's shoulder.
"This is all happening thanks to Lucemon." Arisa replied with a victorious smile on her face. Lucemon made an animefall. He quickly jumped on his feet.
"What the heck do you mean?" he asked. "Let's say it so: If you didn't used the Crests to activate the Gate of the 7 Seals, you wouldn't be here now." explained Arisa looking at Lucemon.
"What?" asked the 5 Demon Lords. Arisa smiled triumphantly and looked at them.
"To sum it up, your leader had no idea that he opened the Gate of the 7 Seals which was the prison of a so called Great Evil. And that evil wants to destroy the world and you guys. Which is pretty ironical is that you're the ones who were chosen to save both Digital and Real World." said Arisa. DemiDevimon, Betamon, Candlemon and Phascomon frowned and glared angrily at Lucemon.

"What? Why are you looking at me?" said Lucemon, pretty confused. Impmon meanwhile laughed his ass off. Lucemon turned to him. "And what are you laughing at?"

"Karma sucks, heh. Ha, ha, ha... Knew it that the day would come when you feel it how it is to be on the other side. Ha, ha,... I'm really enjoying this." said Impmon, whiping the tear out of his eye. "At least you're amusing yourself." said BlackGatomon. Impmon didn't stop laughing. BlackGatomon rolled with her eyes. "Could you please stop it?"
"Yeah, yeah..." Impmon breathed deepley. He still seemed to be able to burst in laugh any second.
"Imp, the situation is pretty serious so stop laughing." said Arisa.
"Fun-breaker." muttered Impmon with a big smile on his face.
"I think your smile will fade away when you hear which Digimon Lucemon released." said Arisa.

"Which?" Everyone stared at her.

"GranDracmon." said Arisa calmly and then she covered her ears.


Now everyone looked truly shocked. Besides Zia and Gumdramon. And Calumon. They had no idea about GranDracmon.

"That can't be your honest." said Candlemon.
"Yeah, tell us you're joking." said Impmon.
"I ain't." said Arisa. Now all six Demon Lords glared angrily at Lucemon. He sweatdropped. Zia rose her hand.

"Hey, guys, I have a question. Who's that GranDracmon?" she said.
"You really have no idea who GranDracmon is?" asked Seichi. The girl shok her head.
"I'm a freshman what that regards." she said.
"Well, Z, GranDracmon is said to be one of the strongest Digimon of the Dark Area." said Arisa.
"He's almost invincible." said Akinari.
"And what's the worst thing, his power surpasses the power of the 7 Great Demon Lords." said Lucemon.
"To sum it up, if he's after us, we're doomed." BlackGatomon sighed.
"And that's all Lucemon's fault." Impmon jumped into the yard.
"Why didn't you warn me?" asked Lucemon and stood in front of the imp Digimon.
"I did you idiot, but your pride blinded you." said Impmon. Lucemon clenched his teeth and his fist. He rushed over to Impmon to punch him but Impmon escaped and jumped on Lucemon knocing him off.

"Of course I would trust you, you traitor!" hissed Lucemon.
"For the last time, I ain't a traitor!" replied Impmon. The two Rookies struggled and the one who had the upper hand continuosly changed.

"Calu. Shouldn't we seperate them?" asked Calumon with a worried expression on his face.
"Try it, but they will just jump on each other again." said Phascomon.

"ENOUGH!" They heared a yell from behind. Lucemon and Impmon stopped their fight as their attention went to an old lady who was standing on the entrance. She had grey hair binded in a bun and a red band binded on her forehead. She wore a white bluse and blue sack-like pants bound with a black ribbon-like belt. She was barefoot. She crossed her arms. In one hand she had a bamboo sword.

"Grandma?" Arisa looked at her grandmother.

"Everyone, come with me." she said in a strict tone.
"Why should we..." started Lucemon as he got up.
"I said NOW!" she hissed angrily. Lucemon gulped. The group silently followed Chiaki Ando into the Dojo.

[Ending Song Tooi Michi no Saki de by Inuyasha plays]

Hi, Arisa speaking. Next time on Digimon Shadow Tamers you'll find out how I again became the leader. And you will witness our first training. It's only the first step to achieveing the rest of the Crests, but we'll sure make it. However, the Shadow Tamers have to first start to act like a team before we can achieve something. So stay tuned for episode 2:~Turning Hard Work Into Fun, The First Training Day~

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