And here's the second OP.

Colors of the Heart [Blood+]


[The temple with all seven DigiEggs appears and the DigiEggs shine sending diffrent colored light streams upwards]

Ano hi boku no kokoro wa oto mo naku kuzure satta (That day my heart collapsed completely without a sound)

[The streams go into the orb that represents the Real World, the Digimon Tamers Return of the Demon Lords Logo appears]

Kowarete saken demo keshi sare nai kioku to (And even though I scream as it's broken)

[Lucemon is seen walking down a street and he turns around, and looks upwards, Candlemon flame is seen in a cave as the Digimon comes out and looks upwards, Betamon who's in the water emerges from it and looks at the sky]

Kurayami ga hitomi no naka he to nagare komu (The unerasable memories and the darkness flow into my eyes)

[Phascomon, who's sleeping on a tree, opens one eye and looks upwards, DemiDevimon who was flying and looking down turs his look upwards, BlackGatomon who walks on the edge of a building turns her look upwards]

Mou iro sae mie nai ashita he to shizumu (I sink into a tomorrow where I can't even see colors anymore)

[Calumon looks at the sky in the park as Impmon joins him, both look at the sky and see a DigiGnome passing by]


[The scene slowly zooms forwards to a tree and Gumdramon is seen sitting on a tree and having a nap, he then opens one eye and grins toothly]

Wakari aeru hi wo tomedo naku sagashita (I searched ceaselessly for the day we could comprehend each other)

[Zia is seen from outside through a window in the classroom, writing something, but obviously bored. The scene changes to Akinari comes out of a dark street towards the main street at sunset]

Ushinau tame dake ni ima wo ikiteku (Just for the sake of losing it I will live this moment)

[Seichi is seen reading a book in his room, Hiroshi is seen playing a computer game]

Mou dame da to hitori kodoku wo daite mo (Even though its useless and I embrace loneliness)

[Airu is seen playing the drums, Damien is seen watching the sea at sunset]

If you turn on the lights, If you turn on the lights

[Akari stops in front of a store and on the glass she can see herself and makes her hair, as she looks upwards]

Hikari he terashiteku (I will shine toward the light)

[Arisa is seen from backwards standing on a hill, the scene turns to in front of her and zooms forwards as she openes her eyes at the end]

"Negai tsudukeru omoi itsuka iroduku yo" to (The feelings we continue wishing will someday change color)

[The Tamers are seen staning in a circle with their back turned to each other and thei Digivices ,which shine, thrusted forwards, the scene circles as they thrust the Digivices upwards and beams of light go from them upwards]

Oshiete kureta kokoro ni ikitsudukeru hito (That's what the people that continue to live in my heart taught me)

[The images of the Rookie Digimon are appearing with their Demon Lords behind them, visible and Demon Guardian forms, shadowed]

Nanimo kamo hitsuzen no naka de umareru Colors (The colors that are born in about just anything inevitable)

[The 6 Death Generals appear (similar like in the Xros Wars New World op), then Shawn and Coronamon appear with GranDracmon behind who seems to hold them]

Mou ichido kono te de asu wo egakeru kara (One more time they can paint the tomorrow with these hands)

[The Sin Crests appear, turning into the Virtue Crests, the Shadow Tamers are seen watching the sky from an open space]

hikari no yubisaki de (Using fingers of light)

[The scene zooms upwards as 7 different colored feathers are seen like threw upwards]