I did this for WitAngerandBravery's Hunger Games Quote Challenge. The quote I used here is "Look, if you wanted to be babied you should have asked Peeta." This is fluff more than anything else. This is in no way to be slash, so you all know. This idea was quite random and hopefully a little later I will be adding to this. I hope you all enjoy!

Harry stumbled into the Slytherin common room, his right shirt sleeve was ripped and bloody. He collapsed onto the nearest couch before he passed out while he lost blood quickly from his arm wound. Before long he was woken up, he heard two male voices from over him the two voices were very familiar to him. When he opened his eyes he saw Blaise and Draco looking down at him.

"What the bloody hell happened to you," Draco asked, looking at Harry's arm.

"I hurt it," Harry said quietly. "I was walking around the Whomping Willow."

Blaise picked up the boy's arm gently as he began to study the wound. "At least you didn't break a bone, that's good at least."

Harry nods, "Yeah, I guess." The two looked at him, it was early and yet the two looked to have been awake since quite early in the morning. Harry sat up as Blaise let go of his arm.

"So, who do you want to take care of that cut," Blaise asks, crossing his arms. "I will do it if you want."

Harry shook his head and said, his cheeks turning a light pink, "I want Draco to take care of me, if that's okay Blaise."

Blaise nods, "I was going to go back to sleep anyway. Have fun being taken care of by Draco, he is not very happy with you so you know."

Harry looks at Blaise's retreating form as he walked up the stairs; Harry had been friends with the two Slytherin boys since his first year. He was glad he wasn't friends with that Granger girl and Weasley boy; the two were bad company since they always were getting in trouble. He used to be friends with them but after a fight with the two, Draco and Blaise became his friends.

Harry sat very still while Draco performed a quick spell to heal the cut making Harry wince in pain, Harry was in his fifth year and had never felt so much pain in his life except probably one time. "Draco, you're hurting me." Harry squirmed a bit while Draco began to clean his cut.

"Look, if you wanted to be babied you should have asked Blaise." Draco says harshly as he cleaned Harry's cut arm.

Harry nods as tears well into his eyes, "It just hurts," he says, quietly while he looks away from the frustrated boy.

Finally done with cleaning Harry's cut Draco pats Harry's head. "Can you for once not get hurt," he says softly, no longer mad with the boy.

Harry laughs weakly, "I could try, but I don't think that would help me any." Harry watches as Draco walk over to the stairs leading to the boys' dormitory. He stands up, going over to Draco. "Please don't go, I don't want to be here by myself."

Draco looks at him, he sighs, "You can sleep in my bed. Don't get any ideas; I didn't sleep because of you. You know that you have your own bed, right? Your bed is in the same room as Blaise and me, don't you remember?"

Harry nods while he looks down at his feet, "I know that but I don't want to be alone." Harry took Draco's hand, "I lied to you two, sorry."

Draco looks at the boy confused, "What do you mean?" The two walk up to their dorm room, once Draco and Harry are under the covers Draco asks him again. "What do you mean that you lied to us?" Draco didn't get an answer though because Harry was fast asleep next to him.

When Draco woke up again he saw Harry in Blaise's bed, curled up next to the dark boy. He chuckles at how they two looked a contrast of each other. He got out of his bed, ready to wake up the two. He put a hand on Blaise's shoulder about to wake him up; when he saw Blaise's eyes flutter open.

"So, how bad was he," Blaise asks, as he sat up. Blaise looks at Draco with an intense stare. "How bad was he," he asks again, while he strokes Harry's hair gently.

"He was bad," Draco replies as he looks at Blaise stroke Harry's hair. "He wanted to sleep with me last night, but apparently he walked to your bed in the middle of the night."

Blaise shrugs nonchalantly, "I guess he likes me better, too bad Draco."

Harry stirs, he sits up as he yawns softly, "What are you talking about? Is it about me?"

"Go back to sleep, Harry," Blaise and Draco say to the boy. Harry nods as he falls back asleep. The two boys go down to the Great Hall to get breakfast or something to eat. Harry was everything to them, his was precious to them, yet they could not say exactly why.

Hope you enjoy reading this! ^.^