Venom spat from her mouth at any who dared to look at her.  Accepting nothing she refused all the handouts.  Choosing to starve rather than eat their food.  Go cold and uncomfortable than take the blanket.  The clothes were another matter.  'I'd die first.'  She thought looking to the skimpy scrap of cloth that had yet to be claimed.  She didn't care much either way.  'Kami preserve me I don't think I ever did anything to deserve this.'  She thought, returning her head to the sanctuary of her knees.  She had claimed the farthest, darkest, corner as her own.  Had to knee one man and nearly break the arm of a girl to do so but now that it was brought to attention that she was far from being as delicate and helpless as she outwardly appeared, she was left to her own musings.  In all reality half of the living in the room were terrified of her, she only need to show the mark on her right forearm to prove herself capable of warding off anybody.  Everybody else that was ignorant to what the mark meant used her demonstration of pain distribution as an excuse to leave her be.  Her ears perked at the sound of approaching guards.  Many sounds off steps and moving feet.  'More captives.'  She stated matter-of-factly in her mind.  The door opened and the rest of her roomies learned of the newest additions.  She recognized a few of the captives as the light spilled into the cell.  She let out a hiss to warn them that she was present, they took the hint and fled to the opposite side of the room, those clueless did not follow.  One approached her, ignored warnings, and sat at her side, both deciding that it would conserve warmth if they were huddled together. 

"Somehow I'm not surprised to see you."  Her new companion announced, joy in her voice at seeing her, mixed with sorrow that she found out she had not escaped.  "Looks like you've made your corner."

"Would you expect anything less of me?  I tangoed twice and the rest was by reputation.  Cowards."

"Smart cowards for a few of them.  So how bad is the situation."

"No better then what we just left."

"Shit."  Her seatmate made no move to leave as the silence reined over the two.  Food was brought in and she too flat out refused to attempt at digesting the slop that was described as food.  "Be it ever so humble…" She sang grouching-ly.

"There's no place like home."  She finished.  "Kami I could almost wish I let myself die, I didn't do it before due to the fact that it would pleasure Gero." 

"Amen to that sister."  Just then a new set of guards entered, but what tailed them was not another batch of prisoners, but rather a small looking…man?  Well alien, no human but close enough in shape and form.  A few extra eyes, smaller and shocking white hair, though that might have been due to age since he looked old enough to be both girls grandfather's father.  With much shoving and startled noises all had been assembled in three equal lines and rows.  The last being herself.  Both choked with repressed indignation at what happened next.  The tiny man was asking questions of each prisoner, personal, questions to a few.  And from what she could see the personal ones were toward the pretty women and the few handsome men.  She narrowed her gaze to a piercing blue when he glanced her way.  She smirked when a shiver ran down his frame.  He smirked when one of the guards hit the underside of her head as punishment.  Hissing out in warning she sounded in the exact way of a cat giving warning.  The small man twitched and looked to her with wide eyes.  She grinned inwardly and licked her lips; the man was mouse like, as she was feline in her way.  He knew she had found out of his ancestry, and that it gave her power over him.  A guard blocked her from his view when he questioned her friend.  He had decided her pretty, thus personal.


"Unknown."  Came the reply in a clipped tone. 

"What?  How is that possible?"  She need not see her friend to know the ice blue glare that was being given from her pale eyes.

"I.  Won't.  Tell.  You.  Therefore unknown to you.  Next question."

"Age?"  He started, sounding more than a little disturbed. 

'Just wait till he asks me that.'  She thought gleefully.




"What?  Answer me right girl?"

"My name is 18, I have no other name and no more to go with it."  The man gave up and finally reached the last in the line.  He was two feet from her with a guard close by.

'Chicken.'  She scoffed.  'Or is it mouse?'  She repressed the action of displaying her amusement.

"Virgin?"  He sounded almost meek; he had a right to be.

"Status: M.Y.O.B."  She replied, sounding much like a machine.  18 grinned at her side; she knew why she did this.  It drove the interrogator mad.

"How?"  He began, she cut him off.

"Mind, your, own, business, same as 18."  Her voice warned him that if he wished to keep in good health he dare not ask more on the subject.


"Sixteen, five months, fourteen days, seven hours, twelve-minutes, thirty-six seconds, and counting."  'Damn I love my internal clock at times like this.'  He gave an annoyed look and she projected the sweet innocent look that had graced her with many a scoff from those who knew her. 


"Vice President of Capsule Corporation, heir and prodigy of Dr. Briefs.  Name: Bulma Briefs."

Well?  Just thought of it and I decided that I would post my works though not necessarily work on them instantly.  Sorry if you hate it Review if you like it.  What do you think?  Questions?  Confused?