To her waist was blue hair, the same color as her eyes.  Her skin was pale white in a way that looked unhealthy, she could handle that later.  'I'm older.'  She noted, stating the obvious.  But in a way she wondered if 18 would recognize her.  "18!"  Racing out the door she nearly collided with her friend. 

"Goku!"  He held her tight in a hug that pushed the breath from her. 

"What's wrong?"

"You need to leave!"


"My friend 18 was put on a fight ship.  But that's not all.  I found Chi." He paled and suddenly he was all business.

"What?"  His voice was deadpan and in a few words possible she explained whereabouts her friends were.  The escape pod would fit him with the two extra women, it meant that she couldn't go though.  "Bulma you, it isn't-."

"You're going if I have to knock you out and get you in there myself."  Her tone booked no arguments and he stepped back.  "I've made it this far and I doubt they."  She gestured to the three man audience.  "Can do much more to me that hasn't already been done."  Her tail was flying too and froe behind her as proof of her emotions she noticed Goku's distraction.

"I'll explain to you in more specific detail later.  When you get back with them.  You need to know that 18 will trust you about as much as I do Gero.  Tell her who you are, we've talked enough for her to know you.  She'll probably have you prove it.  I don't know anything about Chi-Chi.  I just know that they mixed 18 and I up and placed 18 on that fight ship and not me.  I found Chi-Chi when I was looking at the records.  She seems to be doing well enough but I'm sure she won't mind you rescuing her.  If you can't find the ship go here."  She produced some paper and a pen from her pockets and began to write out a co-ordinates.  "This is where everyone went when we fled Chikyuu.  Head there ok?"

"Kakkarrot."  She looked to Vegeta, Goku did as well.

"I'll go get the pod ready, you can talk to him with about as much privacy as you get here while I'm gone." 

Once she was out of hearing range he spoke.  "What is it that's making you rush out of here like a damned fool?" 

"She knows where Chi-Chi is.  I have to get her."  His tone told more.  This 'Chi-Chi' was his mate.  "Promise me you'll protect Bulma.  She likes to think she can handle you guys, she is as you've noticed not high on the ki scale."  Vegeta nodded.  He knew where Radditz and Napa's tastes lay.  He did not follow in the forcing a woman to share her company. 

"Can we trust her to run this ship properly?"

"She's a technical genius.  You should be worrying over how much of it she'll take apart before you land."  The amusement in the third class's voice was far from being unheard.  "At any rate that's what she's been doing since she rescued us.  It's hard to predict anything from Bulma.  Gero learned that and so did the Red Ribbon Army."

Chi-Chi kept her eyes on her opponent as she wiped the blood from her lip.  There weren't any matches scheduled for her for a good couple of weeks.  18 had graciously offered to be her sparring partner and they had both stunned the rest of the crew and fighters.  18 wasn't looking any better than herself, even with the technical additions to her form. 

'Of course this is the first time I've used my pan to fight with.'  Thinking of said cooking instrument she twirled the pan and launched it at the blonde's head.  As predicted she ducked and Chi-Chi reintroduced her foot the android's abs.  Of course she had to dodge the metal hammer that was 18's fist.  She welcomed the change of fighting roles.  Normally she fought mindless creatures or fighters who thought female warriors were next to impossible.  18 respected her and they paired against each other by choice and not spite.  They were both in the process of throwing punches when the ship rocked.  Sending many to the floor, she however managed to keep her balance.  As the back up generators came on she knew that many captives had already taken their chance to escape.  It wouldn't work; she had tried many times and bore the scars of capture for proof. 

"What the hell?"  18 looked around at the chaos with thinly veiled disgust.  "How do we know this isn't just a test.  Gero had those every so often.  We never knew when there was actually a problem or if he was toying with us."  Chi-Chi hated to think over what life under the mad scientist must have been like for her newfound friend along with her old one.  Bulma had enjoyed mental games, but there was a difference between games and torture.  She made sure never to go past taunting. 

"They don't have tests."  She explained pulling the blond out of the center ring.  The best they could do was act as if it were an earthquake and get somewhere safe.  "But they have a lot of crap ready for escape attempts.  Trust me on that one." 

The brown eyes she looked into didn't lie.  'So you've tried to run before.'  She didn't think any less of the princess for not running at this point.  Neither of them was ready, and if the girl had had a plan in mind taking a second with her would have thrown it away. 

"So how long do you think this will last?"  Explosions echoed down the halls, as they held tight to the archway.  The raven-haired fighter said nothing, only looked towards the ceiling with wide eyes.  Chi-Chi had told her earlier than she had kept her minor ki abilities hidden.  So it was a great surprise when she flared, as if trying to signal another to her location. 

Unfortunately all it did was attract the attention of one of the guards.  It started to spout of orders, at least she assumed, in some language that was closer to the sounds of grinding metal than speech.  Both women demonstrated the talent of their middle finger without glancing at the other.  "Just a little longer." 

"What are you doing?"  The guard was taking aim at them and she knew from experience that the beam his gun would shoot out would hurt like hell.  Before a response could be said part of the ceiling collapsed.  Affectively stunning their captor and allowing a body to float down.  Not caring that her readings said the man was more powerful than her she fell into a ready stance.  Glancing at Chi-Chi from the corner of her eye she saw that she was in a state of shock. 

Acting on pure instinct he forgot the blond and phased to her side.  Taking her smaller form into his arms he gave her their first true kiss.  It took all his restraint to not continue down the path his instincts screamed for.  Still holding Chi-Chi close he looked to the blond.

"Are you 18."

"That would be my age."  Her blue eyes had narrowed and she obviously wasn't going to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

"I meant is that your name, Bulma told me to come back with you or else."  Ice eyes widened the recognition lit them.

"You're Goku correct?"  No more had to be said after that.  Chi-Chi was all the vouch he needed and she was quite willingly pressed to his side as they crammed into the ship.  He wasn't surprised to find that Bulma and the ship were out of range.  Leaving him with plan B.  When the stasis sleep turned on he had mind enough to pull Chi-Chi closer and breath in her long missed scent. 

With Bulma change had always followed, and he couldn't have been happier for it than he was at the moment. 

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