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Chapter 1: New Game Plus.

It had been an eventful year in the life of one silver haired persona user. In the last year, Souji Seta had discovered his powers, met several new friends that he would keep for the rest of his life, and met a girl that he truly felt was someone he would like to spend the rest of his life with. That was the part that hurt the most. Leaving Chie... in their short time together they had grown very close. This wasn't the end of course, not by a long shot. However he would be lying if he said he didn't wish he could stay.

"It's sad to see it all go." He thought as he sat on the train leaving Inaba. "But like all good stories, it must have an end."

"I will miss them as well." rang a voice inside Souji's head.

The armor clad Izanagi materialized in the seat next to Souji and watched as they left the station, taking one last glace at the friends he and Souiji made over the last year.

"Even Jiraiya?" thought Souji sarcastically.

"To a lesser extent..." Said Izanagi.

Many months ago...

"Pssst! Izanagi!" whispered Jiraiya from behind Yosuke's desk,"Hey! Izanagi!"

"Jiraiya, We're Persona. Only other Persona or Persona users can see or hear us," said Tomoe in a meditative stance beside Chie's desk.

"I know!" said Jiraiya in a loud whisper (?)," I just don't want the new guy to hear us!"

Jiraiya motioned to the huge dark body of Take-Mikazuchi standing outside the second floor window.

"Why?" asked Izanagi.

"You saw the shadow he came out of!" shouted Jiraiya in a loud whisper," I don't want to be sodomized!"

"Will you all be quiet?" scolded Konohana Sakuya floating slightly over Yukiko's head ," Yukiko-sama is trying to concentrate!"

"Yeah! And Yosuke here is trying to focus on Yukiko!" said Jyraiya.
"WHAT?!" shouted Yosuke and Konohana Sakuya.

To all observing, poor Yosuke spontaneously bursted into flames. Only the Seeker's of Truth will truly know what happened that day.

Present day.

"I will miss them all," Said Izanagi,"But we shall see them again."

"I cant wait." Thought Souji.

He was just leaving the general Inaba area when a very familiar sensation overtook him. Souji quickly fell into a deep sleep, and awoke to the haunting melody of the Velvet Room.

"...Welcome, to the Velvet room," greeted Igor," We have much to discuss. Though it has been many months since your victory over the Fog, I must give you my congratulations."

"Thank you," said Souji taking in the familiar sights of the Limousine that was his Velvet room," But I doubt that you summoned me here just for that."

"Perceptive as ever, dear guest," said Margret smiling.

"But it seems that even your keen senses of perception have been obscured by the fog of deceit," said Igor poring himself a drink.

"What do you mean?" asked Souji.

"I mean that your work in Inaba was left unfinished," said Igor," A great Fog still remains, and it threatens not only to consume Inaba, but the whole world if you do not stop it."

"But, We already defeated Adachi and Ameno Sagiri,"said Souji defiantly.

"Both just pawns," said Margaret," The true enemy is still at large."

"I have to go back!" said Souiji in a panic.

"Unfortunately the time for that has past," said Igor," But, unlike the flow of time, the flow of events can be changed."

"Igor... I'm getting tired of these riddles!" said Souji," Just tell me what you mean!"

"Very well," Said Igor," In the coming year, you shall face many hardships, however this time, keep your eyes open, and see through the fog that shrouds your vision. Keep this in mind as you make your journey a second time. And remain vigilant, the reason you don't have a shadow, and why you could enter the midnight channel without a Persona shall reveal themselves."

"Wait," said Souji utterly confused," What do you mean second time?"

And with that Souji awoke to a different familiar sound.

"Now arriving at Yaso-Inaba... Yaso-Inaba... Yaso-Inaba" said the conductor over the intercom.

"Arriving?" asked Souji out loud," We just left... Izanagi... What happened wile I was asleep?... Izanagi?"

Souji searched through his mind for his true Persona, but found him no where.

"Wait..." said Souji remembering Igor's words," Second time... No... It couldn't be..."

Souji grabbed his bag and ran off the train, he was greeted by the sweet spring air of Inaba.

"Hey! Over here!" shouted a man approaching Souji," It's been a long time. I'm your uncle Ryotaro Dojima,"


A/N: There you have it, the short first chapter of a brand new fic! it's short because I don't know if I'll do anything with it. If it's well received I'll do more, now for my favorite part of this fic! Something I like to call... Personafics! Short little gags featuring the Persona! Here we go!

"This is so wrong..." said Izanagi crouching in a bush along side Jiraiya. The girls, and Kanji, had gone shopping for various frilly things, and of course their Persona had accompanied them. So Jyraiya gathered Izanagi and Kintoki-Douji to go peeping.

"I.. I really don't feel comfortable!" Said Kintoki-Douji.

"Live a little! You have to admit they look damn good!" said Jyraiya," And they'll never know!"

"I do have to admit that Himiko looks quite lovely today! And Tomoe looks so radiant in Yellow, and Konohana is so elegant!" said Kintoki-Douji," Like beautiful flowers waiting to be picked! Oh how I wish I could be the one to pick..."

"Dude... You are too much like Teddie..." said Jiraiya," Anyways! How about you, Izanagi? I know Souji's fallen hard for Chie so that must mean that you're checking out Tomoe. Eh, You can have her! I'm not into the muscular type, I like 'em nice and curvy!"

"Jiraiya... though I am Souji's Persona that does not mean that I wish to be with the one he wishes to be with." said Izanagi slightly annoyed," Furthermore, I find it offensive that you would discount someone as beautiful as Tomoe just because she has very well-honed skills in battle."

"Yep, you are totally uninterested." said Jyraiya sarcastically.

"I like Take-Mikazuchi..." said Sukuna-Hikona crouching in the bush next to Kintoki.

"HOLY SHIT!" whisper shouted Jyraiya," WE'RE SO SORRY SUKUNA! WE WE WEREN'T PEEPING I SWEAR! WE WERE JUST LOOKING FOR UH...Uh... Uh...Kintoki!" Jiraiya turned to Kintoki," Do you know how worried teddie is! He's been looking all over for you!"

"WHAT!" shouted Kintoki jumping out of the bush and running down the road," I'm coming Teddie!"

"Oh shit!" said Jyraiya sitting in the big hole in the bush that Kintoki made.

"I do believe Souji is summoning me." said Izanagi walking away.

"Naoto is calling me, I must go," said Sukuna flying off.

"DON"T LEAVE ME!" shouted Jyraiya.

"Jiraiya..." said Konohana standing behind him engulfed with flames," Were you peeping on Yukiko-sama?!"

"NO! NO I SWEAR!" said Jiraya," I was looking at you!... Damn it..."

"...Agidyne..." said Konohana, her flames growing larger.

Meanwhile at Aya Chinese restaurant, Yosuke was enjoying a nice dish of spicy beef when he bursted into flames.

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