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Chapter 18: You sayen I like dudes?...

"PSHHHT! This is Super Cool Biker Bad Ass to Proswaganist! Come in Proswaganist! Over PSHHHT!"

"Yosuke... We aren't talking on Walky-Talkies... you dont have to go 'psht'" Sighed Souji talking into his phone," And please dont call me 'Proswaganist' It's very demeaning..."

"PSHHT! Awwww but it's the name we all agreed on for you!" Yosuke whined from his end of the line," Even Chie agreed, Over! PSSSHT!"

"Yeah! Its one of Yosuke ONLY good ideas," Came Chie's voice from the phone. Souji was beginning to dread this conference call feature they discovered.

"Chie, when you're done talking you have to say over, Over!" said Yosuke trying to correct Chie.

"Oh sorry, Over Over," Chie responded

"No no, just one over, Over!"

"That's what I said! Over Over!... Over Over,"

"No now you said over 4 times, just say Over!... Over,"

"That's what I did! I was just saying that I said Over Over like you said to!... over over"



By this point Yukiko had dropped her phone as was rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter, barely remembering to breath every few minutes. Souji on the other hand was busy wondering if Adachi was hireing ...

"OK! Now that we have agreed to stop saying the word that shall not be named... Souji do you have visual on the target?" Yosuke's voice sounded strained and annoyed coming from the phone.

"Yes, I have visual," Souji confirmed from his spot high in the trees that stood outside Yasogami highschool," Target is leaving school grounds." Souji looked through his binoculars at a figure leaving the building," confirmation, it is Kanji Tatsume," Kanji walked out of the school blissfully unaware that he was being watched from the trees.

"Anything... uh... " Chie paused trying to think of something quote 'Spyish" to say,"Out of normal configuration?"

Yukiko could be heard cracking up on her line," Ch-Chie... I don't think that's right! Bwahaha!"

"Chie what dose that even mean?..." Yosuke sighed.

"Sh-Shut up! I'm trying my best!" Souji could tell from the tone of her voice that she was blushing.

"No everything seems normal," Souji kept his binoculars on Kanji.

"Hold on!" Yukiko's voice became frantic," I see a strange boy, atleastIthinkit'saboy, headed for the school! Looks like he's headed for Kanji!"

"Where are you Yukiko I dont see anything," Yosuke sighed into his phone," Why was I stuck with the roof again? Theres a crazy chick up where who wont stop talking about the weather..."

"Oh, I'm in disguise! Did my costume really fool you?" Yukiko chirped with glee as she adjusted her bush costume by adding another branch to her hair band, giving her a grand total to two...

"YEP!" came Susano-O's distant voice from Yosuke's phone," Coulda sworn that was an idiot with sticks in her hair. Turns out it was Yukiko the whole time. Mind... is... blown,"

"What did you just say?" venom dripped from Amaterasu's voice as she glared up at the roof of the school.

"Nothing oh great and powerful Amaterasu!" Susano-O sarcastically laughed.

"Guys focus," Chie added in a hushed tone," Kanji and the other... guy? I think... are walking off,"

"I'll have Izanagi fallow them, everyone else meet up at the gate to plan out next move," Souji motioned to Izanagi who bowed slightly and flew off to fallow Kanji. smiling to himself, Souji put his binoculars back in his back pack and began to climb down,"Everything is going acording to my script," as he lowered himself onto the ground he couldn't help but notice Kanji and Naoto out of the corner of his eye. His blood ran cold when his eyes met Naoto's. Even from a distance he could tell she was looking at him, examining him,"Naoto..."

"Yo Partner!" Yosuke broke Souji out of his trance. He patted Souji on the back and smirked," What's the plan?"

"Yeah they're kinda getting away," Chie remarked pulling her jacket on," Ya think that blue hat guy is the murderer?"

"I doubt it... he didn't seem the type," Yosuke sighed and tied a bright orange Ascot around his neck," Alright gang, Lets split up and look for clues. Chie and Souji go fallow them, Yukio and I will hang out at Tatsumie Textiles. Apparently big bad Kanji lives in a fabric store, go figure."

"Sound good to me," Souji smiled, last time he had been forced to go with Yukiko for the stake out, surely just going with chie wouldn't

Souji's eyes shot open, he was laying in his bed earlier that morning,"...Really Igor?..." he swore he could hear Igor laughing in his head.

Later that very same day!

"Apparently big bad Kanji lives in a fabric store, go figure."

"I don't think I trust you alone with Yukiko, brosuke," Souji smiled at his well thought out plan.

"Hey yeah!" Chie jabbed a finger into Yosuke's chest," I bet you think you can just put the moves on Yukiko under my nose!?" Chie's voice dropped to a vicious level," I will break you tiny man..."

"Please Chie... Allow me," Amaterasu said in an uncharacteristicly happy voice and gently pushing Chie to the side," Yosuke?..."

"Y-Yes giant scary goddess lady?" Yosuek felt a familiar sensation trickle down his leg.

"If you try to do anything to Yukiko Sama...," her voice turned from cheerfully to seething with hatred almost instantaneously," I'll burn it off..."

"I do believe that freezing it solid then shattering it would be much more effective don't you?" Suzaka slamming the end of her staff into the ground.

"OK OK WE GET IT!" Yosuke and Susano-O said in perfect unison, obviously they had practiced.

"You were going to try something?..." Yukiko quietly said pulling sticks out of her hair and turning a slight shade of pink," Hmph...," Yukiko humped and turned up her nose," Lets go Souji. We'll go to the textile shop, Yosuke can go with Chie," With that Yukiko dragged Souji down the road.

"Wh-What just happened? My perfect plan ruined!" Yosuke's shoulders slumped slightly.

"Oh so you admit it!" Chie's eyes burned with a righteous fury

Souji sighed as he leaned back on the gate to the old shine,"There goes my perfect script..." he crossed his arms and looked down slightly.

"What was that?" asked Yukiko turning to him.

"Oh nothing... so how do you know Kanji?" he racked his brain for things to talk about to pass the time. He knew that Kanji wasn't going to be here, and he knew that Kanji would be kidnapped no matter what he did. It was times like these that Souji felt trapped, unable to break the cycle of the Midnight channel. A lone observer looking in from the outside, cursed to-

"Um... Souji?... Are you listening to me?" Yukiko waved her hand in front of Souji's face.

-for one year. Never able to fully confide in others. No one could know his dark secret, his true intentions hidden from view. Even those who he held closest could never know his pain. He-

"Um... Hello?... Souji?" Yukiko shook Souji slightly trying to get any response from him. Despite her efforts Souji's face remained stern and stoic," Um... Izanagi?... what's wrong with Souji?..."

Izanagi gave no response, for it was his duty to keep Souji and his secret safe. It is the role of every persona to-

"Izanagi!" snapped Amaterasu," Please do not ignore Yukiko sama!"

-because he and Souji were one being, one mind, one body. Together they-

-relived day after day, forced to see those he held most dearly suffer at the hands of-

"Amaterasu... I'm getting scared..." Yukiko started to back away slowly.

"Yukiko Sama... this may be our chance," Amaterasu crouched down to Yukiko's level and began whispering in her ear," If we take them while they are like this... They won't be able to resist!"

"What?" Yukiko turned to her Persona," Where would we take them,"

-The rekindling old friendships was the one thing that brought Souji solace in this, his eternal prison. For he-

-Together with his fellow Persona, Izanagi would forever stand vigilant. Guarding the one thing that-

"Well aren't we dense today..." Amaterasu sighed and began explaining,"When a man and a woman-"

"I'm sorry did you say something?" said both Souji and Izanagi, finally out of their trances.

"Ooooh!... Poo..." Amaterasu sighed dejectedly.

"I'm telling you I wasn't planning anything!" Yosuke whined as Chie dragged him through the streets of Inaba. They were supposed to be following Kanji and the... I'm gonna say guy... but I'm not sure, stealthfully, however stealth ment nothing to Chie's rage right now.

"So I was totally doing manly guy stuff earlier, like... uh... watching sports. Cus ya know... I'm a dude," said the strange blue haired... guy?

"O-Oh yeah! Sports! I'm totally into sports! Like... um... Football?" Kanji turned a bright shade of red and looked away from the short... dude?

"Y-Yes! Football!" the short... Boy?... said adjusting his hat and glancing up at Kanji trying to hide her- I mean his somewhat obvious blush,"By the way... tell me... have you seen anything strange lately?..."

"St-st-strange?" Kanji turned to look at the short... male?... and began to frantically shout" Strange like how? Like really cute guys? NO OF COURSE NOT! Cus that would be strange! I'm a MAN! Why would I think or see ANYTHING like that!?"

"I see," The... non-female?... pulled his... no I mean her... Wait no I had it right the first time... his hat down over his eyes," Thank you... that's all I needed to know, if you DO see anything...don't hessitate to call me..." The young human (ok that we can all agree on) hand Kanji a small business card," My name is Naoto by the way," He turned his had down a bit more to hide his red face," I'll talk to you later," With that Naoto quickly turned and walked off.

"Woah...He seemed... inta me..." Kanji looked at the note card in his hand and smiled.

"... Gay..." came Yosuke's voice from behind a bush.

"I'M GUNNA FUCKEN KILL YOU!" Kanji spun quickly and charged the bush.

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