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I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling staring back at me. Boring color. Just plain dark wood. Same as the last 7 years I've lived here. Sighing, I stood up from my chair and pulled my hair into a tight ponytail. "Back to work." I told myself, and started to look for my boots. "Angelia Jasmine, your break is over!" I heard my father yelling from outside. "Alright Father, hold your horses!" I shouted back. Not the last part though, I wasn't stupid.

You see, my father is the Colonel here, and that is a high ranking, obviously. You would assume that as the daughter of the Colonel, I'd be some spoiled little brat who always got what she wanted and was her father's little princess. Thank God that's not my case. I would've been like that I think, if it wasn't for my mother. She married my father 19 years ago and 2 years later they got me. A blessing or a curse, I'll let you be the judge of that.

My mother was the type of person that didn't hold back just because she was a woman. I think that is what attracted my father to her in the first place. That she was beautiful didn't hurt either of course. She encouraged me to 'broaden my horizons' and try to be what I wanted to be, not what everybody expected me to be.

I love to sing, dance, play my music and practice my flexibility. It's a lot of fun and it keeps me healthy. My most favored thing is Horse Riding though. That's a reason why I stay here, other than keeping my father some company. Not that he notices most of the time, but it's the idea that counts, right?

Ever since my mother's death when I was 10, he grew colder and just wasn't the same as he used to be. Getting promoted to Colonel of the West Front gave him more responsibility and less time with me. I understood of course, but that didn't mean that I was okay with it. Now, 7 years later, I've come to terms with it. I'm not trying to sound like some pathetic girl who needs her father all the time. And it isn't THAT bad. He can be sweet if he's in a good mood. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's special.

Point is, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. Good thing too.

"Jasmine!" my father yelled again. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I said, quickly finding my boots and pulling them on. Walking out the door, I saw my father standing a little further away from my door. I walked towards him and cleared my throat to let him know of my arrival. He turned to look at me and gave me nod. "You know what you have to do. If you do it quickly, maybe you'll be able to have a break later with the others and practice your music" he told me , while putting my hand in the crook if his arm and steering me towards the stable. I gave my father a mall smile and a nod, showing him that I understood. He continued. "There are no sick horses, so you should be finished relatively soon. You'll manage. Questions?" he asked me, stopping our walk and letting my hand fall.

"No everything's clear." I said. He gave me a final nod and started to walk away. Then I remembered something. "Father, wait please!" I quickly said, walking the few steps that he took. He raised one eyebrow, waiting for my question.

"Can I ride Swift when I'm finished? Please?" I asked him with a pleading expression on my face. He gave a sigh and looked into my green eyes with his own cold brown ones. I didn't flinch when I saw his glare. I guess I was used to it by now. I've seen it for the past 7 years,

"Come on father, just for a little while, she needs to stretch her legs and there are no other horses who need to be broken." I explained, hoping that he'd say yes. His eyes slowly softened and he gave me the smallest of smiles. "You are just like your mother" he said, gently grabbing my chin in his fingers. "Look just like her too" he finished, giving me a small kiss on my forehead. Wow, he must be in a REALLY good mood. "I'm glad" I joked, giving him my crooked grin, showing my straight white teeth. He chuckled and shook his head. "But you got my humor. Alright," he relented, letting go of my chin and taking a step back, "only if you finish with plenty of time left and don't –" "Rush anything, I know. Thank you father!" I said happily, giving him a swift kiss on the cheek. I turned around and started running towords the stables where the horses stood, waiting for me to spoil them.

They all had brown pelt and a darker brown mane. I found them very pretty. There were 6 of them, and I liked them all. Opening the stable door, I went in and greeted the first horse, TJ. He was named after his rider, Theodore Johnnsen. Original aye? "Hey boy, ready for the brush?" I jokingly asked him, grabbing some brushes and standing infront of him. He started nuzzling my forehead and nipping at my hair with his lips. "Alright alright, I'll take that as a yes!" I laughed, shoving his big head away and giving him a few pats on his long neck. Slowly starting to brush his pelt, I began to tell him and the other horses about new ideas for my songs, what I did the other day and some more things that didn't make any sense. I'd like to think that they listened to me with rapid attention.

About one hour later, while I was busy finishing up the 6th horse, Thunder, the horses started snorting and were being restless. Thunders ears were twitching and he shook his head. Frowning, I took his head in my hands. "What is Thunder?" I asked him. Looking in his eyes. What I saw truly horrified me. Irritation, pity and amusement were clear in his eyes and I heard the other horses making noises that suspiciously sounded a lot like laughter. "No", I whispered, shaking my head and letting go of him. "He's coming, isn't he?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"Hey Jazzy!" I heard him yelling. "Yep, he's coming." I groaned, burying my face in Thunder's mane. I felt him nipping at my ponytail playfully and heard the other horses making that laughing sound again. Pulling my head back, I playfully glared at him and the others. Opening my mouth to playfully scold them, I felt a sudden presence behind me. "Jazzy, didn't you hear me sweetheart? I was calling you." He said, and I could hear his smirk in his voice. Giving a sigh, I turned around and faced the annoying stable boy. "For the I don't know how many time. It's Jasmine, not Jazzy! And don't call me sweetheart!" I hissed, glaring at him. He just smiled, showing his white teeth, and didn't flinch away from my stare like he used too.

James Wood, that was his name. Annoying, tiring, irresponsible, flirty James Wood. Blond hair that was cut short but still fell in his eyes, blue eyes with short, blond lashes, a masculine body from working and a tan completed the picture. Yes, he was handsome, very handsome even. But the big problem was, he knew it too, and wasn't afraid to show it. He could get any girl that he wanted (his words, not mine). So it was a big blow to his ego when the most beautiful girl (again, his words, not mine) rejected him while all the soldiers were present. He hasn't stopped trying to change my mind since, and it is driving me CRAZY.

"Technically darlin' ", he said, while grinning at me and raising his hand to stroke back the few strands of hair that fell in front of my face," your name's Angelia Jasmine. I don't like the name Jasmine or Angelia, so I call you Jazzy. Problem solved!" he spoke, with a face that oozed confidence and accomplishment, like he just found a way to become President. Idiot.

Slapping his hand away before it could reach it's goal, I glared at him some more. "I don't like the name James, but you don't hear me calling you Jimmy now, do you?" I asked him, an annoyed expression on my face. "Ah, but you never call me James, only Wood." He said, his grin turning into a frown. "And you still don't get the hint." I sighed while rolling my eyes at him, trying to see over his 6ft3 frame with my own 5ft6. Let me tell you, it didn't work. And yes I could look outside, we had that sort of stable.

Who're you looking for?" he asked me, deciding to ignore my last comment like he always does when I say something like that. "None of your business Wood. Now, if you'll excuse," I said, turning my head back to face him and putting on a sarcastic sweet smile, " I'm finished here and would like to go tend to my own horse, seeing as I still have some time left, no thanks to you." I finished. He opened his mouth, probably to give one more flirty comment that would ruin my whole mood. I didn't give the chance though. Putting on a happy smile, I looked at nothing and waved frantically. "Hello, Father!" I yelled. James quickly turned around and began fixing his hair, the girl.

Grabbing the opportunity that my distraction created, I dropped the brush that I is was still holding and ran out of the stable, quickly closing the door that he must have left open. "Phew" I laughed, brushing the sweat of my brow. I looked up and saw a lot of men on horses and men without horses just standing there, staring at me. I froze. Great. Theodore Johnnsen, began to chuckle, and then full out laughing. A few mean began to join him. Others just shook their heads with small smiled on their faces, being used to this by now. Same thing with the horses.

Giving my famous crooked grin, I bowed and blew kisses, just for the fun of it. Standing straight again, I chuckled to myself and made my way to the other stable where Swift stood.

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