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Chapter 12

"Wood, what are you doing here?" I exclaimed, no doubt looking as surprised as I felt. Glancing at the two Indians that were tying him to the pole, I decided to let them do it. Who knows why they're doing it in the first place.

"Coming to get you of course!" he told me, looking like it was obvious. I guess it is.

"And that didn't work out so well, did it?"

Looking behind me, I saw Little Creek standing there, his hand hovering over my back and his eyes glaring at the young man now tied to the pole. Shifting my eyes back towards Wood, I raised my brows when I saw his face turning a deep red color.

"You!" he growled at Little Creek, looking like he might kill him. If he wasn't tied to the pole of course.

"Me." Little Creek confirmed, keeping a cool head. "Care to explain why my people caught you?"

Glancing around at every face that was glaring at him, he gulped and shook his head. "No, I'd rather not."

Rolling my eyes, I took a step forward and frowned when I felt Little Creek's hand on my shoulder. Looking at him over my shoulder, I send him a comforting smile. "I'll be alright."

Shaking his hand of my shoulder, I walked towards Wood and crouched before him.

"How is my Father doing?" I asked in a whisper, making sure that no one but he heard me.

Frowning, he shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know Darlin'. He's still not back from the railroads."

"So he doesn't know that you're here?" I asked him, looking unconvinced. He always did what my Father liked, and my Father definitely didn't like this.

"No. But he'll be thank full once I get you back home with me. I'm here to save you Jazzy, so don't be scared anymore alright? Everything will be okay." he assured me, looking proud of himself.

Biting my lip to keep myself from smiling, I shifted my features in a serious expression and nodded gently. "Yeah, you do that. After you free yourself from the ropes Wood."

Looking embarrassed, Wood tried to pull his wrists loose. Like I said once, those Indians know how to tie knots. "That won't work Wood. Believe me." I grinned.

Huffing, he gave up his struggles and began to glare at Little Creek again. Shaking my head, I stood up from my crouched position when I heard the Chief and Squaw. Walking back to stand next to Little Creek, I cleared my throat when I saw the questioning stares directed towards me and Wood. "That's James Wood. He's from my home and means no harm." I assured them.

"From your home you say?" Chief Hawk asked. When I nodded to confirm it, he grinned. "Then it will be no problem to let you handle him."

Widening my eyes, I opened my mouth to tell him that it would definitely be a problem, but stopped when I felt Little Creek nudge me in my side. Clenching my teeth, I nodded once and sighed when everybody disappeared. Glaring at Little Creek, I threw my arms up and stomped my foot on the ground. "Why did you stop me? I don't want to handle him! I don't even want him here!" I harshly whispered, no doubt looking angry.

"Did you just stomp your foot?" he smirked. That smirk changed into a grin when I huffed and pointed my finger at him.

"Don't do that Little Creek, I mean it!"

"Do what?" he asked.

"Search for humor in all of this! This isn't a laughing matter, James Wood is here! And he wants to take me back home!"

His grin fell from his face when I said the last part. "He wants to what?"

"He wants to take me back home, to my Father." I frowned. Doesn't he know that I still have 3 weeks left?

"I don't think so." Little Creek growled. Before I could stop him, he walked towards Wood and crouched low, looking quit threatening.

"Little Creek!" I gasped. I wanted to walk towards him, but I saw his hand rise, urging me to stay put. I am not a submissive person, but I decided to listen to him. For now.

I don't know what they were talking about, but it didn't seem like a friendly conversation. The part of Wood's face that I could see was an angry red, and Little Creek looked tense, like he would jump Wood at any moment. After another five minutes of waiting and glaring at Little Creek's back, he finally stood up and made his way towards me.

"What did you say to him?" I asked, expecting him to answer my question like he always does. But he didn't. Little Creek frowned at me and shook his head before he moved around me and began to walk towards his Tipi. "Little Creek?" I frowned, beginning to glare when he ignored me. Clenching my teeth, I followed him and entered the Tipi after him. "Little Creek, why are you ignoring me? Are you alright?" I asked, my glare melting away to make place for concern.

Sighing, Little Creek turned around and his eyes softened slightly when he saw the concern in my eyes. Rubbing his face, he took step towards me so that I had to look up to see his eyes.

"When were you planning on telling me that you were going to marry him?"

My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened. "What?" I gasped.

Rolling his eyes, he glared and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Don't pretend that you don't know what I'm talking about Jasmine. You're engaged with that?"

"No, I'm not!" I quickly said, shaking my head. And I'm not lying, I am not engaged yet. I would if I went back, and I am still here.

"Then why did he tell me that he's here to collect his fiancé?" he growled. Honestly, he was scaring me a little. I've never seen Little Creek like this. He looked so…angry and desperate, it was shocking.

"Why do you believe him?" I asked in return, beginning to glare again when he widened his eyes. "Yeah, hadn't thought about that huh? I'm not engaged to James Wood. Do you really think that I would be with you if I was engaged? Thank you Little Creek, that's awesome!" I sarcastically smiled, still glaring at him. I snorted when I saw the realization in his dark eyes. "I told my Father that I would let Wood court me if I came back, and that was just because I wanted to find Swift. And that was before I developed any feelings for you! I can't believe that you would think something like that from me!" I was almost yelling at this point because I was just so angry at him. I would never do something like that.

"I didn't know that!" Little Creek yelled at me, glaring right back at me.

"Exactly!" I yelled back, "you didn't know! And you're assuming things anyway! And you shouldn't be angry with me in the first place, you never told me that you were the future Chief of this tribe!"

"That's different!"

"No it isn't, it's the same thing! You kept something from me too, where's the difference in that?" I asked angrily, crossing my arms and waiting for an answer.

Shaking his head, Little Creek took a step back and began to pace back and forth. "I kept my position a secret because I didn't think that it was important. You knew that this is important, there's no excuse that you can use Jasmine."

"I'm not excusing myself because I know that I didn't do anything wrong Little Creek! I'm not engaged, I'm not his girlfriend, I'm not his anything alright? Dear Lord!" I groaned, pressing my fingers against my temples. A headache was coming up. Just great.

"Are you okay?" Little Creek asked, his voice soft and caring like I heard every time that he talked to me. He walked towards me and lifted his hand to my face, but I took a step back and glared at him. I was still angry at him.

"I'm fine." I answered shortly.

Sighing, Little Creek closed his eyes and rubbed his neck. Opening his eyes again, he nodded and took a step back. "You're angry." he concluded.

Rolling my eyes, I snorted. "How did you figure?"

Hesitantly lifting his hands to my face, he breathed a sigh of relief when I didn't step back this time. Taking a hold of my fingers, he lifted them up to his face and pressed a kiss to the both of them. "Maybe I reacted to soon Jasmine. But you have to understand that I was shocked."

Sighing, I pulled my hands out of his grip and looked at the ground before I met his gaze. "You should have asked me for my side of the story. You always tell me to trust you, and I do. But how can this work when you don't trust me?"

"No no no Jasmine," he whispered quickly, his hands taking a hold of my face so that I couldn't look away from him, "don't go and talk like that. I should have told you about my parents, and you should have told me about Jeremiah Walk."

"James Wood."

"I don't care." Little Creek continued, making me smile just a tiny bit. Smirking lightly, he bumped his nose with mine and stroked my cheeks with his thumbs. "There's that beautiful smile of yours."

Rolling my eyes, I sighed and nodded. "Alright, let's just forget about this. I still have some time to be here with you and I'm not letting Wood spoil it."

"So you're not going back?"

"Of course not!" I exclaimed, looking at Little Creek like he was crazy. "Why would I want to go back if I don't have to yet? Silly Indian," playfully rolled my eyes. I giggled when he mock-glared at me and pressed a quick kiss on his cheek before I slid his hands from my face. Exiting the Tipi, I smiled when I felt Little Creek pressing a kiss on my head.

"Why don't you free the blonde, I have some duties to attend to."

"Sure," I nodded. Kissing my temple, he whispered a goodbye and left me to untie James Wood. Heaving a sigh, I made my way towards where he was tied.

"Where have you been?" Wood grumbled, unhappy with his position.

"None of your business Wood." I sighed. "Now hold still, I'm here to untie you."

"Untie me? Why would they let one prisoner untie another prisoner? Are they really that dumb?" he chuckled while I loosened the rope. Glaring when he called the Indians dumb, I pulled at one end of the rope and smirked when he whispered a soft 'ouch'.

"Sorry, did that hurt?" I mockingly asked.

"Pfft, no!" he quickly said. Still smirking softly, I untied him and stood back up.

"Make sure to rub those sensitive wrists Wood."

Abruptly stopping his rubbing, he turned his head and I noticed his blushing cheeks. "You heard that?"

"I think everybody heard that." I chuckled.

"Yeah, I guess so," he muttered. "You ready Jazzy?"

Frowning, I shook my head and decided to ignore the 'Jazzy'. "Ready for what?"

"For going back of course! You're being held here against your will, and I won't let it continue any longer. Grab your stuff and then we'll get out of here." Wood explained, his eyes taking everything in, from the Tipi's to the Little Corel.

"Wood," I hesitated slightly before I continued, "it's nice of you to worry about me, but I'm alright. I'm not a prisoner and I'm not here against my will. Father told me that I could stay here for another 3 weeks, and I'm planning to sit them out."

His eyes widened and he shook his head like he could make my words go away. "You are telling me that you enjoy being here? With Indians? Alone?"

Squinting me eyes, I pretended to think for a while before I nodded. "Yeah."

"And your Father said it was okay?"


"He didn't try to stop you?"


"He's okay with this?"

"I already said yeah Wood," I sighed. "Look, it's nice of you to come and look for me, but as you can see, I'm fine. You have no need to worry about me."

"3 weeks?" he asked after a while. Nodding, I waited for him to say something. "Alright then."

"Alright then what?" I asked confused.

Grinning, he put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me against his side. "I guess that means that I have to stay here and protect you Darlin'. We can get to know each other better. After all, I am your future husband!"

"Wow wow wow wow!" I protested, stepping out of his hold. "Who said you could stay here? Father doesn't know that you're gone, and he needs a stable boy."

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that Jazzy, I took care of everything." Wood smiled. "Aren't you glad that you have such an amazing future husband?"

"And so humble too," I muttered. "Look Wood, I'm not marrying you. I promised my Father that I would let you court me after I returned from my trip. And that was before I met Little Creek."

"Little who?" he frowned.

"Little Creek." I repeated. "I like him, a lot. And he likes me. I'm not dumping him because you and my Father want me to marry you. And besides," I quickly said when he began to protest, "those promises were before I met Little Creek. I'm sure Father will understand that I can't marry you. And you deserve someone who cares about you. I'm not that person Wood."

"The Colonel will never agree to something like this Darlin'. He was the one who suggested the marriage in the first place!" Wood protested angrily.

"Because he wants me to be happy." I explained.

"And you will be happy," Wood agreed. "With me. Not with some Indian who can't even wear normal clothes."

"That's their culture and we should respect that!" I angrily told him.

"Yeah, it's their culture, not yours. You don't belong here Darlin'."

"You don't know me!" I glared at him, satisfied when he took a small step back.

"I know you longer then Little something, doesn't that count for anything?" he asked with raised eyebrows? Opening my mouth, I shut it again when I couldn't think of something to say. He was right, he did know me longer than Little Creek. But that still didn't mean that I had to develop any feelings for Wood. "Do whatever you want Jazzy, but don't think that I'll just sit there and take it. You're coming home with me in 3 weeks, and you'll be in love with me."

"I sincerely doubt that!" I snorted. There was no way I was going to fall in love with him. I don't even like him.

"Doubt all you want, it's the truth. You'll fall for me, every girl does," he told me, the confidence oozing of off him. "And I'm going to fight for you, so that only speeds up the process."

"You've got nothing to fight for!" I growled. "Go and look for your own Tipi, I'm done here." And not wasting any time, I turned around and walked towards the camp.

Who the hell does he think he is! 'I'm going to fight for you', ha! I don't think so. Kicking at a rock, I gritted my teeth when pain shot through my toe. "Stupid Wood!" I muttered angrily. Time to get my frustration out of my system.

"Like this?"

Kicking my leg high, I tried to reach the apple that hung on the branch with a small rope. Sighing with frustration when I didn't get it, I let my touch the ground and turned to look at Little Creek who was observing my movements.

"You're doing better, but you aren't lean enough yet. We have to practice your speed and flexibility," he concluded. "Come on, we'll start with that right now. Drink something first hopa, you need fluids in your body."

Nodding, I picked up the bowl with water and took greedy gulps before I put it down. "How are we going to do that? Flexibility I mean."

"Easy." Little Creek smiled. "Stand with your legs apart Jasmine."

Doing as I was told, I stood in front of him and spread my legs just a little bit. "Like this?"

Nudging my leg with his foot, he lightly kicked my legs further apart and nodded. "Like that." And before I could ask what I was supposed to do now, he gave a swift kick to my right leg and my foot slipped away, making me fall in a painful split.

"Ow! Dammit Little Creek!" I yelled, groaning when he put his hands on my shoulders and kept me down. "Couldn't you have warned me or something?"

"I could have, but I didn't. Anog Ite won't warn you before she pulls a move on you," he reprimanded me sternly.

"Where's the sweet and gentle Little Creek?" I grumbled, huffing when he began to laugh softly.

"He's still here hopa, but you have to be prepared. I can't prepare you with gentle moves, Anog Ite won't-"

"Yeah yeah, won't be gentle with me either! I know!" I gasped painfully when he pushed me further to the ground.

"If we do this a couple of times a day, you'll be as flexible as a snake hopa."

"Yeah well, I hate snakes." I groaned.

He didn't say anything, just chuckled softly. After another 5 minutes of pain, he let go of me. "Stand up Jasmine."

"I want to, but I can't. My legs are stuck I think." I said, my face serious. I sighed when he just raised one eyebrow and started to push myself up. I know that I've done some gymnastics, but that doesn't mean that I'm super flexible. It hurt, it really did. And Little Creek just stood there, watching how I struggled to stand up. Finally succeeding, I shook my legs to get their feeling back. "I don't like this training anymore."

"I know that it isn't enjoyable, but it will be when you learn all the things that will help you to win the fight. Believe me Jasmine, you'll be thankful for this pain."

"I'll believe it when I see it." I sighed. Walking back towards the tree, I looked up at the apple and glared at it. "This is all your fault!" I whispered angrily at it.

Taking a deep breath, I prepared my muscles for the pain that was to come. Gritting my teeth once more, I kept my gaze on the apple and kicked my right leg in the air, growling with frustration when I still couldn't touch the stupid thing.

"Don't worry Jasmine, it takes practice." Little Creek told me soothingly.

"If you say so." I sighed, disappointed in myself. I couldn't even kick an apple dangling from a rope! How was I supposed to beat Anog Ite, 'The Goddess of Pain', in a fight?

"Let's try another split, alright?" Little Creek asked.

Nodding, I walked back towards and waited for his instructions.

"Put one leg in front of the other." Doing as I was told, I slid my right leg further away from my left leg. "Good. Now try to do the same thing as before, only now you have one leg pointing to the front and one to the back."

Widening my eyes, I decided to just shut my mouth and deal with it. Taking a deep breath, I slowly let it out at the same time that I started to lower myself to the ground.

"You're doing good hopa, real good! Just a little further," Little Creek encouraged me. I wanted to make him proud of me for once, so I gritted my teeth and kept moving my legs further apart, my breath even and slow.

When I was almost touching the ground, I winced and stopped moving. Biting my lip, I reprimanded myself and tried to continue. Closing my eyes tightly, I took another deep breath and braced myself for that last slide. Feeling a sudden warmth on my shoulders, I opened my eyes and saw Little Creek crouching in front of me. "Come on Jasmine," he whispered.

Nodding once, I breathed out and lowered myself to the ground. "Ow ow ow!" I winced when I finally touched the ground. "I did it!"

"You did it." Little Creek grinned. "Now stay like this for 5 minutes, and we'll continue with your punches."

"Okay," I nodded, glad that I could stop the torture on my legs. I started to take calming breaths to distract myself from the pain that was shooting through my legs. Little Creek was muttering soothing word to me, telling me that I was doing good for a first try. I could tell that he was proud, which made me feel happy about myself.

After 5 minutes, I slowly started to stand up and shook my legs when I stood straight again. Looking at Little Creek, I smiled when he gave me a wink and motioned with his head towards the tree. "Come on hopa, time to throw some punches."

We practiced for an hour or three, and I was pretty proud of myself. I didn't manage to get Little Creek on the ground, but he had to take a couple of steps back when I punched his open palm which made him very happy. I was making progress, and Little Creek was confident that I would be ready to take on Anog Ite when the time was there.

We walked back to the village, laughing and having fun with each other. I didn't think about the discussion that we had a couple of hours ago. But I was curious. What else had Wood said to Little Creek? It didn't take 5 minutes to tell him that I was supposed to marry him, so what else did he say? It irritated me that I didn't now, and I definitely planned on finding out. Just not right now. Little Creek was happy and relaxed, and I was no longer worrying about the promise that James Wood made me. I didn't know what he planned on doing, but I did know that it wasn't going to work. I liked Little Creek, and there was no doubt in my mind that he had feelings for me too. He wouldn't have saved me and kissed me if he felt nothing but friendship for me. He tried to talk his parents out of the traditional fight, and he stood up for me when Anog Ite was yelling hateful things about me. Doesn't that say enough about his feelings? And for the first time in my whole life, I didn't listen to my Father. I followed my heart, not the words of my Father.

Stopping abruptly, I ignored Little Creek's questioning stare and frowned. Where do I know that sentence from?

"My compass!" I gasped.

"Hopa? What is it?" Little Creek asked, looking concerned. Shaking my head, I kissed his cheek.

"Nothing, I'm fine. Do you know where Autumn Leaf is?"

"She's at the lake. Jasmine, where are you going?" Little Creek yelled, confused when I turned back around.

Looking over my shoulder, I waved at him. "Don't worry, I'll see you later!"

Running towards the lake, I ignored how wild the water was and looked around but didn't see Autumn Leaf. "Autumn! Autumn Leaf, where are you!"

"Looking for someone?"

Turning my head towards the sound, I groaned when I saw Anog Ite standing on the bank of the lake with a giant smirk on her face and her hands behind her back.

"Look Anog Ite, I'd simply love to talk to you, but I'm a little busy at the moment." I told her, continuing to look around for Autumn Leaf and my compass.

"Maybe I can help you?" she asked, her smirk widening even more.

"I doubt it."

"No really, I'm good at finding things. What are you looking for?"

Sighing, I looked back at her. "I gave Autumn Leaf my compass to hold onto for a little while. I need it back now, but I can't find her." I explained.

Nodding, Anog Ite let her arms fall beside her and tilted one up, something dangling from her hand. "You mean this thing?"

Looking closer, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her holding my compass. "Yes, that's my compass. How did you get a hold of it? I gave it to Autumn Leaf."

"My little sister sleeps like a bear during winter," she grinned. "You trust people to easily Jasmine."

"Little sister? Autumn Leaf is your little sister?" I gasped, my eyes no doubt surprised and filled with shock.

"Didn't you know? Did Little Creek never tell you?" she asked mockingly.

Frowning, I gritted my teeth angrily. "No, he didn't."


"It doesn't matter," I quickly said, shaking away my anger for the moment. "Just give me back my compass please."

"And why would I do that?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"It belonged to my Mother and is very important to me. Just… please give it back, I need it."

"Alright, here." Anog Ite held her hand out and the compass dangled there.

Smiling, I walked towards her. "Thank you. You have no idea how much that compass means to me." I told her, stopping in front of her.

"Does it really mean that much to you?"

I nodded and made a grab for my compass. "Hey!" I yelped when Anog Ite pulled her hand back. "Stop playing around and just give it to me!"

Chuckling darkly, she took a step back and held the compass above the wild water. "Maybe this will teach you a lesson not to mess with things that are mine!"

Before I could make another grab for it, Anog Ite let go of my compass, and I watched how it fell into the rolling waves. "No!" I yelled.

Pushing her out of the way, I ignored her laughing and lay down on the ground, stretching my arm out to try and grab the compass. I felt the tears prickling in my eyes when I couldn't reach it, and I couldn't jump in the ice-cold water because the waterfall wasn't far from here.

I couldn't do anything but watch how the last piece of my Mother got carried away by the water. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I stood up and glared at the laughing Anog Ite with hate in my eyes. Not thinking about the consequences, I let out an angry growl and pulled my hand back before I let it come in touch with her nose, blood spurting out of it. She fell to on the ground with a painful scream and I wasted no more time. Climbing on top of her, I started to hit everything that I could get my hands on, ignoring her screams and yells. She started to fight back, and bit my hand when I tried to punch her in her face. Gasping in pain, I use my other hand to pull at her hair and felt satisfied when she stopped biting my hand to let out a loud scream of pain.


Ignoring the voice, I kept pulling at her long hair, scratching her face with my other hand.

"Jasmine, that's enough!"

Someone pulled me off of Anog Ite, and I began to try and wriggle myself out of the hold. "Let me at her! I'm not done yet!" I screamed angrily.

"Jasmine, stop it!" Little Creek yelled, tightening his arms around me when I began to struggle harder. I noticed almost everyone standing around us, and saw how two people run towards Anog Ite, helping her up. She was crying! That monster was crying!

"Little Creek, let me go!" I yelled, still trying to break free from his strong hold on me.


Stopping my struggles, I glared at the direction that the booming voice came from and winced when I saw that it was the Chief.

"What is going on here?" he asked, looking angry and threatening.

"That white girl started to attack me out of nowhere Chief! I was so scared!" Anog Ite cried, burying her face in a women's shoulder.

"What! That's not true! She threw away my Mother's compass! She deserved it! It wasn't out of nowhere!" I yelled, beginning to struggle again.

"Stop it Jasmine!" Little Creek harshly whispered, shaking me lightly. Looking at the Chief, I snorted when I saw him glaring at me.

"Is it true? Did you start to fight with Anog Ite?" he asked me.

"Yes, but only because she thr-"

"I didn't ask for a reason! We do not use violence for something like this!" he yelled.

"She threw away my Mother's compass! The only thing that I have left of her!" I said though gritted teeth, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Frowning, Chief Hawk looked from me to Anog Ite. "Is that true Anog Ite? Did you throw away Jasmine's compass?"

Lifting her head up from the women's shoulder, she sniffed pitifully and wiped some of the blood of her face. "No, it was an accident. I found it around my sisters neck and thought that Jasmine would be looking for it. So I came here to give it to her. When she wanted to take it, I slipped and let go of the compass so that I wouldn't fall in the cold water, and then she started to attack me!" Anog Ite began to cry again, and I widened my eyes when she buried her face back in that shoulder.

Looking around, I saw everybody glaring at me, even little Autumn!

"She's lying! I swear she's lying! She laughed when I she let my compass fall, it was intentional, it wasn't an accident!"

"Now now Jasmine, it was an accident. Anog Ite would never do something like that." Chief Hawk said, his gaze softening slightly. "I'll let this slip because it was your Mother's compass. But do not let something like this happen again."

With those words, the Chief yelled something and everybody began to make their way back to camp, still throwing glares my way. Ignoring the others, I shifted my eyes towards Anog Ite and glared icily when I saw her smirk my way before she began to cry again and was led away by the two older Indians. Her parents no doubt, for the glares that they were sending me were almost making me scared. Almost.

"Let me go." I sniffed, shaking Little Creek's arms away from me. When I was standing on my own feet again, I turned around and glared at him. "Why did you stop me? She threw away the compass!"

"It was an accident Jasmine!" he sighed tiredly. Widening my eyes, I shook my head and gripped my hair, pulling at it out of frustration.

"It wasn't a damn accident! She threw my compass in the water and laughed while doing it! I wouldn't lie about something like this, you know that!" I yelled at him, letting my arms fall in clenched fists.

"You hate Anog Ite, how am I supposed to know that this isn't some way for you to not fight her in a few days?"

My breath left me and I got tears in my eyes. "You think I'm making this up so I don't have to fight her?" I whispered.

Groaning, Little Creek rubbed his face and looked at me, desperate for me to understand something. "You have to understand my reason Jasmine, you were against the whole fight. It would only benefit you if she wasn't able to fight due to injuries."

"I can't believe this." I gasped, tears falling down my cheeks. "Why don't you believe me? You're always telling me to trust you! Trust me on this Little Creek, she's lying! And your falling for it! Can't you see what she's trying to do?"

"What?" he asked, his eyes narrowing when I told him my conclusion.

"She's doing this so that this will happen! We'll argue, and she'll be a happy daisy! She's trying to rip us apart! I can't believe that you're not seeing this!" I yelled at him.

Shaking his head, Little Creek glared at me with disappointment. "Maybe you're just jealous Jasmine. But that doesn't mean that you have to make things up like this."

"I'm not! I'm not making this up Little Creek! You told me that she always lies, why don't you believe me when I am telling you the truth?"

"She lies, yes, but not about this. No one is that cruel Jasmine. Not even Anog Ite. I know her longer than you do. It. Was. An. Accident." he slowly said, like I was stupid. "Now stop trying to make something different out of it and come with me, we're going to get you cleaned up, you're bleeding."

With tears still making their way down my face, I shook my head and glared icily at him. He flinched and looked shocked, but I didn't care. "Why don't you go to your precious Anog Ite huh? Clean her up, she's the victim in this, isn't she?" I sneered at him.

"Hopa, I-"

"Save it! Just leave me alone Little Creek." I spat, wiping my tears away and glaring at him.

Sighing sadly, Little Creek ignored my angry glare and looked into my eyes. "Ma waste lake niye Jasmine." he whispered.

I didn't give any sine that I heard him, I just kept glaring at him.

Nodding once, he turned around and made his way back towards the village. I waited 'till I couldn't see him anymore and let the tears stream again. Turning around, I looked over the water and scanned the water for any glimmer. It didn't matter, the compass was gone.

I just stood there for a while before I made my way towards the village. I ignored all the whispers and walked straight, not looking at anybody. Standing still by the Corel, I leaned my head against the pole and took a shuddering breath, a lump still stuck in my throat.


Opening my eyes, I saw Wood standing next to me, looking concerned. I didn't even have the strength to glare at him, so I just sighed. "Not now Wood."

Ignoring me, Wood leaned his arms against the pole. "I heard what happened."

"Yeah, poor Anog Ite. Are you here to reprimand me or something? Spare it, Little Creek already said enough." I snorted.

"No, I'm here to tell you that I believe you."

"What?" I gasped.

"I believe you. You wouldn't lie about something like that. I know how important that compass is to you." Wood said gently.

"Then you're the only one. Nobody else believes me, not even Little Creek."

"I'm sorry to hear that Darlin'." he whispered, gently putting his arm around my shoulder. "But hey, at least James Wood believed you huh!" he winked with a grin on his face.

Smiling slightly, I nodded. "Yeah, I guess. Thank you… James."

Grinning, he squeezed my shoulder. "No problem, I'm here for you."

That's when I lost it. I began to sob when I realized that he was the only one who was going to be there for me.

He didn't say anything, just shushed me gently and hugged me close to him, letting me cry on his shoulder.

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