You are now the owner of a fully automated Tony Stark unit. To ensure that you get the full use and benefits of your rich playboy, please pay close attention to the following instructions.

Basic Information:

Name: Anthony Stark

Date Of Manufacture: Year of 1968

Place Of Manufacture: Marvel, Nine Realms

Height: Around 5'7"

Weight: Unknown

Race: Human

Your Tony unit will come with the following accessories

Three shirts

Two pants

2 pair of shoes

2 Iron man suits

1 Jarvis

1 Bar

When you first open your Tony unit, he will be distant and uptight. Offer a drink and a computer and he will become your friend.

Cleaning: The Tony unit is fully capable of cleaning himself but wont refuse help.*wink* However you must keep the house clean.


Your Tony unit is a genius and cunning, and can carry out the following functions:

Technician: Whether it's learning how make your first AI or hack into a secret government website that could put you in jail for the rest of your life, Tony has all the knowledge you need.

Date: He is a smart, charming and a handsome playboy. Tony as your date will make you the center of attention.

Partner in Crime: Tony is his own authority and doesn't really care for rules. Want to cause some trouble in enemy territory? Have a robot wrestling match in the middle of a party? Tony will be in the cell right next to you.

CEO: Tony runs a huge company that makes millions every day. Trying to hold a bake sale? Café finances fallen into the red? Give it to Tony and you will be rich in a week.

Your Tony unit comes with five different modes:





Iron Man

Companion: Activated whenever Tony is with other units. He will crack jokes, tease people, be a smart-ass, drink (a lot), go to parties and annoy people. He will also react differently to different units in this mode.

Playboy: Activated when Tony is around attractive women (or men) who he would like to bed. (Can be activated anywhere, time, and person. This includes owner of the unit.)

Inventor: Activated when Tony has a stroke of genius and locks himself up in his lab to build something. He will ignore mostly everyone and thing, drink coffee like its water and sometimes forget to eat.

Drunk: Activated when Tony is either extremely depressed about something (break-up with Pepper or news he is dying) or he is extremely happy and celebrating (made up with Pepper etc). As a happy drunk he will flirt shamelessly, crack jokes, be a super smart-ass, hug, smile, and laugh freely. If Tony is unhappy he will stare, cry, mope, yell, smash bottles and curse everything.

Iron Man: Activated when Tony hears of trouble and people in danger. He will suit up, fly, attack, defend and capture the villains.

Reaction to other units:

Pepper Potts: These two are in love. Warning: When together these two would be extremely fluffy and funny.

James "Rhodey" Rhodes: He is the best friend to the Tony unit. They will drink, argue, talk about the suits, play video games and have lunch.

Thor Odinson: This unit is a fellow avenger. When together they will drink, spar, and watch TV. The Tony should not be left alone with the Thor because he will lead the Thor into trouble.

Loki Odin-Laufeyson: This unit will banter with a Loki in madness mode and will usually end in him being thrown out of windows. The floor number does not matter. If the Loki is not in madness then the Tony will explain about machines to the Loki and become his pranking buddy.

Clint Barton: If the Clint isn't mind controlled then Tony will spend hours making new and improved arrows for the Clint to try. When the Clint is not hiding them he will express approval over the upgrades. When arrows are not being made they will joke, troll Steve, eat out and try to skip meetings.

Natasha Romanova: The Natasha and Tony don't really trust each other but they will not attempt to kill each other. They will most likely snarl and playfully insult each other. The Tony will also flirt with Natasha but nothing will come from it.

Bruce Banner: When around this unit the Tony will try to make the other go into HULK mode. When he is not trying to summon the HULK they will spend countless hours in the lab, making things, trolling Fury units and causing minor explosives.

Steve Rodgers: These two are great teammates on the battlefield but arguing co-workers off of it. If left alone to long they will get into a physical fight. The Tony will often confuse the Steve will modern references and anger him with his disrespect for authority.


Phil Coulson: The unit is one of the only ones who can semi-control the Tony unit along with everybody else. His ninja moves, extreme calm, and never ending patience will frustrate the Tony but eventually sooth everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Tony keeps making things and the parts are everywhere. How do I fix this mess?

A: Clean out an empty room and tell Tony that is his workshop. The clutter will disappear into that room.

Q: I got a Fury for Christmas and now he and Tony have already burned down ¼ of my house in less than 2 weeks. How do I save my house?

A: You need to pay attention to the reaction to other units section. Buy a Coulson ASAP and you will keep at least half your house.

Q: My Tony keeps messing with people and seems desperate for the perfect target. What can I do for him?

A: Buy a Steve unit. He is the Tony's dream target and will leave mostly everyone else alone.

Q: My Tony is tried to make my friend's Bruce HULK by poking him with a shock wand and she kicked us both out of the house until I make Tony stop. How do I make him stop?

A: You can't, sorry.

Warranty: With proper care, the Tony unit will live for years and die of old age, unless a battle kills him. However, if you get scared with the rich playboy, you can always send him back to our company for a full refund (within 12 months of purchase).

AN: I own nothing.