Chapter 1

The lovers

I had been waiting for this first moment with him, it was perfect the lights were dim, and everyone was watching the movie about a musician. You know, except for me and my boyfriend Damien. He's sixteen and I'm He had his hand close to me as if it was a sign to grab his hand, but I wasn't so sure. He suddenly started to tap his fingers up and down on his chair. I reached over and gently held his hand. He held the palm of my hand tightly. I grinned to him and he did the same back to me. His medium brown playful and flip able hair covering his left eye, and going well with my long, beautiful, blonde, and silky hair. I couldn't take my eyes off of him although I tried multiple times. The bell rang and dismissed us from school to begin our summer. "You'll call me everyday wont you?" I murmured to Damien. "Of course I will, I love you." He replied softly. "Love you too." I whispered. At home I cried so hard my eyes hurt. My mind threw my horrid thoughts around. They said "What if you don't see him again." or like "Don't be surprised if he cheats on you." I had strange thoughts. That I had never had before. They were unusual to me. I knew they were about Damien though. I knew what thoughts they were, but I wasn't sure why. My phone rang and my favorite song came on. I rushed over and picked it up. "Hello?" I asked "Hey. What you up to?" Damien replied "Nothing much." I answered. My mom suddenly shouted "DINNER" in the background. "I've got to go, sorry." I said apologetically. "Bye, I love you." "Love you to."