A/n: I finally got around to answering Severitus's challenge. This is totally AU as in Sev is never a death eater, and James never married LILY. Oh, I just really like the name Mikhail.

Warnings: Slash, yaoi, whatever you want to call it.

Pairings: Sev/lily, James/Sirius, and other in later chapters.

Severus smiled at his newborn son, Harry James Snape-Potter. The only features he had from Lily were his eyes. 'HE is my wild hair, he thought with a grin. They were the same beautiful emerald green. The rest of his features were a mix of Snape and Potter features. Truthfully, Harry looked just like his grandfather, Mikhail Potter, and his uncle James Potter.

"You know, Lils, if no one knew that Jame and I were half-brothers, they would think that Harry was James's son." Lily smiled at Severus, and looked at the baby in his arms, "You look very sweet."

"Sweet, I'm not supposed to look sweet," Sev growled. Lily just grinned.

"Sevie, who's going to be his godfather? I can't decide on a godmother."

"I was thinking that both James and Sirius can be his godfather, and you can chose Remus as the godmother."

"That was mean Severus, I thought he was your friend."

" Lily, Lily, Lily," shaking his head in disbelief, "Don't you know anything, he's not my friend exactly, more like an ex."

"You an Remus used to go out, I just can't see it." Lily said, shaking her head in disbelief. "Remus is such a sweet person, and you can be a tad ummm…abrasive," she continued.

"You wound me Lily, You really wound me." Sev said acting hurt.

Just then, James poked his head in through the hospital room door, "I wanna see my new, and favorite nephew," he whined.

Lily stared in disbelief at James, "Okay, two things. One, where is your boyfriend, and two, you do know that Harry is your only nephew, correct."

"Sirius had to talk to Albus for some reason," James said, studying Harry. "He looks just like a Potter, 'cept for his eyes. I thought it took at least a week before the eye color starts to change from blue," he continued in a confused tone.

Sev shrugged," Don't look at me, how am I supposed to know." Outside the room they could hear nurses yelling for some on to get back, and that a dog wasn't allowed in the hospital." Sounds as if Sirius and Remus are here," Lily said in an amused tone.