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pairings: James/Sirius and soon, Remus/Severus

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James looked down at the blonde haired toddler in a baby carrier. He wasn't quite sure why he was atching the child, especially since there were other people who were related to the child who would want to take him in. Then he remembered that Narcissa had made a living will that listed him as Draco's guardian in the event that anything happened to her and Lucious.

James walked over to the muggle Refrigerator and saw some apple juice, which he poured into a paper cup before handing it to the child. He really didn't know what he was doing, but he was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to give the baby a glass and he didn't have any plastic cups, or any bottles for that matter.

James didn't look up as he felt the wards around the apartment move in a way that let James know Sirius was home. James didn't turn around as the footsteps padded down the hallway, towards the kitchen.

Sirius came to a stop right behind James and wrapped his arms around him. "You alright James?"

James turned in Sirius' embrace and stared at him in disbelief.

"Damnit it Sirius, why the hell would I be alright?" he started to rant. "I have a child in my care. A young child. Who will cry and generally keep me up all night long. And, I know othing about little children. Hell, I was just planning on stuffing Harry full of sugar before sending him home to have Sev and Lily deal with him on a sugar high."

Sirius smiled down at James, shakng his head in bewilderment, "You would have really done that to your own brother? Gods James, that would have been evil."

James turned and looked back down at Draco. "The thing is is that now Harry and Draco are going to be raised by us as a group, and that makes him a Maurader. Hell, Sev is still is love with Remus, so you know those two are going to be raising Harry, and you and I will be raising Harry. Can imagine what we are going to have to deal with in the future? Hells bells, my parents must have been saints."

Sirius suddenly had a look of panic on his face. "Do you really think they are going to be like we were? Hell, if they do turn out like us, I'm really going to pity the proffessors when they go to Hogwarts."

James smiled sadly for a moment. "Poor Narcissa and Lily. They'll never be able to see Harry and Draco grow up. They'll never see them date or marry or a million other things that most parents look forward to seeing."

Sirius was about to answer when Remus suddenly appeared in their kitchen, looking completely distraught and not at all in control of the wolf.


Remus had just rolled over on his bed and opened his eyes when he noticeed that Severus wasn't on his bed. Remus sat up, jarring his head and sending waves of pain throughout his body. Severus would not have left the room during the night, preferring to stay with Harry, and Harry was still in his crib.

Remus walked unsteadily over to Harry's crib, but stopped suddenly in the middle of the room. He could smell something, something that was familiar. He looked around until he noticed the small drops of dried blood on the floor. He paled, finally figuring out that what he had been smelling was Severus' blood. Someone had taken Severus. Someone had taken his mate.

Remus finally continued to the crib, where he saw a small piece of parchment laying on top of Harry. Remus picked it up with trembling hands before growling angerily.

Remus cast the charm that allowed those keyed into the wards to araparate out of and on to Hogwarts, and disappeared suddenly, the note still clenched in his hand.

Remus appeared in James and Sirius home, and stared at James and Sirius in their embrace for several seconds before suddenly starting to yell.

James didn't understand most of the yelling, but figurered out it had something to do with the parchment in Remus' hand and that Peter had something to do with that. Although, that wasn't exctly a hard deduction to make, considering that the only part of Remus angry speach that was easily understod was all the different ways that he was planning on killing Peter.

James winced as he heard something about a red hot poker, a white hot knife and certain neccessary parts of Peter, such as his eyes and certain other things.

Remus suddenly stopped yelling and handed the parchment to James, who read it before he started to mutter in shock. Sirius took it from James and paled before looking at Remus in sympathy.

Remus was pale and trembling, looking as if he was about to cry. "Damnit James, he took my mate. What the hell am I going to do?"

James didn't answer as he stared at Remus in shock. He had never thought that Remus had considered Severus a mate.


Severus moaned in pain as he came to. The last thing he remembered was Peter standing over him. He paled suddenly. Harry, where is Harry? he thought to himself. There was no telling what Peter had done to Harry.

Severus pushed himself up, trying to figure out where he was, where Harry was, when he noticed his surroundings. The walls were damn and mildewy while the floor was cold stone covered in dirty straw. There was no window, and, looking all the way around, he was in a cell. That left many places he could be, but considering who had taken him, it had to be a Death Eater's home.

Severus went to the wooden door and then rummaged through his pockets. Hopefully he still had his wand, but Peter for once had acted intelligently and taken the wand from him.

He had no way to escape and no way to get out. He was a prisoner and there was nothing he could do about it.