Hey guys. Sorry for those of you that are expecting an update. So a lot has happened over the past few years... and as a person I've changed more than I thought possible. I'm in in medical school now, and I have a lot going on. I didn't really want to give up on this story, but I think it's time to just let it go. I haven't loved the Inheritance Cycle in years, and while it was my favorite book when I was a lot younger, it just doesn't evoke anything in me. I wish I could just keep writing, but I can't force myself when I'm not passionate about whatever it is I was trying to create. I apologize for those of you that were waiting for me to finish this story, and for those of you who thought this would be an update. This story used to mean so much to me, but now it's just dead. I hope you guys understand.


~ Cyan