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Chapter 0

Kimigayo wa
Chiyo ni yachiyo ni
Sazare-ishi no
Iwao to narite
Koke no musu made

Those were the lyrics to the national anthem of a country formerly known as Japan. It was the land of the Rising Sun, the birthplace of the sun-goddess Amaterasu. It was a country of honor and glory, yet a dystopia for recluses, scapegoats, and anarchical-god nephews. This country is now known as the Republic of Greater East Asia.

This country is "successfully fascist," nobody or anything could deteriorate the government, not with a slingshot, nor katana, nor tank. The state had already survived trauma such as an economic depression and a natural disaster that resulted in a nuclear crisis. The only thing that could possibly devastate this land was ignition by a European dragon. The national anthem of its ancestor was no longer sang in classrooms; instead, a chant expressing one's loyalty to the operators of this "metropolitan-utopia" was sang, followed by exposure to propaganda and false information.

Any other nation was viewed with hostility and xenophobia. The American Empire was a notable enemy to the Republic; information from the west was strictly limited. A notable case was that of Kohaku Hashimoto, an unemployed forty-two-year-old man arrested for possession of child pornography. This offense singularly was worthy of imprisonment, but the punishment was even greater as the pornography was a bootleg from America, even having the audacity to feature an enticing female with an Aryan likeness of blonde hair and blue eyes. Music was a prominent example of censorship. One could never forget the incident at the annual Nationalist Music Festival: Chikako Nakahara, a novelty for being a renowned female musician, appeared on stage to perform a folk song on the kotono. Halfway through the song, she interrupted herself and signaled for a stagehand to obtain an electric guitar. She began to play an electrifying rock song from the west, causing the audience to become alive as if they awoke from resting in tombs for a thousand years. The police, in an attempt to merely shoot the electric guitar, miscalculated their aim and shot Chikako Nakahara several times, killing her instantaneously. The audience rioted in protest and fury, resulting in an exercise in police brutality that killed seven and injured forty-three.

Perhaps the worst example of the government's omnipotent charge on the citizens is the Program. The Program, first established in 1947, entails that one class out of fifty third-year junior high school classes participate in this game of bloodshed. This game requires the class to fight until only one is living, unless the metal collars that tracks and listens to the players kill one or all due to some sort of misdemeanor. The Program managed in 1997 on Okishima Island, played by the third-year students of Class B of Shiroiwa Junior High School, had such impact that history books shall remind students that the government shall always prevail. That year, Shogo Kawada managed to stimulate the deaths of students Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa and deactivated their metal collars. Being declared winner, Shogo killed that game's instructor, Kinpatsu Sakamochi, and escaped with his comrades. After his death obtained from injuries of the game, Shuya and Noriko fled the country, never to be seen again.

It has been thirty-eight years since that Program, and it continues to this day. The rules are still intact, with some new additions: kill within twelve hours or you will die, and stay at least six feet away from other players unless you murder them; you must murder that player within five minutes or else you die. New advances in technology allow the organizers of the game to watch the action on big-screened televisions in high-definition. Last year's Program was executed on an island off of Nigata Preference; the winner, Yamato Nishimura, was declared winner a mere eighteen hours after the game started, a record. It seems as if cold-blooded killers like Nishimura-san bring pride to the motherland, what with the government mimicking the Nazi Regime like a shadow-puppet manufactured from fabric. However, Nishimura was retained after the game, due to another new rule, thanks to Shogo Kawada, that states that the winner must be retained for questioning via lie-detector test to ensure that he or she played by the rules and did not fake anyone's death. Any lie could result in six months to three years in federal prison; this has only occurred once to the winner of the Program held in a minuscule village in Aomori Preference, Tsubaki Oshiro, for lying that she killed an opponent with a paper-fan as opposed to a Bowie knife.

However, the Republic of Greater East Asia seeks new territory, not an uncommon occurrence as history can inform. The target is the Nation of the Korean Peninsula, a former ally. It all started with a scandal. The current ruler of the Republic of Greater East Asia, Osamu Wakahisa, met with the current ruler of the Nation of the Korean Peninsula, Ki Song. Song, seeking financial assistance on the eve of a recession, could have effortlessly received a generous gift from Wakahisa. However, when the two discussed and compared strategies on running a country, Song criticized Wakahisa for his unbearable totalitarianism, especially speaking out against the Program. Insulted, Wakahisa not only refused to assist with the economic recovery of the Nation, but declared war. Nonsensical, perhaps it was. However, such mockery henceforth prompted the Republic to exhibit itself as a ruthless superpower. But, the military will need a secret weapon, anything or anyone who singlehandedly could lead them to victory, a Joan of Arc for the Republic of Greater East Asia, but not as a simple saint, as a messiah.

Yet, the government doesn't have to search beyond the sea nor the cosmos to find the messiah. They already have the proper files and paperwork to utilize their savior, regardless of the consequences.

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