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Officer Hwan Yig of the military of the Nation of the Korean Peninsula stood opposed to Officer Azuma. Being resourceful, their military was always one step ahead. Utilizing spies, they were aware of the use of Chou as a secret weapon and the plans of invasion. Jong Moon, who could use a large, undisclosed amount of her brain, would serve as a foil to Chou, and perhaps emerge as champion in this quasi-battle. Their military was already stationed at every possible post, harbor, and fort; with more advanced equipment and techniques, the Korean soldiers would forfeit anything to defend their country from being defiled by the Republic of Greater East Asia.

Officer Yig, in English, began the conversation: "Officer Azuma, you couldn't be too secure, could you?"

Azuma hesitated at first, then said, "You sneak! Where is the sportsmanship? Where is the chivalry?"

Yig chuckled. "You're a fool. This is war; this section of the continent of Asia has become cut-throat and deceiving. Do you really think we would allow history to repeat itself?"

"It's all a matter of who has the best equipment and strategies."

"Yes, I'll admit your strategy was clever. But, do you really think my army would allow such bombardment to happen?"

"You wicked man!"

"Wakahisa is wicked! If he didn't have such a temper, this whole war wouldn't be happening!"

"Ki Song should mind his own business and worry about running his own country!"

One of the Korean soldiers positioned his gun to shoot Azuma. However, Yig motioned for him to relax his desire to attack. "Well, if we have secret weapons, we ought to use them."

"Yes, we should use them, and without the involvement of our troops."

"If "Shônen-seija" can win, our army will surrender, even if it means having to deal with Song."

"Likewise. If this girl can win, we will do the same, even if Wakahisa becomes furious."

Chou turned his attention to his opponent. She had a strange gleam in her eyes; it was dull like the moonlight, yet unsightly like the sun. Chou thought of this for a moment. Did he have such a gleam in his eyes? Was this gleam a symbol of the powerhouse one could become when at the hazard of hardship? Jong Moon seemed to be in a rage, yet seemed sympathetic as well. She couldn't have possibly done this voluntarily. She must have been forced to fight against her will. She must view these gifts as a curse. Does she have pride, a pride I don't have? Maybe this pride would allow her to defeat me.

Yig grew impatient. "Alright, let's begin, shall we?"

Azuma felt the malice of this exclamation sting him to the core; this officer was too serious. "Yes, let's begin."

Jong made the first move. She created a sphere of fire, which she threw spiraling toward Chou. Swift on his feet and swift with his mind, he used telekinesis to stop the sphere a mere meter before him, and sent it back at her as if playing catch. She too was swift on her feet swift and with her mind, and saturated the flame.

Chou created a stream of liquid that went flying toward Jong like a dragon. With a simple movement, she leaped into the air, ascended the stream over the crowd of soldiers, and sent it diving into the nearby ocean. Oh, God! She can levitate?

The girl, without much courtesy, levitated a gun out of a nearby soldier's hands. Trying to play by the rules, instead of shooting him, she sent the gun soaring at Chou with the intent of disorientating him. While this was unexpected, Chou stopped the gun mid-air, sent it twelve meters into the air, and then crushed the weapon, dispersing shards everywhere. With one single bullet still intact, Chou propelled it toward Jong's feet. Jong, who noticed his intentions of startling her, would not tolerate such child's-play. She launched the bullet, in a circular motion, to his head. This prompted him to stop the bullet five meters away, and then shattered the useless piece of metal.

Frustrated, Jong, with a wave of her hand, created a stream of fire that was positioned to transfer in-between Chou's legs. With agility, Chou moved over, and then produced a miniature rain-storm to put the fire out. Without much energy, he formed a stream of water and flung it at this enigmatic girl. Almost tranquilly, she sent the stream twirling around her body, and then let it drop to the ground.

Exhausted, Chou collapsed to his knees. Jong perceived this as a victory on her behalf. Then, Chou communicated with her telepathically. "Stop fighting."

Jong was staggered by his humility, yet annoyed as well. She returned the message with her mind, "What are you doing?"

"This is pointless. We're just being used. We're just pawns."

"You may see it that way, but I have control of it."

"You don't know what you're talking about. You're young, you don't understand—"

"I volunteered to do this. Or, at least they gathered files on me. When they came to my door, I didn't fight it off. I wanted to prove myself worthy of something bigger, something better. I didn't just want to be the little-prodigy-figure-skater for the rest of my life. I want to have a more important legacy than that. I wanted to be remembered for greatness. I wanted to be remembered for defeating totalitarianism."

"You can do great things. You can use your abilities to help people, not cause destruction. That's…what I've been trying to realize for myself all along."

"Don't turn this into some sort of revelation. If I can't use my powers, then what do I have?"

"You can bring peace. We can escape all of this. We can leave this continent and act for the sake of peace."

"What are you talking about?"

"I think we should get out of this fucked-up country and find a place where you can have the legacy you want."

Jong had a change of heart at this. She did realize that she was a pawn for the military of her homeland. Who knows how else she would be maltreated? She could escape this situation and continue to become great, if not supreme. "What are we going to do? How are going to be able to escape now?"

"We can fake each other's deaths. If we stare at each other for a while, it could look as if we telekinetically shut down each other's organs."

"How could we actually convince them of that?"

"Nobody here has telekinesis. They don't know how it works."

Jong considered this. It was true. They could in fact convince the armies that they died. Then, it would be the path to freedom.

"Valid reasoning."

"Okay, I'm ready."

"Alright, start staring."

Chou and Jong started to stare at each other, inaugurating the illusion. The mysterious gleam in Jong's eyes became more radiant. As much as he could know, Chou had this same gleam. To be more believable, Chou and Jong managed to sweat more profusely, and even caused their veins to pulsate. It was as if they were about to self-destruct. The armies and the officers were not to certain of what was occurring before their eyes.

Azuma shouted, "Shônen-seija, what are you doing?"

Followed suit, Yig shouted, "Jong Moon, stop these nonsense. Keep fight!"

After long moments of staring, Chou and Jong collapsed, as if they did in fact deactivated each other's organs. The officers ran to the aid of their respective secret weapon. They shook their bodies, hoping they would stir into consciousness. "Chou Yu," said Azuma, "what's the matter? Can you hear me?" Yig said, "Jong Moon, have you fainted?" The officers checked for a pulse. As if by some sort of miracle, no pulse could be detected. "Men," continued Azuma, "I think he's dead." The soldiers were in awe; what would time tell for their invasion of their enemy? "He must be taken to the infirmary."

Late in the night, Chou awoke in the military infirmary. When he realized what hour it was, he quickly got to his feet and considered a method of escape. He noticed the windows and hastily climbed out of one. He descended onto an awning, but managed to safely lower himself to the ground. He ran to the shore where he encountered Jong. She was taken back to the military base on the shores of the Korean Peninsula, but managed to escape by levitating back to Hokkaido Preference. It was at that moment when she developed a distain for the country she had once felt such patriotism for. She had to abandon that infernal location of the Earth to seek opportunity and be liberated from suppression.

"Where are gonna go?" she cogitated.

Chou overviewed the possibilities. "We should go to India. My adoptive father was gonna go there. Maybe I'll meet him there."

"I think we're fugitives."

"I think so, too. That's why we can never come back."

"I might miss it…oh, what am I saying?"

"It's gonna be tough. But, we can survive. You speak Hindi, right?"


"Well, we'll find some way to survive, anyhow."

"I hope so."

"C'mon, we shouldn't stay here anymore. We're gonna get caught."

Jong grabbed Chou's hand and levitated. She flew southwest, taking him with her. She wasn't very confident of where she was going, but it didn't necessarily matter at the moment. Their path in the sky was uncertain, like their future. Then, Chou had a thought; maybe he is capable of loving. Of course, this love was ambiguous, yet it was apparent. It was a desire to perform good deeds for humankind, humankind that urged to be unshackled. With his abilities, perhaps he and Jong were the second-coming of Christ. Or, at least they could perform Christ-like duties to avenge the torment they suffered due to "successful fascism." If Chou will become a companion of Emperor Jimmu, it ought to be on behalf of finding his rightful place on a planet that underwent more injustice than he. It was farewell to the land of the Rising Sun, yet it was also a greeting to the horizon of a new era.

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