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I heard someone cough. It wasn't a real cough, it was a fake cough. The type you do to announce yourself or when you're interrupting something. And whoever had coughed was interrupting all right.

My head span to see who it was. It was a man, he was overweight and bald, probably in his mid to late forties, but I hadn't seen him before, at least not to my memory.

"I love you, too," Spencer whispered in my ear, before standing up.

"Mr. Norton, thank you for coming, I really appreciate it," Spencer said.

"Of course, Ms. Hastings," Mr. Norton replied, "Alex speaks very highly of you."

Alex? Like Alex Santiago? It can't be. Spencer wouldn't do that to me. But it has to be, he does work here.

"Even if it didn't work out," Mr. Norton added.

I let out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding.

"Love is love," Spencer responded, "Alex is wonderful, but my heart will always belong to Aria."

Spencer gestured to me.

"Ah, yes, Ms. Montgomery, it's a pleasure to see you again," Mr. Norton said.


"Oh, uh, yes, you as well," I said, unaware of what was happening.

Mr. Norton nodded.

"Well all the food has been prepared, I hope you enjoy your evening," Mr. Norton said.

"I'm sure we will," Spencer responded, "And thank you again for coming in today, it means so much to me."

"Of course," Mr. Norton said, nodding once more before disappearing.

Spencer turned to me, her eyes gleaning, even in the candlelight. The way she looked at me, it was like the world could crash and burn and she wouldn't even notice as long as her eyes were on me. Just knowing that I could capture her attention so entirely mad eme blush red as she kissed my forehead gently.

Spencer pulled out a chair from the table. "My lady," she said gesturing the chair was for me.

On the table now were two platters, one at each place setting, covered in metal domes.

"Dinner is served," Spencer said, imitating a butler, "Bon app├ętit."

She lifted the metal dome off of the platter in front of me to reveal three plates. The first contained a house salad with ranch dressing, my favorite, on the side. The second, had heaping pile of Beef Burgandy with a side of scalloped potatoes. The last plate had what looked to be tiramisu. It all looked so elegant and delicious.

"That's Vegan Tofu Tiramisu, in case you were wondering," Spencer said, "I thought it would balance out the beef, I know how you've been trying to back off on the meat, but everyone knows you just can't resist a good Beef Bourguingon."

I was grinning like an idiot.

"Spence, this is amazing, I can't believe you went through the trouble of getting me vegan tiramisu! You're too good to me."

I felt Spencer kiss the back of my neck gently, felt her hot breath tracing upwards until it mound my ear. She nibbled on it momentarily before whispering, "Au contraire, mon amour, not good enough."

Her husky voice whispering French into my ear sent shivers coursing through me, but in the best of ways.

Spencer sat down across from me, removing the metal dome from her own platter with a smirk on her face. She was, I'm guessing, smirking because she knew exactly how she affected me.

The food was divine, absolutely fantastic. Spencer and I ate in a comfortable silence, our eyes darting from each other to our food and back. I felt Spencer's foot, heels having been abandoned, inching up my leg. Our eyes locked, silently daring her to continue. Spencer's foot traveled slowly, teasingly, up my leg, pausing at my knee. I unconsciously began to spread my legs wider, giving her better access, turning red as I realized what I had done. Spencer smirked at me, her foot continuing further up my leg.

About halfway up my thigh, I heard my cell phone go off. I threw an apologetic look towards Spencer, before digging it out of my clutch. I had meant to turn it off, but had forgotten.

I looked at the Caller ID.

"It's Mike," I said, a little shocked that he was calling me. He only ever called if he needed something.

"I'm sorry, babe, do you mind?" I asked, gesturing to my phone.

"Go ahead," she said as her foot's presence on my leg vanished.

"Hello?" I answered, concern coloring my voice, hoping that Mike was okay.

"Hey, uh, sorry to bother you, I know you're on a date," Mike said, "I was just wondering if I could borrow some of your art supplies?"

Art supplies? Mike wasn't the artistic type. He was more of an athletic type. Not your typical jock, though he sometimes fell into the stereotype. He was a nice boy, a sweet kid. He had a heart of gold. But why did he need my art stuff?

"Why?" I asked, trying to be nice about it, but unable to hide my surprise.

"Umm, well, there's this girl."

I laughed, "Say no more, Mike, just make sure to put them back when you're done."

"Sweet. Thanks Aria, you're the best," Mike said.

"Love you, have fun."

"Love you, too. Bye," Mike said before hanging up.

Spencer was looking at me, her head cocked slightly to the left.

"What was that about?" Spencer asked curiously.

"Sorry," I said, getting up and standing behind Spencer, wrapping my arms loosely around her neck.

"Mike's trying to impress a girl," I told her.

I kissed the back of her neck gently, slowly kissing to the other side. Spencer moaned, letting her head fall backwards.

"Well if he's anything like his older sister, then she's probably already hooked," Spencer said.

"You're so sweet, baby," I said, kissing her one more time, before turning her chair to sit in her lap.

"So when exactly did I have you hooked?" I asked, looking into her molten chocolate eyes.

"Mmm, when was I first hooked? Or when did I first realize I was hooked?" Spencer asked, trying to clarify my question.

"Both," I answered, moving a stray piece of hair out of her porcelain face.

She smiled at me, seemingly lost in thought.

"The first time I realized I was hooked on you was in the sixth grade. It was a few weeks before Ali had taken us into her group. I was going to meet you in the park after practice. When I got there you were laying in the middle of the grass. You had this multi-colored tie-dye dress on that fell just above your knees, and a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans with a hole in the left knee. You were listening to your music, and your eyes were closed. I remember looking down at you and thinking 'I wonder if she knows how beautiful she is' and I remember wanting to kiss you, which scared me at first, but at the same time, it felt like the most natural reaction. Instead, I nudged you with my foot. You opened your eyes, looking at me standing over you and smiled. You took out one of your earbuds and handed it to me. I laid down next to you and put it in my ear. The song "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling had just started to play. You started to sing, and you sang it better than they did. When the song ended, I thought 'This must be what heavens like' not realizing that I'd said it out loud. But then you said, 'It's perfect right now, isn't it?' and that's when I knew."

I was amazed at the detail that she recalled. From what I was wearing to the song I was listening to.

"As to when I was hooked, looking back, it's clear that I was hooked on you from the first moment I saw you. At first, all I saw was your brown hair pulled into a ponytail and the white shirt and overalls you were dressed in. But even only seeing the back of your head I knew I had to have you. Of course I was four, so I didn't think much of it, just that I had to be your friend. And we've been friends ever since."

I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"Spence," I said, "That was so beautiful. I had no idea."

I wondered if it was a bad thing that I didn't have a lot of these vivid memories of us like she seemed to have.

"You still have no idea, do you? How beautiful you are? How simply amazing you are?"

Spencer whispered into my ear.

"All I know," I whispered back, "Is how ridiculously lucky and blessed I am because I have you."

She brought her lips to mine. Our lips moved passionately, and perfectly in sync with each other. My hands laced themselves in her hair, and I felt hers on my ass, pulling me closer to her.

"Spence," I moaned into her lips.

"Spence," I said again, pulling back this time.

She looked at me expectantly, as if she already knew what I was going to say.

"Not here," I said through heavy breaths.

She nodded, "Let's go home, babe."

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