Chapter 1

A calamity of epic proportions

I implore all readers to review the scientific background section before continuing towards the story. Though I anticipate that my advice will remain unheeded to a majority of bipedal peoples, I say to them that any difficulty in comprehension caused by thus is their own fault for not adhering to conceptual standards of understanding something!…anything?…eh. Note that I will attempt to refrain from over articulating my sentences during the literature's development.

A/N: I'm making this story in order to incorporate feedback on how acceptable the concepts, which are utilized in the story, are to a general audience.

Scientific Background:

(Note that all examples of technology in this story are scientifically feasible through the utilization of aether physics or otherwise) Aether is a widely unrecognized though important discovery by Nicola Tesla. It is one of the many lesser known accomplishments of Nicola Tesla's lifetime and career. It is a substance that is atomically neutral and resides in the spaces between sub-atomic particles. It can overlap itself in the same space given proper conditions to do so. The severities of the effects that aether causes are mainly dependant on the aetherical density. The types of effects are dependant on the cumulative aspects of the aetherical fluctuations, frequency, patterns, and imprinted aetherical charge. Aether can have an "imprinted" effect from what it experiences. This is the aspect that makes it a genuinely key part in memory retention and the function of the nervous system. It is the scientific embodiment of a "soul", to say frankly. The particles that emanate from stars are considered to be "stabilized", While the varied forms that exist within planets or living beings are considered "un-stabilized" (in most cases…). The particles that emanate from the majority of suns are characteristically the same, not including the factor of density. In essence, our body's are systemized to have a collaboration of aether particles remain destabilized as the system continuously re-destabilizes stabilized particles, as well as the utilization of those particles for retention methods (like with instincts or regular day to day memory) and potentially much more. Aetherical disturbances, to whatever scale, are present in even the most minuscule reactions and events. So a reaction like fire can be instigated by the presence of the resembling patterns, fluctuations, ECT (think of pyrokinesis). Though that is one of the most effective examples for implementations, the limitations are potentially logarithmic (in other words virtually limitless) for the total number of, and every type of implementation that exists and how beneficial (or catastrophic) they could be. Anyway I've pretty much given a summarized run-through sooo… if any questions are still prevalent about this topic, or a small number of other topics, please feel free to post your query. Mind the fact that I don't have internet at my house and I may not get to people rapidly so if your question remains unanswered for an extended period of time please try again. (He he, I sound like a message recorder)

Shielding: The shielding that karino uses is a setup of quartz spheres with high purity placed at significant points of articulation and the end points of the extremities. This is so that the "bubble" of protection protects the entire body. This "bubble" I speak of is the concentrated isolation of aether particles in a reverberating stream pattern to and from various points on the body. The setup works so that any construct moving at high velocity will distort the aether's frequencies temporarily; in doing so cause a visual phenomenon that would translucently reveal the portion of shielding surrounding the impact point. Normally the shielding would constantly be distorting on account of the radiation that we perceive as light and the other "background" radiations. To compensate for this, a quarts computation device is tied into the shielding and other systems that use the quarts for initialization. Since this computation device is based on the numerical sequences of aetherical flow through and inside quarts, and that the size of quartz it's housed in is four centimeters in diameter, the total approximate memory capacity is 8000 terabytes. To simplify expression I will simply refer to it as a q-computer. This q-computer keeps a log of the acceptable matter and conditions for permeation, thus allowing non-harmful matter to permeate the shield even if it's moving at the speed of light. Along with this the deadly frequencies of energy can be filtered by the computer storing frequency and wavelength data as well as velocity data for registered contact. However, it would be insurmountably difficult to prevent something teleporting inside the barrier of the shield since aether can coexist in the same point in space, at the same instant. So in light of this, and the fact that the technology used will still be considered a prototype I will not include the quality of preventing something from teleporting inside the shield. A good reference to the relevance of the statement in the preceding sentence is that I consider the "flash step" and the "sonito" teleportation techniques utilized by the "aetherically experienced". Though clearly in the story it is referred to as having strong "spiritual pressure" (AKA aetherical density), it would remain the same essential aspect if you were to replace every mention of "spirit energy" with aether particles in some form or another.

Teleportation: The short-long distance teleporter incorporates the same utilized system of quartz spheres used in a slightly different manor. Though while executing long range teleportation, powering down the shields for at least ten to fifteen minuets is necessary. Maximum distance for short range is about five to ten kilometers at prime conditions with the technology incorporated in the story. Maximum distance for long range teleportation is exponential according to how long the shields have remained inactive, and as long as the ending location is secure and known by the teleporter there usually aren't severe repercussions from teleporting more than fifty kilometers… though the more mass being teleported the more aetherical charge required. So in most cases deactivation of shields is vital when teleporting more than one person/thing at a time.

A.A.P.: the Antimatter Assimilation Pistol is a weapon that utilizes the deconstructive capabilities of antimatter and the physical force capabilities of aether manipulation. Resulting in a pistol that fires antimatter, which has adjustable structures (dependant on the atoms collected), at adjustable velocities (which logically shouldn't be under 2000 m/s due to the insignificant mass of a single antimatter structure). Mass can be collected most effectively as a gas or a liquid, unless the solid mass is ground into a powder whose particulates are so minuscule that a quick wind could dissolve them into the atmosphere. When a "shot" is fired from this pistol and the fired ammunition comes in contact with a target the antimatter destabilizes the atomic structure of any particles in vicinity, which is dependant on the type of antimatter fired. For the sake of this story let's say that the smallest destabilization radius is 3 centimeters and the max is 8 kilometers (not considering the possibility of acquiring any heavy atomic structures like uranium, promethium, terbium, ECT.

Q-computer: a computation device based on the principle of numeric sequencing of the flow of aether in and through a quartz body of high purity. This method of computation is exponentially faster and more efficient than that of any binary sequence computation device utilizing metallic conduction that exists. Using a q-computer, one can do a plethora of tasks. For example, one can deconstruct then reconstruct matter based on the atomic particles that make that matter up. So if you were to take 40 grams of sodium and reconstructed it into gold, the mass would stay relatively the same but with a significant volume decrease. Levitation is also a feasible application if mental manipulation of aether in that manor isn't accomplishable by the individual. Also, three dimensional display viewing, in the manifestation of a hologram, is usable for such a device. Otherwise the capacities are in the shielding description and anything else that I'm informed about I'd be glad to explain further over a chat.

A/N: I hope the background helped, so enjoy!

Character Background:

Karino is a quantum physicist who majored in quantum mechanics in college. He currently works at a research facility near the outskirts of karakura town. He is 22 years old and has raggedy cranberry colored hair and dark blue eyes. Most of the time his "anywhere" attire consists of a white zip-up lab-coat over a white button-shirt, grey pants, and sneakers. Currently, he delves into the study of aether physics and its potential applications, creating various devices/contraptions in the progress.

Karino's P.O.V.

Roused from sleep by my annoying alarm clock I realized that I had been sleeping at my computer again, reviewing test data for the shield. I look at what I was wearing. My clothes hadn't been changed for two nights and were very uncomfortable, so I guess I'll just walk over to my house and get a change of clothes. I quickly logged of my computer and stood up to go to the bathroom when I spotted my co-worker Anosuke, staring into the blank wall away from me. Instead of bothering him right now I just decided to sneak past and go to the bathroom. After using the bathroom I went down the stairs to the left and reached the device storage room. I was about to pass by the AAP when I realize it's probably better to take it. After all, with all the strange beasts and attacks recently, a little experimental protection is a necessary precaution. So I grabbed the holster and rapped the belt around my waist. Then I made sure that my shield was active and running by checking my diagnostics unit disguised as a watch. Its form certainly helps me look, at least, a little less conspicuous. So I turn to the safe lock door leading to the front office which we usually use as a lobby of sorts for test subjects. Once I reach the front door I open it and am blinded by the intensity of the sun. I wait for my eyes to adjust and walk along the sidewalk. After I reached my house I strapped on a new set of clothes and begin to go back outside when I received a call from Anosuke. "Hey Karino, we ran out of utility wire and heat clamps, can you get some while you're out?" "Yea I think we also need some more bread so I'll get that to." I replied. Anosuke hung up the phone and I reached for the keys in my pocket. I know he's just a co-worker and all but he could at least be a bit less cold about everything. I managed to get the utility wire and clamps and was in the store behind an old lady who was taking her time counting her change. While I was waiting for her to finish I looked around and saw a teen with orange hair. Orange? I didn't even know it could grow like that. He noticed me looking when a girl with black hair wearing a skirt grabbed his attention and drew him towards something. I noticed then that the old lady was pretty much finished and so I bought the bread and a candy bar and went back to the lab, eating the candy on the way. I got into the lobby and noticed the clock said it was about 11 a.m. so I went into the lab to find Anosuke. He happened to be typing on the computer tied with the control system for the gate way. "How's it going?" I asked. "Really, this energy flux is giving me a problem. And your program's calculations seem to be giving the gateway an oscillating effect." We spent the next 7 hours troubleshooting the system and the next 4 hours setting up the new utility wire to the gate. "Do you really think that we'll reach another plain?" Anoske inquired. "Well, probably. And if not it could always be a useful and fun garbage disposal." Anoske chuckled that comment off and continued wiring. "… Okay! I think tomorrow the physical testing can begin. But for now I think I'm done." "Why, are you tired?" Anoske interjected "well duh! We've been working for over 11 hours and I actually want to get some good sleep tonight. Anyway I'll see you in the morning" so I walked up the stairs past the office and into the hallway to look a door that has 'temporary living quarters' written on it. Ha! Temporary, I sleep here most of the time anyway. I then went to sleep to be woken by the sound of rustling in the office across from my room. Heh. Must be frantic about finding some kind of data. Probably best to find out in the morning. So with that I fell asleep, again, for the night. I woke up in the morning and stretched a few times. When I got into the kitchen to the right of me Anosuke was sitting at the table drinking coffee. He looked at me with a disgruntled look on his face. He set down the coffee and stared at me seriously. "So, when are you going to stop wearing that silly contraption to bed?" "As soon as you actually go to bed. How many days has it been since you got a good nights sleep?" he then progressed to scowl at me but didn't respond. Damn. Anosuke was always hostile but the stress of the testing must be getting to him. "I'm going to go down and initiate the sequence protocol. You coming?" I asked "In a little bit. I want to finish my coffee first." So I walked down to the lab deciding that perhaps I should've asked about last night. The initial runs went fine. But then the program I set up started initiating excessive currents non-coherent to what it was supposed to be setting. At once the gate fired open and let out a sonic boom. Almost all the glass in the room shattered along with one of the two monitors. So I quickly pulled out my backup copy of the program and set it in to the computers. The gate wasn't receiving any stabilization input of any kind so it randomly blasted different objects to the wall, at one point throwing the chair that was next to me. By then the program was installed and the throwing subsided so I waited a second to see a dark form starting to shape at the center of the gate so I decided to start the shutdown procedure and the dark image diminished. The whole lab was in a mess so I headed for the door when Anosuke called to me "what the hell happened?" "Something was different in the program and it malfunctioned. I managed to stop it before the gate actually caused any real damage but I'm going to go downstairs and check if I tripped any breakers in the process." Anosuke seemed to shirk of what I said, and go in front of the monitor to start fiddling with some of the display. I continued to the device room and went down the stairwell to the basement. When there, I opened the circuit panel and saw that nothing was out of the ordinary when the whole building started rumbling and stopped with a loud crash. I bolted up to the lab to find Anosuke on his back staring at where the second floor once was. "What happened?" Anosuke just gaped in horror trying respond to my question so I decided to teleport out of the lab and find whatever had torn off the second floor to the building. I went past several houses when I heard an ear piercing scream that seemed to echo in my head. It came from my left so I continued in that direction until I saw what seemed to be a beast as large as several houses and wearing a mask. It was looking the opposite direction so I grabbed for the AAP when it seemed to have constituted some sort of cut through its side and began disintegrating before my eyes. Once it disappeared there seemed to be a figure that was near it wearing a black kimono. Is that the kid from the store? As I thought this, the boy noticed me so I teleported back to the lab to see how Anosuke was doing after that incident. Once there I saw that he was tampering with the computer and the gate was active again. "What the hell are you doing?" I yelled. Anosuke twisted around with a worried look on his face when the gateway opened completely, Causing all the equipment in the lab to be sucked into it. Anosuke was holding on to a support beam that was faltering so to shut down the gate I went for the power cables and shot enough rounds at it to completely disconnect it. Before I knew what was happening the gate drastically increased suction towards it and Anoske got sucked in. I was barely standing on my feet when the desk behind me got thrown up and knocked me into the gateway. I awoke with a sharp pain in my side and a splitting headache. Holy shit! How the hell am I alive? I stood up to find myself in an open field with a few shards of the lab equipment scattered around me. I looked up and saw what seemed to be a large crack in the sky leading to a dark abyss. I wonder where Anosuke is. Just then something crawled out of the crack before it sealed up. It landed a few yards away from me and started charging at me. Another one of those beasts? What are these things anyway? I decided it would be safest to at least cripple it so it didn't come any closer. I got my hands on my pistol and changed the settings so it would fire a high frequency energy blast. I shot the thing on the leg and it toppled over, but it still seemed to be trying to reach me while screaming so I supposed that it wasn't a negotiable creature and shot it in its mask. After the second shot a man in a black kimono showed up and demanded that I come peacefully. "Hmm, I don't see why not." So he led me to what seemed to be a style of prison cell that, for some reason, emitted some sort of aetherical charge. Huh, weird day.