While the guys are gone Snow and I clean up a little and have dinner ready for them when they get back. We just finish placing it on the table when we hear them outside.

Butcher is the first one in but he doesn't notice us yet. "Nothing like an honest day's work." Half Pint announces as he walks in. I watch as they all seem very happy about something.

"Beats working down a mine." Napoleon says as him and Grub walk in. Chuckles, Grimm and Wolf walk in. Chuckles drops something on the floor and they all crowd around.

I snicker when no one notices the food on the table. Snow finally clears her throat and they all turn to stare at us. "Welcome home." Snow simply says.

They all stare at the food. Grub starts sniffing. "Lamb. Carrots. Gravy!" Grub says as he makes his way over. The others quickly follow. "I say their keepers."

"Sure they are." Butcher says as he sits down.

"Thank you." Wolf says before he sits down.

"You're welcome." We say together.

I look over to where they have dropped off their stuff and notice palace guard uniforms. I nudge Snow and point to them. Snow walks over with me following. "Why do you have palace guard uniforms?" She asks.

"We got them at work." Napoleon explains.

"What kind of job do you have?" Snow asks.

"We're… Renegades." Butcher says.

"Rebels." Chuckles inputs.

"Thieves!" Half Pint says, not even trying to hide it.

"That's true." Grub says, agreeing with him. "We stole the Queen's gold!"

I roll my eyes. The Queen deserved it. "You broke into the palace?" Snow asks.

"NO, we nabbed it outside the village." Half Pint explains.

"So you actually stole the people's gold." Snow states. I blink, I hadn't thought of that.

"Not exactly." Grimm says.

"Yes, exactly!" Snow exclaims. Snow checks the bag and sure enough it's the people's gold. "That's the people's money! Why, that's terrible. They need it. You must return it."

"We worked hard for that money." Butcher says.

"Stealing isn't work." Snow states.

"Sure it's work!" Half Pint exclaims.

"It's hard!" Butcher explains.

"I tore my shirt, had to sew it. That's work." Napoleon says.

"I'm sorry you got a few scrapes, but the townspeople need that money." Snow says.

"They hate us." Grub explains.

"Well, that can't be true." I say, finally joining in on the conversation.

"It is. They despise us." Wolf says.

"Years ago, when the Queen expelled all the 'undesirables'… No one stood up for us." Grimm explains. I stare at them all. "She said…" Grimm couldn't finish.

"Banish all the Uglies." Half Pint finishes.

"You've been mistreated by the Queen." Snow states.

"No one understands that better then us." I say. "It's unfair, but so is stealing from innocent families."

"We weren't always thieves." Wolf says.

"We were legitimate." Half Pint announces.

"With real trades." Grub inputs.

"I was a teacher." Grimm tells us.

"I was a butcher." Butcher says. I blink. 'Butcher was a butcher… Wow…'

"And I ran the pub. A good, honest job." I raise and eyebrow at Half Pint.

"Honest?" Chuckles asks.

"It was almost honest." Half Pint proclaims. "I stole a little."

"A little?" Wolf asks.

"It's a cash business!"

"That's you excuse?" Grimm asks.

"Hey, everybody does it, all right?" Half Pint states.

"I didn't." Napoleon says.

"Neither did I." Butcher says.

"Uh, you put you thumb on the scale!" Half Pint exclaims.

"I did not!" Butcher says.

"Did too! And you cheat at poker!" Half Pint says, pointing at Napoleon.

Snow looks at me. I recognize that look, she bends down, grabs the money and quickly makes her way out. I look at the guys, all arguing at the table before quickly following my sister. Just as I close they door I hear Butcher yell. I quickly dash after my sister. Snow looks around as the door opens and they all rush out.

As we enter the town I look behind us and find them a ways back. We quickly run to the magistrates office and Snow places the townspeople's gold on his desk. His eyes widen. He grabs the gold and tells us to follow him outside.

"My friends," He says to the townspeople. "Our money has been returned!" He says as he holds up the bag. The town cheers. "It was brought back to us by…" He ushers us over. "These two young ladies, tell us your names."

"I'm…" Snow begins. I hear yelling and look over and see the dwarfs.

"By those men there!" I say, cutting off Snow and pointing at the guys. They all stop and stare at me. "Those men… They're the ones that brought back the gold. The Queen told you that they were undesirables, but she lied." Grimm gives me a confused look. "These brave men are the true heroes. They fearlessly raided the Queen's caravan and… And retrieved your gold. They're the ones that really deserve your thanks." I say and begin clapping. Snow quickly joins in and soon the entire townspeople are clapping for them.

When the townspeople are finished thanking them we make our way back to the tree. Once we arrive Grimm tells us to wait inside. We walk in and Snow and I share a look. "What do you think is going to happen." Snow asks.

"I don't know Snow… We did take the gold." Snow sighs.

A moment later they all wake in and stare at us. "You two can stay." They all say.

Snow sighs and sits down while I smile. "But we've got conditions." Butcher says. "If you're going to live with us, you have to be one of us."

I nod, knowing they meant a thief. But Snow being the naive one of us didn't get it. "I have to be a dwarf?" Snow asks. I snicker at my sister.

"No. It means you have to be a thief." Napoleon explains.

"I feel I've been clear about my thoughts on stealing." Snow says.

"What if you were stealing from the Queen?" Wolf asks.

"You said yourself she's wicked." Grimm says.

"And an ugly tramp." I mumble. They all chuckle.

"Somebody has to stop her." Half Pint explains.

"Why not you two?" Napoleon asks.

"Why not us?" Half Pint says, referring to us and him. I raise an eyebrow as the others stare at him. "I mean us." Half Pint now says, referring to everyone.

Snow stands up. "But this time I have conditions." Snow says. "Whatever we steal goes back to the people." Snow states.

The guys all nod. "Minus a small commission." Butcher says.

"Butcher!" The guys all exclaims.

"Fine. But they don't know the first thing about thieving!" Butcher exclaims.

Grimm takes a step froward. "Then we'll teach them. We'll teach here to believe." Snow and I look at each other. "We shall start early tomorrow morning, alright." Me and Snow nod.

Everybody gets ready for bed. Half Pint, Chuckles, Wolf and Grub head upstairs while Butcher, Grimm and Napoleon stay downstairs. Snow and I lay down on the rug, where we first woke up this morning. I close my eyes and darkness consumes me.

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