Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is awesome, and so are her characters. No one can bring them to life like she does!

Carlisle's point of view

Columbus – 1911

It's been weeks since Ms Platt visited the emergency room, but I still find myself thinking about her, and the happiness that seemed to bubble off of her despite the obvious pain that she was in due to the bone fracture that she suffered from. I don't know what the reason is for me to think about her. If I am being completely honest with myself, 'thinking about Esme' is an understatement. I worry about her. I worry a lot. Rationally I know that despite the fact that the break wasn't a clean one, being the young and healthy girl that she is, her leg would be fine by now. I have treated hundreds of patients with worse injuries than hers and I know they turned out just fine. I worry about all my patients, humans are so fragile compared to me, but somehow this young woman named Esme Platt has me worried sick. Of course, being a vampire, my mind works a lot faster and has more room than that of a human's, so my worries don't interfere with me being able to do my job. Still I think it's better I moved on to another city. I've been in Columbus for years now, claiming to be thirty-three years old. Time to move on.

So I find my self writing my umpteenth letter of resignation while I'm sitting in my office at the hospital working a slow night shift. I've done this before, this time I decide it is a job offer that has been made to me in a great clinic in Sacramento, Ca. Of course it was an offer I could not refuse. Everyone would understand that. I would have to leave right away if I want to start next week. I always feel sad when I have to leave and start over in a new town. Although I can never be too close to humans, it feels nice to be able to have acquaintances. I take my favorite atlas from the shelf and close my eyes, pointing anywhere on the map. I open my eyes and find out my new home will be in the state of New Hampshire.
As soon as my decision is made, I return to doing some last patient check ups, run some errands. It is still early in the morning when Dr. Morrison walks in. I greet him with a "Hi, Andrew", and give him my letter. After that I pick up my belongings and leave the hospital without looking back.