This is a collection of micro-episodes following everyone's fave super-pervert.





The celebrations echoed around Konoha as almost all the shinobi and most of the civilians toasted the retirement of Hokage Tsunade and the appointment of the new Rokudaime Hokage, the youngest Hokage in the history of Konoha, and possibly the most powerful.

One person, however, was on a special mission.

Notebook stowed for easy reach, Jiraiya had used the festival and the party to sneak into the Namikaze grounds and position himself in a tree that gave him a view of the main bedroom. A gentle smile formed on his face as the door opened and two familiar people entered, the new Hokage, shedding his formal robes and hat, and his gorgeous wife, the internationally-renowned Moonlight Princess, who was fussing over her husband and forcing him to hang his robes up rather than simply drop them on the floor.

"Well, Gaki, you did good." Jiraiya whispered to himself. "Full circle, as a Shinobi you're an adult and I did this to your parents, now it's your... what the?"

A brief golden flash illuminated the bedroom, leaving it empty.



Jiraiya perched on the tall tree, mantaining his invisibility jutsu as he looked over at the waterfall where Naruto and Hinata were talking. Activating a small seal that he had hidden in the area the previous day, he listened in to their conversation.

"...the old pervert was right, this is a nice place."

"Maybe," Hinata said, "But I still feel like we're being watched. Maybe we should..."

The pair vanished in a flash of golden light and Jiraiya started to grind his teeth in frustration.


Jiraiya crept out of his hotel room and took to the rooftops of Suna, moving towards the Kazekage's mansion. Hiding across the street, he watched as Naruto and Hinata bid the slightly-older Kazekage goodnight, then they left the living room. Shifting his gaze, Jiraiya smirked as the couple closed the door to their bedroom behind them, then his reflexes took over and he flung himself backwards as a cluster of sand tentacles snatched for him. As he rolled back to his feet, the Kazekage appeared, standing on a pillar of sand.

"Errrr... hello, Gaara. Nice night for stargazing, isn't it?

"You tried to spy on those precious to me, Jiraiya. Although I will not kill you, for you are one of my brother-the-Hokage's supporters, I shall make you regret your actions this night."

Jiraiya didn't even bother wasting energy cursing as he ran away from the spiked sand tendrils that were aiming for his most prized possessions.


"I can't believe anyone could be so cruel!"

"Quit complaining." Tsunade said as she tried not to smirk. "You had to do it, didn't you? You know how Princess Yukei feels about Hokage Naruto, so trying to spy on him in the Land of Spring? What were you thinking?"

"But now there'll never be an Icha Icha movie!" Jiraiya sobbed into his Sake.


Jiraiya looked at the bundle that had been placed in his arms. A small pair of blue pupil-less eyes gazed up at him with newborn curiosity and he smiled back.

"Cute sprog, Gaki. Decided what to call him?"

"His name is Namikaze Minato, after his grandfather." Hinata said from where she was resting on the bed, Tsunade and Shizune fussing over her as she held Naruto's hand. "You can come in now, Konohamaru."

The door opened and Konohamaru peeped in to reassure himself that it was safe, then he entered, followed by the rest of his team.

"I'll be back for Minato in a few minutes, I need to get Tenshi-hime some sunlight." Naruto said and as Hinata giggled at his nickname for her, Naruto summoned several clones... and Hinata, Naruto, Tsunade, Shizune and the bed all vanished in a golden flash.

"What the..?" Jiraiya muttered as he realised what had just happened. "Did they just leave me holding the baby?"

"You don't hold him like that." Jonin Haku said with a smile, reaching out. "Hold him like this."

Moegi almost passed out at the cuteness of Minato's sleepy little frown. Jiraiya smiled down at the new life in his arms.

"Dammit." He half-moaned. "Now I need to become respectable for a while. Life just isn't fair."

"Fun, though." Haku said.

Jiraiya couldn't disagree.