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~Previously BPOV~

"Come have dinner everyone!" Esme calls from the dining room. "We have enough for everyone, so Tyler and Eric sit down too. You can find out what's going on while we all celebrate the girls graduation." Everyone doesn't bother to argue, and files into the dining room to sit and eat.

~Ch 32~


We all sit around the table and dig into the food. For a while, moans and groans are all that can be heard.

"I hate to break the quiet, but what's going on, Edward?" Uncle Jay asks. "Who was that woman you had arrested?"

"That was Bella's mother, Renee. She surprised us at the graduation and we had her come back here to talk out of the prying ears of the press."

"Then why are two members of it sitting here with us?" He turns to the Eric and Tyler. "No offence guys."

"We don't take offence, Mr. Jenks. Bella and Edward called us to come. They want us to report on the arrest and we will only write what they tell us to. We used to work with Bella at the paper. She and Edward are our friends and we take care of our friends," Eric answers.

"Call me Jay. I like that they have you on their side. This could get ugly for them."

"Not if we head this off first, Uncle Jay. That's why we called you and had you pull the divorce papers. We want to report on her trespassing and abandoning Bella at only six weeks old. We figured out she only wants back into her life because of me, and what I do for a living," I answer.

"What do you want me to do?" he asks me.

"Can you call a judge and get a gag order against her. We don't want her to be able to talk to the press. She already tried to call Bella's old boss, Sam." I heard gasps coming from Eric and Tyler as I say it.

"No way!" Tyler shrieks.

"Yeah, we need to spin this our way. She's only looking for her fifteen minutes of fame, or money. Who knows which, but I want her to have no way to get either."

"I don't know what I can do, but I can try."

"Do what you can, Uncle Jay. I don't care if I have to sign autographs or something, I want her mouth shut!"

"Let me call the DA, he owes me one. I beat him in golf last week." We all start laughing about him winning.

"How in the hell did you do that? We all know you suck!" Dad teases him.

"Just because I am not a doctor and don't play every day, doesn't mean I suck."

"No, it doesn't. It's because you are a lawyer, you suck."

"Damn, Dr. Cullen is harsh," Eric teases.

"No kidding, baby. He's good looking but has a vicious tongue," Tyler replies.

"And he knows how to use it," Mom laughs out as the rest of us groan and try to block out her words.

"No, Mom, just no," I beg.

"Like father, like son," I hear Bella whisper to me. Unfortunately, I am drinking when she says this and I choke as I try to swallow.

"You OK there, son?" Charlie asks.

"I'm fine, Charlie. Thanks for asking." I squeak out as I see Uncle Jay leave the table and make a call on his cell.

"Brandon, it's Jay. I need to call in that favor. My godson, Edward Masen, had someone arrested in his penthouse tonight for trespassing and harassment. I want the book thrown at her and a gag order placed on all of it so she can't go to the press with the details." He turns to Bella. "What's her name?"

"Renee," Bella answers.

"Last name?" Uncle Jay inquires.

"Last I heard, it's still Swan," Charlie replies.

"Renee ... and her ex-husband says last he heard, her last name is still Swan. Yes, thank you Brandon, see you Saturday at the club. Bye." He turns to us and smiles. "All taken care of. He will file everything for us and let me know how it goes this week."

"In the meantime, can Eric and Tyler run with our side? Then she can't refute it after the documents are filed later today," I inquire.

"Yes, but we should make sure of what Eric and Tyler are going to write."

"If Bella or someone has a laptop, I can take care of it now and send it off to be run," Eric offers. "Or, I can go back to the office and email it to you for approval, Mr. Jenks."

"Call me Jay, or Uncle Jay. I think we can deal with either scenario right now, Eric, but I want the court docs that have vital information about Charlie and Bella blacked out if you are going to run it as a picture."

"We can photoshop the picture with black boxes over the stuff that we don't want released. I can do that in no time flat, Jay," Tyler adds.

"I think I like you boys. And let me tell you, I don't like the press much usually."

"No harm done with us, Jay. Some of the people really shouldn't be able to be press. The bad ones give us good ones a bad name. It's why Edward was leery of Ty and I in the beginning, but when he saw that I only had his and Bella's best interest at heart, they gave us the exclusive on breaking their relationship to the world. Ty and I will do whatever they ask of us. They are our friends, and we don't let people screw with our friends," Eric says through gritted teeth.

"Damn straight. Edward is our number one celeb. He is nice to everyone, well, unless you fuck with his girl, then look out. Although, I must admit, a pissed off Edward, is a sexy Edward." Tyler winks at me and I can only blush as the room erupts into laughter around me.

"I can't argue with that observation, Ty. But I think I should add, all sides of Edward are sexy. He loves fiercely, and protects the ones he loves. What's not sexy about that?" Bella asks.

"I so don't need to know about Edward's sexiness," Charlie grumbles.

"Sorry, Charlie. It's not like I want to be sexy on purpose," I laugh out.

"I know, son. Now what are we going to do about Renee?"

"Does anyone have a computer I can use so we can work on the article?" Eric asks.

"I need it after so I can take pics of the docs and edit out what we don't want shown," Tyler adds.

"Let's do presents first, then we can grab a few laptops and get the article done," Em suggests.

"Would you like me to take pics of the girls opening their presents?" Tyler inquires.

"Sure. Thanks, Ty," I answer. We all go into the living room, with Em and Jas grabbing the presents for the other girls.

"Rosie already got her gift from Ed and Jas when we were in the garage, so these are for Bells and Ali." Em hands a small envelope to Ali and a large box to Bella. Ali opens the envelope and shrieks when she sees what's inside the card.

"Twenty-five hundred dollars to spend at the mall! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Em and Edward!"

"You're welcome, Ali," we chime. Bella goes next and opens the wrapping paper. Her eyes widen when she sees the Apple logo on the brown box.

"You got me a MacBook?" she asks in wonder.

"We knew you needed a better computer so you can write the next great american novel, Bells," Jas answers.

"Thank you so much, brother bear and brother."

"You're welcome, sis," they reply.

"Charlie, Carlisle and I are sending the three of you to the spa when you girls can go together," Mom tells them.

"Wait, how am I involved in that, Esme?" Charlie asks.

"It's from the parents. You were hurt and couldn't go anywhere, so you are in with Car and I."

"But I wanted to get the girls something myself," Charlie whines. "I hate that I got hurt and can't go shop for my girls' graduation."

"When you feel better, you can, Charlie. No big deal. I just wanted you included in the parents gift, since you are one of their parents too."

"I appreciate that Esme. We will talk later."

"Thanks, Esme. Would you like to join us girls, too?" Bella asks.

"You'd want to hang out with your old mom at the spa instead of relaxing with your friends?"

"Number one- you are not old. Number two- of course we would love for you to join us. We'd love to get to know you better."

"So are you saying, girls day at the spa and the guys can hang here and do something?" Mom asks.

"That sounds perfect to me. Now let's get this new MacBook fired up for my good friend Eric to use, while Edward runs and gets my old one for Tyler to use."

"This is why Ty and I love Bella, she's a problem solver. She can multitask," Eric says as Bella hands him the new computer and he heads back to the dining room table to work. I the get up and grab her old one and take it to Tyler at the table. He immediately gets the paperwork and takes pictures of it and then loads his memory card into the PC. I sit here and watch them work as the others are still in the living room.

"I think I've got them all ready to go, Edward," Tyler says as I go over to him to see what he's done. He has one of Renee in handcuffs and pictures of the paperwork with all the non essential stuff blacked out.

"Looks good, Ty. I will go get Uncle Jay to come check them out."

"Thanks, Edward." I walk back into the living room to find Dad talking to Uncle Jay in the corner.

"Uncle Jay, Tyler is ready for you to check out the pictures."

"Coming, Edward." Uncle Jay walks across the room to me and follows me over to Ty. He leans over and checks what he's done, looking up and smiling at him.

"You are good, Tyler."

"Thanks, Jay."

"You're welcome, now how is Eric doing over there?" Jay asks.

"I'm almost done, Jay. Want to come check it out?"

"Sure. Thanks." He walks over and checks over Eric's shoulder. "Not bad, are we sure you guys do the gossip column, because this story seems to have all the facts?"

"Thanks, Jay. We do try."

"Send it off for tonights paper. Then, we can go have cake and hang with the family."

"You want us to stay?" Eric asks.

"Sure. You are good guys, and the family adores you. I'm sure Edward agrees with me."

"I do." I add. "The family know you only have our best at heart. Now let's go get cake and maybe watch a movie or something."

"Whatever you say, Edward." Eric presses a few more keys then shuts the laptop and follows Uncle Jay and I into the living room where we hang out the rest of the night.

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