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~Previously EPOV~

"We are wrapped for the day, see you three tomorrow. Bring the girls if they want to come check out the set."

"Thanks, Ben. Goodnight," I say as Jas, Charlie and I walk back to wardrobe to change back into our clothes and head home.

~Ch 34~


The spa day is amazing. After we get rubbed from head to toe, we get our faces pampered then our hands and feet. I have never felt so amazingly relaxed. After the spa, we head to the mall when I tell the girls that I need to get something special for Edward for his birthday. We walk the entire mall without me finding anything noteworthy to buy him.

"Let's just go buy some lingerie and then you can model it for him," Ali states.

"I was thinking that the other day, but it doesn't seem like enough."

"Lingerie is always enough, Bella. Trust me," Rose says as we walk around the mall, trolling for Edward's birthday presents. We end up in Agent Provocateur, and I am browsing while the deepest shade of red possible, as are some of these pieces I see. My eyes widen as Ali, Rose and Esme come up with arm fulls of lingerie.

"What the?" I ask in shock.

"I have an idea for his birthday present, but you have to promise not to freak out, Bells," Ali says.

"Why am I afraid to ask now?" I inquire as I look down at all the lingerie.

"You will go into the dressing room and find at least ten outfits you like, and we will be doing a little photo shoot at Jas and my place tomorrow."

"Oh no, no way. I don't think so."

"I think he would love some pictures of you all dressed up, Bella," Esme says to me.

"Esme! You are his mom and not supposed to think about him like that," I reply.

"Oh please!" she huffs, rolling her eyes at me. "Like I haven't heard you and him going at it at one time or another."

"Oh shit! Please say you are kidding?" I ask in shame that she might have heard us.

"I won't ever bring it up again if you go try on all these and pick some for him."

"Deal." I walk into the changing room to see what I will like for him to see me in. I try on all of it to find out that I can't pick just a few. I walk back out to see them looking at me.

"Well?" Rose asks.

"I like them all; I can't pick."

"Then don't, get them all," Esme replies.

"I can't afford to do that, Esme. I would if I could, trust me." She runs her fingers over one of the garters and smiles. "Why are you smiling?"

"Ah, memories."

"Do I wanna know?" I ask.

"Let's just say Carlisle and I have three kids in twenty-seven months for a reason girls."

"Please no!" Ali begs.

"TMI!" Rose squeals as I freeze in shock at her words.

"I so didn't need to know that, Esme."

"Oh please." She rolls her eyes at us. "I have seen the way you all look at my boys. All I have to say is, like father, like son. Those boys take after Carlisle, and he is one smooth man when he wants to be. And fuckhot too." She giggles.

"Did you just call Carlisle fuckhot, Esme?" Rose asks in shock.

"Have you seen him? The man is gorgeous and you know it. I think I am going to go grab myself some stuff for later." She turns to Ali and Rose. "You girls go grab what you want too, and we can all go home and surprise our men with something pretty to wear tonight. My treat. We will call it, continuing the graduation spa day."

I watch as Ali and Rose go back into the store part and start to grab stuff to buy. I wait for everyone to grab their goodies while I lounge on the couch by the register and try to forget the last conversation with the girls and my boyfriend's mother.

The girls and Esme all come out with handfuls of stuff; it all get's bagged up as Esme pays. We all pile into Rose's Mustang and head back to the condo.

"What would you girls say if we all modeled our goodies and did photo shoots for all of them with our new lingerie?" Esme asks.

"I'd need alcohol first. Sorry, Esme, it's not you per se as a person; it's the fact that you are his mother that kind of squicks me out," I reply.

"Oh please, I am now your mother too, and I just bought you the stuff to take pictures of it. Please? I now have the daughters I always wanted, and I want to do this with you. You never know; it could be fun." I look to Rose and Ali who are nodding at me in agreement.

"Mimosas with pastries for breakfast while we take the pictures. I will need some alcohol to not think about you doing this for my pseudo-dad, Esme."

"I think I can deal with that. Now what are we going to tell the guys about where we are going?" she asks.

"Jas and Edward work, so no problem there. Maybe Em can take the dads to the practice field for the morning," I suggest.

"Good idea, Bells. Now to throw them off the trail, what do we tell them we are doing?" Ali inquires.

"Oh! I know," Esme says. "We can say we are working on their Father's Day presents."

"Shit! We have to do that too, but so not the pictures. What can we do for them?" I hiss.

"How about we take some pictures of you girls in clothes for Charlie and Carlisle. We can have the boys do some when they get home from work; then we can do couples and such," Esme suggests.

"Sounds perfect. We don't have to tell them that we set up the makeshift studio for us first, just play along with the thought. I like it," I agree.

We drive home and leave the bags with our new goodies in the trunk as we go up to the penthouse and our men. We walk into the condo to find all the men staring at the screen of college football players and yelling at the plays while there is a pile of open junk food wrappers all over the coffee and side tables.

"What in the hell is going on in here?!" Esme shouts from the doorway.

"We're celebrating and having a guys' afternoon," Carlisle answers.

"What are you celebrating?" I ask.

"Charlie got a job," Edward replies.

"He already has one," I state.

"He can't do that for a few more months. But today he got one on my movie."


"The law enforcement consultant had to leave and quit, so Ben was freaking out until he found out Charlie is a chief of police and asked him to do it."

"Bells, the guy is paying me a hundred and fifty grand," Dad says proudly.

"Holy shit, Dad!"

"That Ben Affleck guy is really nice too. I see why you girls like him."

"Ben Affleck?!" Rose screeches.

"Yeah, he's the director. I tried to bargain for his wife into the deal, but he said no." Dad laughs out.

"Nice work, Daddy Charlie," Rose commends him.

"He said you girls should come to the set one day; he even mentioned using you in the movie if you wanted."

"But I thought you couldn't work and had to do physical therapy?" I ask.

"Ben offered to bring in a physical therapist and said I could sit and work with everyone. Carlisle was called and agreed," Dad answers. I turn to Carlisle.

"You sure, Carlisle. He will be OK if he does this? I don't want him to be set back."

"As long as he does what he's told, I'm sure he will be fine. I know that Edward or Jasper will call me if he does or doesn't do what he's told," Carlisle replies as he gives a pointed look at Dad. "Right, Charlie?"

"Whatever you say, Doc. I already told you that."

"I'm gonna go make dinner. I hope you all have room after eating the amount of junk food wrappers that are strewn all over my coffee tables," I scold. I watch Edward get up off the sofa and come over to me, wrapping his arms around me and kissing the hell out of me. "What was that for?" I whisper.

"You called them your coffee tables, sweetheart."

"And?" I question.

"It's the first time you have referred to anything here as yours. It makes me feel all warm and gooey inside for me to hear that you think of this as your home."

I lean over and kiss him again.

"You are my home; this is my home," I say as I place my hand over his heart.

"I love you, Isabella Marie Swan."

"As I you, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen."

He leans over and kisses me. I hear Esme coo 'awwwww' in the background.

"Now go make me some food, woman." He smacks me on the ass then starts to laugh at the look of shock on my face.

"Don't make me come over there and kick your ass, Cullen," I growl out through my teeth.

"Oh please, sweetheart. Like that's even a possibility." He scoffs.

"Uh, son, on the contrary, she can. I taught my girls well," Dad says to him smugly.

"So little sis can not only shoot, but kick some ass too?" Em asks.

"Oh yeah. She can totally take your ass down, Emmett."

"I'd like to see her try," he replies as he makes his pec muscles dance.

"Anytime, brother bear."

"I have practice tomorrow, wanna come to the field and find out?"

"Sorry, the girls and I are working on Father's Day presents for the dads. Maybe next week?" I inquire.

"You girls are doing something for the dads?" Jasper asks.

"Yep, we will need your help when you guys are off work. The girls and I will do as much as we can while you work tomorrow, and then you can join us in your condo to finish when you're off set."

"OK, now what's for dinner?" Emmett inquires.

"Food," I tease.

"No shit, Sherlock."

"Keep digging, Watson."

"I'm too tired; you dig for me," Em finishes as we all laugh at our banter.

"I'll be back," I say like the Terminator and head to the kitchen, laughing at myself. I grab out the ingredients for stuffed chicken breasts and get to work. I make a dozen pieces of chicken and place them in the oven to cook. I grate a ton of cheese as I boil the noodles for the homemade mac and cheese. I drain the pasta, add it into the baking dish and sprinkle the cheese all over it, covering it then placing it into the bottom oven to cook for the duration.

I sit on a barstool and flip through a US Weekly magazine only to find a picture of Edward and I holding hands, exiting my school graduation. After these last few weeks of nothing, I'm surprised they are still running it. I guess it's because they don't have anything new that they are re-running old pictures.

"Do you need help with anything, Bella?" Esme asks as she comes into the kitchen.

"You can make a salad if you want, Esme." I shrug my shoulders at her.

"What's wrong?"

"Just nervous about tomorrow."

"It will be fine, trust me. I think he will love it, and so will the dads when they see what I have in mind for them."

"We will see..." I trail off.

"If you don't like how they come out, we can figure out something else."


"I promise."

"OK," I reply as the timer dings for dinner.

I pull out the baking dishes and place them on the stove to cool off, grab out a stack of plates and open the silverware drawer for everyone to help themselves. Esme places the now finished salad on the counter with all the bottles of dressing out of the fridge.

"Dinner is ready!" I yell into the living room. "Come help yourselves."

I watch everyone file in and out of the kitchen as they load up their plates and head for the dining room to sit down and eat. I grab the last plate and load it up for myself, take a soda out of the fridge, and head to join the rest of the family in the dining room. I sit down next to Edward and dig into my food. All around the table the voices are quiet, nothing but moans and groans of approval out of their mouths.

"Little sis?"

"Yes, brother bear?"

"Can I have one of the extra chicken breasts?"

"Why do you think I made extra?" I tease.

"I love you."

"Love you too."

"If I didn't love my Rosie as much as I do, I would try to steal you from Eddie."

"Hey! She's mine!" Edward says as he grabs me into his arms from the side. I lean over and kiss him.

"Yes I am, all yours."

"Damn straight. Will you come to the set with us next week?"

"Sure. I'd love to see where you work."

"Cool, and you can come shooting with us. Charlie is taking us to the shooting range, on Ben."

"You don't want me to come that day."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want Ben to know that your girlfriend can kick your ass shooting."

"He won't be surprised, sweetheart. He already knows."


"Charlie and I both told him. He can't wait to see you in action. And come to think of it, neither can I," he says huskily in my ear.

"Damn, Eddie, what did you just say to little sis? She looks a little dazed," Em says as the table erupts in laughter at my expense. I whip my head in his direction and glare at him. "Oh shit! Little sis looks pissed. I better run and hide; I'm afraid she's gonna kick my ass."

"She can and then some, Emmett," Dad says. "I assume you want babies one day, Em, she can make sure you don't have any. Her and the girls were trained by me and my men; they all can take care of themselves."

"So I need to watch all of them?"

"Yep, even as you put it, your Rosie."

"I'll be good," he says as he looks at Rose, Ali and I with a little bit of fear. I just look at him smugly as I finish my food.

We all clean up our plates and stuff, putting it into the dishwasher and head for the living room for a movie. After the movie Ali, Jas, Rose and Em head to their places with promises of seeing each other tomorrow. Edward and I climb into bed exhausted from the long day and quickly fall asleep in each others arms.


I wake Sunday morning and throw on some clothes, wake up Charlie and we head for set. We get through ten pages of dialogue and then head home exhausted. I drop Charlie off at my condo then head back down to Jas and Ali's to work on the dad's present for Father's Day next weekend.

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