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~Previously EPOV~

I wake Sunday morning and throw on some clothes, wake up Charlie and we head for set. We get through ten pages of dialogue and then head home exhausted. I drop Charlie off at my condo then head back down to Jas and Ali's to work on the dad's present for Father's Day next weekend.

~Ch 35~


Today has been very eventful. Not only did we take pictures of each other in lingerie for the guys, I did something I never thought I would do... I took some very suggestive pictures in some compromising positions for the man I love. Luckily, we sent Esme out to grab us lunch when those were taken. I so did not want her to see the way I can move into some very kinky positions. Let's just say, Edward will blow his load when he sees some of these.

"Holy hell, Bells. Edward is not gonna know what to do with these," Rose praises. "I mean, the lingerie ones are hot, but these..." she trails off. "Are fuckhot. Damn. The whole librarian/teacher thing is so hot!"

"Are you sure?" I ask, unsure.

"Oh yeah! I need to figure out what to do for my special ones for Em. Do you have any suggestions?"

"I do."

"What do you suggest?"

"Grab some scissors, one of Em's jerseys, and a pair of matching boy shorts."

"Ohhhhh, sounds good. What else?"

"I know how you like to boss Em around, do I dare ask if you boss him around in the bedroom too?" I ask.

"Oh yeah!" she squeals. "Time to break out the naughty outfits."

She runs off and comes back with her arms full of stuff. We take a few pictures of her in Em's jersey, a naughty schoolgirl, naughty nurse, and a leather domme outfit complete with cat o' nine tails.

When we are done with Rose, Ali comes into the room dressed as a sexy cowgirl. Rose and I just giggle and take the pictures, not commenting on her choice of outfits. She changes a few times, just like we did, and Rose and I take the pictures no questions asked.

After lunch, Esme shocks the hell out of us and asks us to take pictures of her for Carlisle as well. We just don't think about the fact she is our boyfriend's mom, and take them for her anyways.

Before the men show up we are all dressed and ready to take the nice pictures. Esme takes all of us and does every combination we can all think of before we all go upstairs for another family dinner.

The next day has me going to Best Buy and buying a wireless printer and paper to print off the pictures, and a craft store for picture frames and photo albums for all of us to use for our projects.

I print out the pictures, making stacks for each woman, and place them all into brown paper bags so no one would know what was inside. All of Edward's are wrapped so he has no chance in hell of peeking at them early. Just to be safe, I wrapped Dad's as well knowing he lived here too.

On Tuesday, the girls and I head to the set to see what Edward, Jasper and my dad have been up to. We all giggle when we meet Ben; I mean, we've thought he was cute for years, and here he is standing in front of us.

A bunch of us head out to the shooting range, Ben included. I think he just wants to see what the boys have been bragging about. The girls and I unload our purses of the lockboxes, load up our weapons, and place on our safety glasses.

I place a target onto the line, set my stance, and let the bullets fly. I hit the button for the target to return to me and grin when I see that I hit each and every spot I aimed for.

I feel strong arms wrap around me and lips nuzzle my neck as I look at my results.

"Fucking hell, my love. That was not only amazing to watch, but fuckhot too," Edward growls into my neck, shoving his hardened cock into my ass. "Do you see what you do to me?"

"Nope." I play. "But, I sure do feel it," I whisper.

"Damn, Bella," Ben says as he walks over and looks at my target. "Please say you and the girls will be extras for me? I want you three in a shooting range scene shooting as Edward and Jasper do their dialogue. I want the girls who see this that women can shoot too."

"Considering your wife did five seasons of Alias and is badass, are you putting her in this scene too?" I question, cocking my eyebrow at him.

"You watched that, huh?"

"Uh, hello? Girl, gun toting, badass chick, CIA operative? Oh yeah! And Michael Vartan being in it too didn't hurt."

"He was yummy," Rose sighs.

"You have Em now," Jasper points out.

"Yeah, I do." Rose beams. She turns to Ben. "So what do you say, Affleck, are you going to ask your wife to do it too?"

"She'd have to bring the kids with her." He sighs.

"I have the perfect babysitter for you, Ben, while the girls and Edward and Jasper film."

"Who do you have in mind, Charlie?" Ben questions.

"Emmett, the big kid, also known as Rose's boyfriend."

"Daddy Charlie!" Rose admonishes.

"Time for a little payback, Rosie."

"Do you mean Emmett McCarty from the Seattle Seahawks?" Ben inquires.

"One in the same. He also is Edward and Jasper's brother. He needs to learn to behave, and he's good with kids so this can work for both of us."

"You are aware that Jen and I have three kids, right?"

"He'll be fine with them. Now call your wife and get her here so we can do this scene," Dad demands.

"I see why the boys are a little scared of you, Charlie," Ben teases Dad.

"Yeah, they better be. They know I will hand them their asses if they fuck up with my girls."

"Will you teach me to scare the boys too? I have two girls also."

"Try having three," Dad scoffs. "And then they all fall for brothers. I am so screwed." He huffs. "At least they are upstanding young men; otherwise they would be dead men."

"You know we can take care of ourselves, Daddy," I say.

"No shit. You can shoot better than most people I have seen, Bella," Ben raves.

"My sister's and I can do more than shoot, Ben. Daddy and his men taught us hand to hand combat too."

"Damn. I think when my girls are old enough, I am gonna call Charlie and his men to teach my girls too. I want them to be able to take care of themselves too."

"I'll be glad to help you and your wife with that, Ben. Call and I will be there."

"Thanks, Charlie." He turns to me and the girls. "I need all of your personal info, girls."

"For what?" I ask.

"For you to get paid."

"It's not like we have lines. I don't care if you pay me for doing this," I state.

"Me either," Ali replies.

"Me three," Rose adds.

"I wanted to at least pay you as extras, girls."

"Take my cut and send it to the children's hospital then," I reply.

"Send mine there too," Rose beams.

"Send mine to the policeman's disability fund," Alice says looking at Dad.

"Now that I can do." Ben beams at us.

"Can I add some of my salary from this movie too?" Edward inquires.

I lean over and kiss Edward.

"Thank you, baby. I love you for offering, but you don't have to do that. Especially since you are supporting my dad and me right now."

"I will tell you what I told Charlie; I have enough money right now to support you, our kids, their kids, and our great-grandkids."

I look at him in shock.

"You talked to my dad about us having kids and such?"

"Of course I did. Charlie knows I will never lie to him about something. It's why he trusts me implicitly." He turns to Dad. "Right, Charlie?"

"That's right, son. And I respect you for it too."

"You and Edward aren't the only one's who have talked about it, Bella," Jasper says.

"Really?" I inquire.


"Em and I have talked too," Rose whispers. "But I wanna get married before we talk kids."

"I want that too, Rosie, so don't worry about that." I turn to the rest of the group. "I need to head out, I have stuff to do at home, and make dinner for everyone." I turn to Ben. "Would you like to come too, Ben?"

"I wouldn't be imposing?"

"Nah, I already cook for twelve. What's one more?"

"Twelve?" he gasps.

"Yeah, we like to have family dinners at least a few times a week."

"If it's okay with Edward, I'd love to come hang out for dinner."

"It's fine with me, as long as we just hang and not talk about work," Edward replies.

"I'd love a free night, especially since the wife and kids will be here in the morning."

"Awesome," I reply.

"We can tell Em at dinner he is on kiddo duty tomorrow," Dad laughs.

"You are one mean man, Charlie. Remind me to stay on your good side," Ben teases.

"I will, Ben. Now let's let Bells go and do her thing. The other girls can stay with us until later if they want."

"Bye, Bella," is chorused around me.

"Bye, guys."

Edward pulls me into his arms and kisses the hell out of me.

"I love you, baby. See you when we come home. What's for dinner?" he inquires.

"I love you too. I will, and how about roasted chicken and veggies?"

"That sounds so good, Bella," Ben practically moans.

"Damn, you sound easy to please, Ben," Jasper teases.

"I've been living off of craft service and room service for a few weeks now. A home cooked meal sounds so good about now."

"I am going to spoil you, Mr. Affleck," I tease.

"Oh yeah, she's like a gourmet cook, Ben," Edward brags.

"She kept me alive for years on the good food she cooks," Dad adds.

"Alright, enough bragging about me. I am out of here."

I head to the parking lot, get into the R8 and head back to the condo. I make two large roasting pans full of whole chickens, peel and boil twenty pounds of potatoes, and roast five bunches of asparagus in the oven. I send off texts letting people know that dinner will be done in an hour, and get replies that everyone will be here.

As the food cooks, I open up a Word doc and dive head first into typing as much as i can while still alone in the house. I don't want anyone to see it until it's complete and I am satisfied with the end result.

Dinner goes off without a hitch, including Ben hanging out with us. The look on Em's face as Dad tells him what he will be doing in the morning is priceless. I watch Jasper take a picture on his phone of the look on Em's face as Dad explains about him being on babysitting duty.

After everyone heads to wherever they are sleeping, Edward and I head to our room where he proceeds to lick and kiss every inch of my body, telling me just how hot and sexy I was holding and shooting the gun today. We make love slow and tender, taking our time with each other's bodies. I fall into an exhausted sleep with Edward's arms wrapped around me.

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