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"I'll make sure to get it, somehow."

~Ch 47~


The weeks between New Years and now have flown like crazy. My call to Tammy and Matt went as I expected- perfectly. They said they would handle everything but the dresses and rings. The food, set for the ceremony, a place to change, the flowers, a place to stay for the night after the wedding, and photographer have been taken care of. Matt volunteered to do the honors for us. We gave them permission to use one or two more pictures for the website if they let our family in for the day, who don't have annual passes.

Bella had done some research online about what kind of dress she wanted and found a designer who would make it for her. He met us in LA one weekend when I had to go down there for an audition. She brought the girls into a dress shop in Seattle to get their measurements for him to make them semi-matching bridesmaids dresses. All I know is what my love wants, she is going to get. This wedding will be simple, just the way we want it. I'm just nervous about what the public is going to say about us getting married in front of Cinderella's Castle during park hours.

We have told the family that we are going to be going out to a fancy dinner and to pack the tuxedos and stuff from Rose and Em's wedding for the men, and formal dresses for everyone else. Bella and I will pick up all the wedding dresses when we get to LA tomorrow. I am so excited for our wedding in two days I can barely keep the perma-grin off of my face when the rest of the family is around.

Thinking about us becoming man and wife has me giddy like a five year old on Christmas morning. Bella and I have talked about a honeymoon and decided we can just do what we did on Spring Break last time and hang with the family for the week.

I walk into our bedroom to find Bella packing our stuff.

"Can I help with anything?" I inquire.

"Just get the garment bags and hang them over the back of the couch while I finish with our suitcases. I want everything ready for tomorrow and on the couch ready to go tonight. I don't want to forget anything," she says nervously.

"If we forget anything, we can just buy it or I might have it at the house, my love. Calm down, everything will be fine."

"But, what if it isn't. I don't want anyone mad with us for doing it this way."

"They won't be mad. Don't worry, baby. Everything will go off without a hitch, I promise." I don't mind being the rock today. I would rather her freak out now than right before the wedding

"God, I sure hope so."

"It will. When we get in tomorrow, everyone will go settle into the houses and then we will go get our license and the dresses. The next day is our wedding, and it will go off without a hitch."

"How are we going to make everyone grab all the nice clothes and stuff for the wedding?"

"We are going to tell them to pack a bag because we are staying overnight somewhere else, and we are going to have a fancy dinner when we get there."

"I hope this works because I don't want any of them mad at me."

"It's our wedding, Bella. Not theirs. It's what we want, if they don't like it then that's their problem, not ours."

"You're right, Edward." She sighs. "I just want everything perfect."

I lean over and kiss her. "It will be. I promise."

After everything is packed up and ready to go, we make sure it's all in the living room and head for bed.


Everyone meets up at our condo the next morning, ready and raring to go to the airport. We all pile our bags into the cars and head for Sea-Tac. We all unload a garment bag and suitcase each, along with our messenger bags with laptops and such.

We check everything except for our carry-ons and head through security to our gate. Since we all have first class tickets, we all go to the first class lounge to wait to board. Poor Bella is sitting next to me and her leg won't stop bouncing.

"What's wrong, Bells?" Charlie questions.

"Ummmm," she stutters.

"She's just a nervous flier, Charlie," I cut in.

"How do you know, Edward?"

"She sat next to me on the flight home, and she was white knuckling her seat until I told her I loved her. That seemed to relax her." I laugh.

"Of course it did. It was the first time you told me," Bella says with tears in her eyes as she looks at me.

"Awww, Car. Do you hear that? That is so romantic," Mom coos.

"I heard, Es. It is kinda sweet," Dad replies.

I turn my head to catch Rose cuddled up in Em's lap kissing like no one is around.

"Hey, horndogs! We are in public you know, and it's not like you are newlyweds anymore," I tease.

I laugh as they keep kissing and Rose gives me the finger, making the rest of us laugh.

"We have a young, impressionable teenager with us, Rose," Charlie chastises as he points to Seth.

"Oh please, Charlie, I've heard and seen worse at school," Seth retorts as he rolls his eyes.

Charlie taps Sue on the shoulder and smiles. "I think we should yank him out of public and put him in private school, Susie."

"No way!" Seth shouts. "I only have a few months left. I am not leaving my friends and girlfriend this close to graduation."

"What girlfriend?" Charlie asks with squinty eyes.

"Oh, uh, well…" Seth stutters.

"You will not be having any sleepovers in my house, boy!" he growls.

"Wait, your house?" Bella questions.

I watch the blood drain from Charlie's face at Bella's question.

"Um, well, you know…" Charlie trails off.

"What about Forks and your job, Daddy?" she asks.

"When I got hurt they offered me early retirement. I want to move closer to you and Sue too," he explains. "I don't wanna miss you getting married and having kids, Bella. I want to be down the street so I don't miss anything."

"What about the house?"

"It's paid for, so I put it on the market and I am going to buy a house here in Seattle. I want to be closer to you girls and the boys. I don't want to have to drive four hours each way to see my family if I want to on a whim."

I watch Bella cock her eyebrow at him and cross her arms.

"Well then, I hope you at least make an honest woman out of Sue, if you are going to live together."

"We'll see, Bells," he answers.

"I think what's good for the goose, is good for the gander, Daddy. You were mad at all of us girls moving in with the boys being unmarried, how is this any different?" she interrogates.

"Damn, Bells. Is this how you and the girls felt when I asked you all the same question?"

"Yep," she replies, popping the p. "How does it feel to be on the other end, Daddy?" she teases with a grin.

"Point taken." His head snaps up as our flight is called. "Saved by the bell. Thank God," Charlie mutters.

We all file out of the lounge and head for the gate to check in. I relax into my seat with my iPod ready to go in my lap, and Bella's hand in mine. As the plane taxis down the runway I lean over to Bella and grin.

"Just think, Bella. This time tomorrow you will be my wife. I love you, soon-to-be Mrs. Cullen," I whisper to her.

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