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After the finale, we all head back to the VIP area to wait for Fantasmic to start. While we wait, Jasper goes and gets a bunch of popcorn for us to nibble on while we wait. I snuggle Bella into my side and sit in anticipation of what the rest of the night will bring.

~Ch 56~


Fantasmic as always is awesome with the lights, sounds, and visual stimulating fun with the water and real life characters all around us. I watch the family around me and smile as their faces light up with joy.

"This is so cool!" Seth shouts.

"Bro, if you think this is cool, wait until you see World of Color over at California Adventure later in the week," Jas says to him.

"We are going there later in the week?" he questions.

"Yes, Bella and Edward asked to recreate the week we all spent together last year, so this is part of the week's plan," Jas replies.

"Cool," Seth says as I take Edward's hand and nod my head toward the exit to Main Street and our way out of the park.

Edward squeezes my hand and nods at me.

"It's late," I say to the family. "We are gonna head back to the hotel. Feel free to stay and shop or ride more rides. Just remember we are going back to Hollywood in the morning and then going back out and having fun for the day."

"Bed, yeah right," Em teases. "We all know he wants to go back to the hotel and whip out his lightsaber."

I laugh as I hear a loud smack and turn to see my Dad with his hand near Em's head.

"That's my daughter you are talking about. Don't make me go back to the hotel and get my gun," he warns Em.

"Then you really don't want to know what I do to Rose all the time," Em retorts.

"On that note, we are out of here. Have a good night everyone. We will see you for breakfast at ten," Edward says, dragging me toward the exit to Main Street and out of the park.

Edward and I keep our heads down as we hurriedly walk down Main Street toward the gates to exit. I get more and more excited as we get closer to the exit and the hotel. Our heads snap up as we exit to a mass of flashes and shouts around us.

"Aw fuck," Edward hisses from next to me.

He pulls me along the walkway toward the hotel as quickly as we can walk while there are a ton of flashes and shouting around us as we walk. Edward pulls out his cell and dials someone.

"Tammy, it's Edward. There were paps when we left the park. Can you call the hotel and make sure they can't follow us into it? Yes… thanks." He turns to me after he hangs up. "Security will be waiting at the door to make sure they can't follow us."

We keep walking as quickly as we can through the beginning of Downtown Disney and to the hotel's entrance. I relax as I see four security guards next to the doorway to make sure we aren't followed. I am so glad they are there that I sigh in relief as we cross the threshold into the hotel.

"Oh, thank God," I breathe out.

"No kidding, I don't think I could take any more of the shouting and flashes," he replies.

"That was crazy."

"I hope it will die down. It's not like we didn't send out a press release this morning after our wedding," Edward complains.

"Yeah. I know." I take a deep breath as we walk into the massive lobby.

"Edward, can I have your autograph?" a girl asks as we head toward the elevators.

He looks at me in question, I shrug my shoulders in reply as he takes out his Sharpie and signs something for her.

"Thank you," she squeals as another teen walks up to us.

"Can I have a picture with you?" she asks shyly.

I grin at him as I take the camera from her.

"Smile!" I say happily and snap the picture for her.

"Thank you," she whispers to us.

"No problem," I giggle at her blush, remembering how shy I have been with him at times.

He wraps me in his arms and leads me to the elevators and up to our room. After he swipes the room key, he picks me up and carries me over the threshold making me laugh at how sweet he is.

"Edward, you didn't have to do that. This isn't our house."

"I don't care. I will carry you over every threshold we come across for the next week or so, so get used to it."

"Not in public please," I beg.

"If we own it, I am damn well going to, Mrs. Cullen."

I grab him and kiss him breathless at hearing my new name out of his mouth for the first time.

"Mrs. Cullen, I like the sound of that," I breathe into his neck.

His lips descend to my neck as he starts to place open mouth kisses all along my neck and shoulders.

"I need the restroom, I will be right back," I whisper to him.

He let's me go and I walk into the bathroom, taking care of business and then taking a deep breath as I prepare to walk out to my new husband. I take all of my clothes off and hold my head up and shoulders back and open the bathroom door to head out toward my husband.

I strut into the bedroom to find my husband sitting on the bed in his boxers stroking his long, hard cock through the material.

"Is that all for me?" I question him as I lean on the doorway.

"Wha..wha.. what are you wearing?" he stutters out.

"What does it look like? I think some refer to it as a birthday suit, so you like it?" I slowly turn around showing him that I am indeed naked, shaking my butt in his direction as I turn and make him growl.

As I turn back to facing him I notice what is on his boxers. It makes me break out into laughter.

"Guess Em was right about playing with the lightsaber since I walked out of the bathroom to find you stroking your cock in your Star Wars boxers. I'd say you were already playing with your lightsaber," I say with my lips in a pout. "And without me too."

"Aw, does my wife wanna watch?"

"No, your wife wants to play with it herself. Maybe we can duel," I tease. "Or I can go find one to play with at World of Disney downstairs."

"How about you play with this one," he says, taking my hand and placing it on his cock.

I squeeze it softly, making him moan out in pleasure as I start to slide my hand up and down his shaft slowly.

"Oh God," he moans out.

"No, not God. It's Oh, Bella to you, mister," I play.

His hands wrap around my thighs and leans his head into my stomach. I can feel his warm breath against my skin each time he takes in air and blows it out. He stands up off of the bed, not letting me go and places me onto bed. He then strips off his boxers and lifts my left leg up, my foot resting on his shoulder.

He starts to place kisses all the way up it, then does the same to my right, making me moan at the feel of his soft lips on my naked skin.

"More. I need more, my prince," I beg.

"More like this?" he asks as he places his tongue on my hot, wet pussy and swirls it around.

"Oh, God," I moan.

"Not God, princess. It's Edward, or if you prefer, my prince or husband," he teases back against the skin of my thigh.

"Get up here and show me," I demand, needing to have him deep within my body.

"But, I wasn't done down here," he whines.

"You can do that another time. I want to feel you—all of you right now."

He slowly moves himself up my body, dragging his along mine, kissing along my body as he climbs up me. His weight makes me feel cherished and whole, protected even. My love for him has grown since this morning, as soon as we said 'I do' I felt my heart explode with love and happiness.

"I love you, my beloved wife," he whispers into my ear.

"As I love you, my beloved husband," I reply as he slides into me in one fell swoop making me moan out in pleasure as he fills me completely. "Oh yes, please more," I beg.

He leans down and kisses me tenderly, showing me how he truly feels about me. Sweetly and adored, loved and cherished—like I am the only thing in this world he cares about in this moment. I kiss him back with everything I have in me as he picks up the pace of his hips, hitting me just right, making me moan out in pleasure.

"Fuck, yes. Right there," I breathe.

"You feel so good wrapped around me, squeezing me," he chokes out the last part as I start to spasm around him. "Oh, God," he moans. "Feels so good, my love, my wife."

"Harder. Faster," I beg, not wanting the connection to end, but needing more. Forever.

He picks up his pace again, still hitting me just right to send me over for a second time. I feel it building as his breathing picks up.

"So close," he moans. "Please say you are close again?"

"I am. You feel so good."

He swipes my clit, sending me over for a second time and then slows his pace down again.

"What?" I question as soon as I come back down from my high.

"I want to take my time with you, enjoy our first time as husband and wife. Make it last as long as possible."

"We can always go for round two after," I suggest.

"Nope, I want to take my time." His love shines bright in his eyes.

He keeps moving inside me, achingly slow. Making me feel so good as he moves back and forth over me. I grab his shoulders and still him. He looks down at me in question. I grab hold of his waist and try to move him from above me. I roll him to the side, making sure he take me with him as he goes, and I smile when he ends up laying on the bed with me above him. I stretch out our bodies, my hands finding his above his head and begin to rock.

It's heaven and better than I can describe. Who knew married love making could be so much better than regular couples sex? He grabs my hips, holding me against his body and then starts to move his hips, slamming me down on him as he rises to meet my body.

"Almost there," he moans out.

I circle my hips every time he slams me down onto him. I hold on for dear life as he picks up his pace making me whimper every time he hits me just right.

"Yes, right there!" he shouts out as I feel him pulse deep inside me, setting off my third orgasm for the night. This one more powerful than the last two combined.

I collapse onto his sweaty chest, trying to get my breathing under control.

"Married sex is so much better than dating sex," I voice my thoughts aloud, making Edward chuckle under me. I join in his laughter.

"Stop laughing," he warns me.

"Why?" I question through my giggles.

He shows me by slamming his hips up into me, and I feel him getting hard again while still inside me.

"Ohhhh," I moan through my laughter. "I see your point."

"I'll show you my point," he growls out as he does indeed shows me his point before we fall asleep in each others arms, completely sated and sticky from our naked fun.

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