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Em and I work side by side and pack up all the bags, coolers and food into the trucks. Everyone double checks that they have everything they need and then we head to the beach for a day of family fun in the surf and sun.

~Ch 58~


We park at the Santa Monica Pier and all grab handfuls of stuff, taking it down to the beach and setting up camp for the day. It's a comfortable seventy degrees outside, making for a nice day at the beach in March. The guys all take their surfboards out into the water, leaving us girls on the shore to hang out with the parents.

"What's up with Jas, Ali?" I question.

"I don't know, Bells. He's been acting weird all day."

"Maybe he's having an off day," I suggest. "You know how emo our actor men can be sometimes."

"Yeah, thanks for the reassurance."

"No prob, sis."

"So why were you really late this morning, Bells?" Rose questions. "Were you and your new husband having some naked fun?"

"Unfortunately no. We really did sleep in until nine-thirty, so no naked fun could be had."

"That's my son you are talking about, I don't need to know," Esme says, making us all laugh.

"As you once said, Esme, have you seen my husband?" I tease.

Everyone around us starts to laugh at my sassy words.

"Touché, Bella. Touché," Esme laughs. "And If I remember correctly, I thought I told you last year to call me mom, you are now legally my daughter so you better start now," she warns.

"Besides, it's not like I think you're a prude. With how hot Carlisle still is I bet he keeps you more than satisfied… Mom." I put the last word in to appease her.

"You think my dad is hot?!" Edward exclaims from behind me, making me jump.

"I hope you are just as hot in twenty years," I reply, making everyone laugh. "And according to Mom, we are married making them my mom and dad too."

"Who thinks I'm hot?" Carlisle questions.

"No one," Edward mumbles.

"Our new daughter," Esme replies at the same time as Edward.

"Did you marry Edward to get closer to me?" Carlisle teases, wiggling his eyebrows at me making me blush a deep crimson.

"You wish, old man," Edward replies for me.

"Old," Carlisle scoffs. "Oh please! I made your mom scream multiple times last night."

"Just shoot me now," Edward mutters and walks over to our blanket, sits down and takes something out of his bag and lays down.

"Nice, Esme," Rose retorts.

"It's Mom to you too, Rose," Esme says. She turns so look at Edward and looks confused at him for a second. "What are you reading, son?" she questions.

"My wedding present," he replies, then turns back to his book.

"Bella gave you a book for your wedding?" Alice asks incredulously.

"I thought he would like it so I got it for him." I turn toward him and wink.

"Who's Isabella Masen? I don't think I've ever heard of her," Esme muses.

"I know for you fact you have, Mom," Edward laughs out.

"Are you sure?" she questions.

"Extremely," he replies.

"Can I check it out?" she inquires.

"Sure. My favorite page so far is page three." He hands it to her and she opens it to flip through it.

I watch her eyes widen and then look between Edward, the book and me.

"Really?" she questions.

"Yes, Mom, really," Edward replies.

"Do you really know who the author is, Esme?" Ali asks.

"We all do," she says, looking at me.

"You wrote a book?!" Ali screeches out, drawing unwanted attention from around us.

"Shhhhh," I hiss at her. "I don't want people to recognize us."

"What's the book about, Bella?" Rose asks.

"You will have to read it to find out," I reply.

"When does it come out if Edward already has a copy?" Esme questions.

"Friday," I squeak out. "Edward got the first run copy."

"Was that why it was his wedding present, Bells?" Dad inquires.

"That and the dedication, Dad."

"Can I see it?" he asks.

"Sure." Esme hands it to him, I watch him turn to page three and read for a minute.

"Not to sound cheesy, but that is one of the sweetest things I have ever read, Bells. I can see why you gave it to him as a wedding present."

"Best wedding present ever, if I do say so myself," Edward comments.

I lean over and kiss him.

"Thank you, my prince."

"You're welcome, princess."

"So, it comes out Friday, Bella?" Esme questions.

"It does, and I have to be at The Grove in LA on Saturday for a book signing at five."

"Really, princess?" Edward asks.

"Yes, really. My publisher says I need to find a publicist and stuff now that I'm published."

"I'll call mine. Since we are married I'm sure that it will be easier if he takes care of us both."

"I already have an author page and stuff on Facebook through the publisher. They also want me to have a Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon pages for the public to find me easier."

My eyes widen as Edward picks up his cell and dials.

"Marcus, it's Edward. Yes, twice in two days," he retorts, making me giggle. "Yes, that is my wife laughing in the background." He turns to me and smiles. "Marcus says hi, and thank you for all the phone calls he keeps getting on his day off," he says sarcastically.

"Hi, Marcus and you're welcome," I yell so he can hear me.

"Did you hear her? Yes, she's hilarious. Now onto why I called. My wife gave me my wedding present yesterday. No, it wasn't her naked…Dude, stop thinking about my wife naked," Edward growls. "I'm calling because my wife gave me a first copy of a book, her book." He smiles at me. "Yes, she published a book and dedicated it to me. Isabella Masen, just like me in public. No, that's why I'm calling, her publisher suggested a publicist. Her first book signing is on Saturday at five; The Grove in LA. You will? Thanks man. Yes, I will have her come sign one one day this week while we're in town…Oh, we will see you then. Thanks again." He turns to me and smiles.

"All done, princess. He will take care of everything for Saturday."

"Thanks, my prince."

"What's on Saturday?" Em questions as he walks up with Jas and Seth with the surfboards.

"Bella has a book signing," Edward answers.

"What book?" he asks.

"The book she wrote me for our wedding and had published," Edward says smugly.

"So she used our graduation present and put it to good use?" Jas inquires.

"I did," I say happily. "And no one knew till yesterday when I gave Edward the first copy as his wedding present."

"That's so cool, little sis," Em praises.

"Thanks, brother bear."

"When can we read it?" Jas questions.

"Saturday with the rest of the family. Edward is going to be the one and only until then."

"Meanie," Em pouts and crosses his arms.

"Oh get over it, you big baby!" I retort.

"I'm hungry," Seth whines, breaking up Em's pouting session.

"Food?" Em questions.

"Sure, why not?" I reply.

I open the cooler and hand out the sandwiches and bags of chips, along with the drinks to everyone, taking some for myself. I sit back and eat as Em turns on his 'I Heart Radio' app on his cell to KIIS FM and we rock out while we eat our food.

"Oh listen," I say. "It's 'Mr. I-Can-Do-It-All-Just-Because-I-Can' man," I tease as I hear Ryan Seacrest doing the top forty countdown.

"I should totally have Marcus call and set up a promo with Ryan for Friday morning for you, Bella," Edward muses. "It would be good publicity for Saturday."

"I will pay you a thousand dollars if you call him that on the air, Bella," Jas says.

"No way, Jas. He'd probably ban me from his show," I reply.

"The waves suck, can we go to the pier now?" Jas begs.

"What's with the mood swings, bro?" Em questions.

"I just want to go win my girl some prizes and ride the rides," he retorts.

"Let's finish eating, then we can pack up and head to the pier," Esme replies.

I look at Edward and cock my eyebrow at him in question and nod my head toward Jas. He shakes his head no in reply, meaning he didn't get it out of Jas why he's so nervous and jumpy today.

We all finish eating, packing up our trash and take everything back to the cars, then head over to the pier to ride rides and play games.

"Where to first?" I question.

"Games!" Em and Seth shout.

"Games first then rides before we go. I can deal with that," I muse.

We all go to the rows of games and take turns playing. Edward wins me a few stuffed animals and a basketball shooting free throws. Then I do the same for him in return. I even see the parents playing games and having fun like us. Everyone comes toward us with their arms loaded down with prizes.

"What now?" I inquire.

"Rides please?" Jas asks.

"Which one, Jas?" I question.

"Ferris wheel, please?" he begs, looking over at it nervously.

"That's fine with me," I reply and turn to the rest of the group. "Is everyone okay with riding the ferris wheel now?"

There is a chorus of 'yes' and 'sure' from around us so we turn and head for the entrance. Carlisle pays for all the tickets and we head to the line entrance. We all split up into pairs and couples and then all load on as they come down to reload. Edward and I get on first, since it's us we are celebrating this week for our wedding. Jas and Ali get on next. We can't see the rest of the groups as we climb higher and higher. Edward pulls me into his arms and holds me as we take in the sights and sounds around us.

"Yes!" I hear shouted from somewhere below us.


I have been nervous as all get out all day. I know that Bella and Edward have noticed and have been the only two to ask me if everythings okay. Alice and I get onto the ferris wheel. I pull her into my arms as the rest of the group is loaded. As soon as we are near the top I turn to Ali and hold her hand.

"Ali, although I am no Edward, I wanted this to be special. One year ago we met because of a collision that brought you three girls into our lives. This last year has been amazing and the happiest of my life so far." I pull the box out of my pocket and open it. "Mary Alice Brandon, will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?" I question.

"Yes!" she shouts out, then throws herself into my arms and kisses me.

"What's going on up there?" Charlie yells out from one car below us. "Why is my daughter shouting yes? Is everyone okay up there?"

"We're more than fine, Daddy Charlie," Ali yells over the side, then holds out her left hand to show them. "We're engaged!" she shrieks out, causing all the women to shout out in joy from their cars.

"Let's go celebrate!" Bella yells out from above us.

"Yes!" we yell back as we descend back to the ground.

"In N Out!" Edward yells from his car.

"Animal style!" Em shouts back.

We all exit our cars, hugging as everyone crowds around Ali and I in congratulations. I cringe when I notice paps coming our way from the parking lot and a small group already standing next to the exit.

"Let's go guys, the paps found us," I say as I point to the exit. "We will all follow Edward and Bella and grab food on the way home."

"Sure. We can eat it there and go for swim if you all want when we get home," Edward suggests.

"Party at Edward and Bella's!" Em bellows.

We all pass the paps at the exit, ignoring their flashes and questions and walk to the cars and head to get food for dinner.

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