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We hang out on the patio and in the pool for the rest of the evening together. The groups from the other houses leave around eleven. Bella and I fall into bed soon after.

~Ch 60~


Us girls—along with Sue, Leah, and Esme—all pile into Em's Escalade and head down to Alfred's shop in LA. We soon pull up to the store, unload and head inside.

"Mrs. Isabella Masen, so good to see you!" Alfred exclaims as I enter the store.

I turn my head as I hear a few gasps from around me. I turn and see people looking at me in shock.

"It's only been three days, Alfred," I tease. "I told you I'd be back for my sister's wedding since I loved my dress so much."

"I know you loved it, and I saw the pictures, you looked amazing. Where did you get the tiara?"

"It was a gift from Disneyland. It's an actual replica of Belle's tiara made for me."

"It completed the look. So what do you need today?" Alfred questions.

"Can you make Ali the Sleeping Beauty dress and two bridesmaid dresses for June?"

"I'm sure that can be arranged since my phone has been ringing non-stop with people wanting appointments for dresses."

"Why don't you show Ali the dress, and the rest of us can look around the store while we wait. Maybe our dresses will jump out at us while we look."

"Come along to the dressing room, Ali. I will get you set up while the others look around," he says to her.

She follows him to the back and the rest of us turn to look around the store.

"Everyone should look around, he has some awesome dresses. I'm sure all of us can find one for the wedding," I suggest.

"Do you know what you are wearing for the book signing, Bella?" Rose inquires.

"No idea yet," I reply as I look at the dresses.

"What about something like this?" Rose questions, holding up a dress.

It's top is grey and strapless, with a pink ribbon around the waist with a black flouncy skirt and was adorable.

"It's cute," I reply.

"Go try it on. I think it will be good to wear Saturday."

"What's on Saturday?" Alfred questions as he exits the dressing rooms.

"I have my first book signing. Rose suggested I wear this." I hold up the dress to show him which one.

"Some black peep toe heels would look nice with it. Go try the dress on," he says, pushing me toward the dressing room as he turns to help Ali with her dress.

I put the dress on and come back out to show everyone.

"Oh, Ali, it's perfect for you. I knew it would be when I saw it on his site," I reply as I walk out of the dressing room.

"Thank you. That dress looks good for Saturday, Bells," Ali replies.

"Two dresses down, five to go?" I question.

"You need seven dresses, Mrs. Masen?" Alfred asks.

"It's Bella," I remind him.

"Yes, we all need ones for the wedding, and I need one for my book signing at The Grove in LA on Saturday."

"What color for the bridesmaid dresses, Ali?" Alfred questions.

"A blush pink?" she says, unsure.

"What kind of wedding?"

"Beach, barefoot."

"Then I want to take up your skirt so you don't trip in the sand, and I have the perfect dress for the bridesmaids in mind." He walks over and pulls down a spaghetti strap, long flowing skirt dress and brings it over to us. "What about this one?"

"It would work, yes," Ali replies. "Can they try them on?"

Alfred holds it out to me and I walk back in and change dresses and come back out for them to see it.

"I like it. Four down and three to go," Ali says.

"I found mine," Esme replies.

"Me too," Sue says.

"Me three," Leah plays.

"Everyone to the dressing rooms," Alfred orders.

I go back in and change back into my clothes as everyone tries on their dresses. I take them all to the register to get them packed up and pay when Alfred walks over.

"Excuse me, Bella. What on Earth are you doing?" Alfred inquires.

"Paying for my dresses. What does it look like?"

"That wasn't our deal, now was it?" He places his hand on his jutted out hip and cocked hsi eyebrow at me.

"Uh, no. But I didn't ask for seven, I asked for three, so I owe you for the other four," I huff.

"With all the calls and appointments I've gotten in two days, I owe you more than seven dresses. Well, eight with your Oscar dress for next year too."

"You are gonna argue with me, aren't you?" I question.

"Yes, so don't even try, Bella."

"Don't think if you keep giving me dresses I won't keep dropping your name when I'm asked who I'm wearing," I retort and cock my own bitch brow in return.

"I will be keeping tabs on how many people say they've heard my name from you or a story on you, and I am going to keep giving you dresses."

"Grrrr," I growl out.

"Excuse me?" I hear from behind me.

"Yes?" I ask, turning around.

"Are you Isabella Masen?" she questions.

"I am," I reply, wearily.

"I came here when I saw your wedding dress the other day. I have to say, you looked stunning."

"Thank you."

"See?" Alfred says from behind me.

"So did you find something you like?" I ask her.

"I did, it's strapless, has some sparkle on it, and is amazing. The bonus is it's under my budget and I am so happy!" she squeals.

"Congratulations. I hope you and your fiance will be as happy as Edward and I are."

"Thank you, you are so sweet."

"Thank you," I reply.

"It was nice meeting you, and thank you again for saying who did your gown. I don't think I would have found my amazing dress if not for you."

"Have a nice day," I reply as she turns and walks out the door holding a white garment bag.

"See, Bella? I told you so," Alfred says, smugly. "That's like ten dresses in the last two days I owe you."

"We'll see, Alfred. We'll see," I say as the rest of the girls come back out of the dressing rooms with their dresses.

"I need to pack up all the dresses that fit, and I will have the others altered as needed," Alfred tells the girls.

"Mine seems to be the only one, Alfred," Ali says.

"It will be done in a few weeks then. Will that be alright?"

"The wedding is in two months, two weeks will be fine."

The dresses get put into the garment bags and we get back into the SUV and head back to Hollywood.

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