Nagi Springfield, the most powerful being to have ever lived, able to easily defeat even the Lifemaker itself. More commonly known as the bounty hunter called Thousand Master for his complete mastery of a thousand different weapons, magicks, and psychic abilities.

One of only two mortals to ever be considered truly invincible.

Six years ago, this living legend vanished without a trace in the aftermath of an attack on the planet Merid by an unknown interstellar force. Within hours, the surface of the entire planet was rendered uninhabitable.

From a population of over four billion humans, Hellans, and other races, there was exactly one survivor.

Negi Springfield, Imperial recruit serial number 496.

The Thousand Master's only son, and in exchange for his life, he lost all memory of his life before that night.

Now a young man of fifteen years, Negi has vowed to track him down and learn the truth about his past, as well as why the invincible Thousand Master abandoned Merid to its destruction.

As a soldier of the Holy Ariad Empire, Negi Springfield is sworn by his duty to uphold all that which is right and bring the wicked to justice.

Before he can gain the security clearance and the political power to achieve his goals, however, Negi must first perform missions for the Imperial Twilight Order and gain a group of loyal acolytes.

This is the tale of a man in search of his destiny...