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"Jules, Jules wait!" Ruby shouted as she ran after Julia. "Ruby, go away I'm not in the mood to go down there!"Julia stopped at the top of the hill to see where her sister was. She waited to see what she wanted. Ruby caught her breathe and sighed. "Jules it's your birthday so go."

Julia woke to a knocking at the door. It was still dark out. She looked at the clock. "5.15" She murmured to herself. She went to the door she opened it but no-one was there. She stepped out and looked around no-one. She went to return indoors but then she saw a package on the floor. It was very little and light to lift.

She sat down at her table and read the label.

Dearest Julia Happy Birthday

"What? It's not my birthday?" She said to herself. She opened the packaging where it revealed a golden necklace. She seemed to know it, like something from one of her dreams. There was a diamond on it and on the back it was engraved. It said.

Dearest Julia. Happy 15th birthday. We love you very much love mum and dad.

The necklace fell out of her hand to the table. "What Mum..?" She went to get changed. It was now and half six. She got some breakfast. It was now 7 so she went to work. She left early, so she could make a telegram.

Ruby, could you come to Toronto please it's urgent. Julia.

When she got to work it all quiet. She wrote her report for William the night before so she took up to him. "William" She said quietly. "William. I have the report." William looked up and said. "Julia, why are you whispering? We're on our own" She looked around and said. "S-sorry, I have your report." She said handing him the report. She looked sad he could tell and he noticed the necklace. "Julia, are you alright?" He asked and gestured her to sit down. "Yes William, I'm alright." She replied with a weak smile.

It had been 2 days since Julia sent the telegram. Ruby burst into the morgue but Julia wasn't there. She ran up to the station house. "Detective!" Ruby shouted running into his office. "Miss Ruby, how can I help you..." She gestured him to be quiet and ran to Julia's side. "Jules why did you ask me to come to Toronto?" She asked. Julia took off the necklace Ruby gasped at the necklace. She said. "Jules I'm so sorry I can't stay but I'm sure Detective Murdoch will look after you. Won't you?" William nodded and went to her side. "Yes of course." He replied. Julia took his arm to help her get up. Ruby hugged her sister good bye and smiled at William.

Once Ruby had left it was just Julia and William and again. "Julia what about the necklace has made you so upset?" Julia looked at him and said. "Can I tell you? And if I do you can't tell anyone not even Ruby." William nodded and said. "Julia anything you tell me I am not going to repeat to anyone." Before Julia said anything she kissed William. "Thank you for being there for me William." She said and William hugged her. "It's alright." William whispered. Julia pulled back and said. "It started and four nights ago. I had a bad dream of a memory of me and Ruby on one of my birthdays but I couldn't remember which one. William I'm going to tell you stories about my past but most importantly my family..." William nodded.


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