Chapter 6

I hit 'send' on the list of Warren Shimmin's transactions. Sighing and putting my head in my hands, I leant my elbows in the sharp edges of the desk, causing a shooting pain to go down my arm. I ignored it.

Anne had been constantly flirting with Magnus all day and he looked like he didn't know what the hell he was supposed to make it. Initially, I thought that he was surprised by how different she was acting, but by the looks of bewilderment he was giving her, maybe she had gotten a wrong message.

I shook the thoughts from my mind. An e-mail came through from Kurt. They'd managed to get hold of Shimmin's mobile number, the one thing that had been missing off my profile of him. Just as I finished reading, and stood up to visit Kurt to get the information (I knew for a fact that he didn't know how to attach files), he appeared behind me.

I jumped about a foot in the air.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you jump." His face was expressionless, as usual. "Can you trace his number?" He handed me the paper.

I nodded and tapped the info into the computer. Magnus had strolled in and now stood beside Kurt.

At first I hadn't recognised the number, but seeing the house address appear on the screen, I realised. A look of horror appeared on my face.

"No.. this number.. it can't be right." I screwed up my face. "No, really... it can't." I flipped open my phone and entered the first few digits into my contacts, waiting for the screen to tell me I was wrong. But sure enough, it was true. I couldn't quite fathom it. I was completely baffled. No... no... no...

"Well." Kurt didn't know why I was reacting the way I was. "Can you print it off? We need to bring him in." I heard the words, but didn't move.

"E? Are you okay?" Magnus asked, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Kurt, something's really wrong."

"Well we need to go and get him. He might be packing right now." I started hyperventilating.

"It's... it's Peter?" I said in disbelief. It was more of a question than a statement.

"Peter? Who's Peter?" Magnus asked. I had forgotten that I'd told Anne that I had broken up with my boyfriend.

"Uhh... my boyfriend. Sort of... well..."

"What? The one you broke up with the other day?" 'Damn his bloody good memory.' I thought.

"No.. I didn't actually break up with him. I'd just started going out with him... I mean... yeah."

Unfortunately, Anne had heard the whole thing.

"So you lied?" She exclaimed. This was not the time.

My so-called boyfriend had lied to me the whole time. I'd actually done something that, to me, was quite outrageous and slept with him on the very first... well, it wasn't even a date. I'd trusted him, told him things about me and it had been the most open I had ever been. It had been less than a week for God's sake.

"Let me go... I'll... pretend I'm visiting him as a surprise or something..." I looked up at Kurt. "You can... yeah. It'll be easier than bursting in there. He'll probably run out or something." I started babbling, not knowing what the hell to do or how to react.

"We can't... you're..." Kurt began.

"Yes, a computer, techy person thing... But he's my boyfriend.. he trusts me, for the most part. I mean... yeah." I seriously didn't understand what was going on around me.

Had he been tapping me for information then? We never talked about work that much... maybe I was his 'way in' or something... Or... he was finding out our movements through me.

Either way, he hadn't actually noticed me in that cafe. He never actually found me attractive or anything... he just asked me out for the sake of getting information. Well, that does it.. I'm most definitely going to die, fat and alone and they'll find me three weeks later with... hang on.. no... that's Bridget Jones... Shut up, brain!

I was overreacting, overthinking and overjudging.

"Look, maybe.. maybe E. should go in first, talk to him and then... we'll come charging in, guns blazing, sort of thing." Magnus tried to reason with Kurt. All he got was a stop-thinking-you're-in-CSI-look.

"We can't let someone who's never been trained, never had any experience with this sort of thing..." Magnus was about to jump in at that point. "No, Magnus. What if he takes her hostage?" Kurt raised his eyebrows, waiting for Magnus to answer. He didn't. "Exactly, then we're stuck, aren't we."

Kurt smashed his finger down on the print button and stormed off to collect the paper. We were all left standing there, gobsmacked.

Magnus awkwardly placed his hand on my shoulder and patted it, not quite knowing what to do.

Springing into action, I jumped up and grabbed my phone from where I had left it on the desk. Magnus, Anne and Lisa looked at me in disbelief.

"You're not seriously thinking of doing this, are you Em?" Magnus took a step back.

"I have to." I replied, stubbornly. I felt like following on with 'for the good of the country', but didn't. "There is no way that Kurt is going to see my side of this, and if he won't see it... we'll just have to make him."

Magnus ran a shaky hand through his blonde curls. I guessed that he'd never disobeyed Kurt before. I hadn't either and I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, but I knew that we had to do it to nail Shimmin.

"I know you don't want to lose your jobs..." It was the first thing that had crossed my mind too: what would happen if it went wrong? I'd lose my job and, as a result, my flat. "But, if this goes well, we'll have nailed Shimmin..." I inhaled loudly, ready to ask the biggest favour I would ever ask. "And, if you help me, it'll go all the more smoothly..."

Anne was the first to protest.

"No... no way. I am not prepared to lose my job over some hair-brained computer whizz that wants to prove themselves. I worked hard for this..." Anne shook her head repeatedly. "I am not going to give it up now. No way."

Magnus frowned and looked over at Lisa.

"I can get a few officers to bring up the rear once you're in." Lisa said. "You'll have to wear a wire so that we can hear what's going on. Talk to him, keep him occupied, do anything you have to. I'll give the word and we'll go in..." She paused, looking for the right words. Grinning and looking over at Magnus, she continued. "...guns blazing."

I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Lisa, you're an absolute angel." I hugged her enthusiatically. "If you could sort that, it would be wonderful."

Anne shook her head and tutted.

"I'm going... now. Before I get involved." And with that, she turned and stropped out of the door. I hoped to God that she wasn't off to tell Kurt.

Lisa nodded and went off to call in the few officers she could to help. After she'd left, I looked at Magnus. He looked worried, really worried. And green. I half expected him to throw up. Thankfully, he didn't. He just shuffled his feet about and stared at the floor.

"W-well.. I-" He stopped and ran his hand through his hair again. "I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to help..." I was being truthful. With the officers Lisa was bringing in, it should be enough to get Shimmin or Peter. "We'll have enough... I mean..."

"No..." He stopped me from going any further. "I'll help. I uhh... yeah." He smiled and turned to follow Lisa. I started towards the door, but he came back again. "If I lose my job, I... I don't blame you." He smiled and went back after Lisa.

Well, Anne could do what she liked. I'd got enough people.

So, I was about to go and 'keep Peter occupied' until Magnus turned up with the cavalry. Great.

I arrived at Peter's flat in no time at all. He was in, because his car was parked just outside the block. I sighed, gathering up my courage and knocked sharply on the door. There was a bit of moving around and shuffling coming from inside the apartment, but eventually I heard him pull the latch down and open the door.

"Oh God, Em." Peter grinned at me. I found it hard to keep my girlfriend persona up, knowing what he had done.

"Hi... I wanted to err... surprise you." I smiled and he waved his hand, gesturing me to come in. I wandered into his flat, looking around, acting curious. I'd never been there without being drunk. And it looked completely different. He smiled at me again.

"Impressed?" He laughed. Obviously, he remembered too. Great.

"Yeah..." I pulled my coat off. "It's great." Peter took my coat.

"So... what brings you here, then?" He hung my coat up for me on one of the hangers by the door. I smiled and moved closer to him.

"Well... I just couldn't bear to be away from you for much longer." I made an attempt at alluring, but I think it might have come out a bit more like awkward. He tilted his head, checking to see if I was being truthful.

Gathering all my inner-strength, I strolled about the flat.

"This the bedroom?" I pointed to a massive room with big windows and a massive white bed. Aah... the marshmallow duvet... my nemesis. He nodded and followed me in.

To his, and my own, surprise, I pushed him onto the bed. He lay there for a minute, not quite knowing what to do. I suppose it all became clear once I kissed him.

He parted his lips, letting my tongue search his mouth. He ran his own tongue across the roof of my mouth, making me shiver. I deepened the kiss, tilting my head to get a better angle but I ended up squashing our noses together. Peter seemed not to mind as he moved his hands to my waist. I moved my hands to around his neck and straddled hiim.

As he moved his hands down to my thighs, I let out a sigh of pleasure. It was genuine, but it was partly to keep him more 'occupied'. He responded by moving his hands to the hem of my work-skirt, slowly, but deftly, curling his fingers around it and pulling it up further.

Our tongues continued to explore each others mouths as Peter moved my skirt. I swiftly shifted my hands to his shirt buttons and managed to undo them with some skill. He obediently altered the position of his arms so that I could slide his shirt off his chest.

I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. Grinning micheviously, I transferred my hands to his belt buckle, and began undo-ing it.

A soft creak came from his apartment door. I knew that Magnus was here with the 'cavalry'. Well, it hadn't taken them too long, thank God. Peter, thankfully, heard nothing. I then un-did his trousers, unbuttoning them so slowly, it was almost painful. He was breathing heavily, staring into my eyes, watching me.

The bedroom door banged open and Magnus appeared, followed by about six other men, brandishing guns. I leapt up off Peter and pulled my skirt down, making myself more decent. He just sat there on the bed, looking bewildered.

"Warren Shimmin, you are under arrest..." I didn't hear the rest of what Magnus said. I stood there, watching Peter. In all honesty, I thought he looked a bit hurt. Maybe they were wrong about him? Maybe they had got the phone number wrong. But no. Kurt would have been too thorough. I knew that this was the best thing to do, but he had been my 'experiment', if you like. I had slept with him in a spurr of the moment type thing, and look where that got me.

A couple of the other men dragged Peter out, in handcuffs and took him to the car that was waiting below. Magnus put his arm round me.

"Shall I drive you home?" He had put his gun back in its holster now. The whole thing was over, just like that.

"No, I need to explain to Kurt." Magnus nodded and helped me out of the apartment, down the stairs and into the car.