Fantasy Ed

Disclaimer- Ed Edd and Eddy were NOT made by me, also any NFL team's names were NOT made by me, and this is just a crossover with Ed Edd Eddy and the NFL

The Ed boys were watching TV one day as nothing is on

Chapter one

"Man, nothing on TV". Eddy said with a strict voice

"Hey Sock head, what are you doing"? Eddy yelled

"Getting an all natural snack for us to watch the television Eddy" Edd said with glee

"That's stupid, I need to go to the bathroom" Eddy quietly says

"Third door on the right" Edd directed

Eddy when on the left side and found Edd Father's studies. Eddy opens the door

"What the..."

Eddy soon was interrupted

"Hey Eddy, Evil Tim the movie is coming up on AKA" Ed happily said

"Hold on numskull" Eddy says

Eddy founded Edd Fathers Apple Mac book

"What this" Eddy thought

Eddy soon yelled to Edd

"Hey sockhead what room am I in"? Eddy Asked

Chapter Two

"Oh dear, am coming Eddy"!

Edd is running through the house looking for eddy

"Hurry up guy, Evil Tim will start in three minutes". Ed Worried

"Where are you Eddy"? Edd Asked

"Behind you Edd" Eddy says behind Edd

Edd got scared as he said