Desire Of The Dark


Damon smiled and flashed his teeth in the darkness. The girls were in fine form tonight, dressed in tight tops, tighter jeans, with their hair allowed to hang loosely past the shoulders and their laughter loud enough to bounce straight off the walls. Drunk, vulnerable, easy; Elena was drunk, barely able to walk in a straight line, Caroline was as easy as... something easy, he couldn't think what right now. Only Bonnie seemed out of place here, shifting nervously from foot to foot. This deep into the depths of the dark Mystic Falls she had a right to be scared of what lurked in the shadows; his smile grew broader.

"So, what now?" Caroline asked, giggling like a school girl. "We haven't been to that..." she searched her mind for the name and shrugged when she found nothing. "That new club, you know the one that I mean?" Was she more drunk than Elena? Maybe she should be Drunk And Easy. "I bet all the best people are in there..." with each word her speech was becoming more slurred and Damon found himself worrying about her despite himself. Was she sober enough not to get herself, or Elena, in trouble? He didn't think so. She leant back on the brick wall of the building, totally ignorant of the pieces of old gum stuffed into the gaps.

"I don't know... What time is it?" Elena was smiling too, but it was not the same kind of grin. Her's was predatory, sly, and as sexy as hell. Mentally, Damon calculated his chances of getting her alone for some loving and he smiled. By his estimation it would be simple to cut her out of the herd, as it were, as long as he could do it without anyone else knowing. He knew why Bonnie thought he was nothing but trouble, and couldn't agree more. Reflexively, he glanced down at his own $5000 watch at the time.

"Half Eleven," Bonnie told her, rubbing her arms as if trying to warm herself, although the air was warm enough even at this hour. "Maybe we should go home now..."

No, not yet. Damon silently implored them. You want to stay out all night. He enjoyed seeing the look of confusion pass over Elena's face as her weak, human mind struggled against his suggestive mind control.

"Let's stay for a bit. I'm not done partying, it's way too early!" Elena said emphatically, her mind now as good as his. He wanted to laugh but it was not yet time to show himself. He first needed to thin the herd... beginning with Caroline.


A/N: I know it's really short, but this is really just like a prelude to the main event, if you will... ;-)