Okay, I just saw The Dark Knight Rises last night, and I have so many feelings over Bane. I wish he had his own movie, but I know that will never happen. Christopher Nolan is Midas, and I worship that ground he walks on. Bane is my favorite villain of all time, and I highly recommend the movie if you like awesomness. Here is just a little look into the mind of Bane. It doesn't give away any spoilers.

God was in her eyes.





It was all in her eyes.

A young girl born into this world of darkness.

She was their only redemption.

She was my redemption.

I replay that moment in my head.

The moment that I decided to take back all my sins, the demons that laid on my shoulders.

They were too heavy to carry.

She weighed nothing.

I wanted her to be reborn again from the ashes of our hell.

She was beauty and purity.

She did not belong among us.

The others wanted to destroy her.

Blinded by their own desperation and greed.

I wouldn't let them touch her.

She was not theirs, and she was not mine.

She was the suns, and when I saw her rise above the surface, farther than any other, I knew who she was.

The only light in the sea of darkness.

I was broken, but I would not die.

I knew she would come back one day.

She would save us all.

She would save me.