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-Summary: Bella Swan is just an average girl that didn't care about her looks. Her best friend's brother, Edward Cullen, was different story. He had the looks, the grades, everything. Both have been best friends since childhood, and Bella's had a crush on him since. Can Bella finally break out of her shy shell and confess her love? Rated M for language and some lemons.

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Chapter 1 – Introductions:



I turned around from my locker and saw my best friend, Alice Cullen, running towards me. She was carrying a flier in her hand with a huge grin plastered in her face.

She jumped in my arms just as I was about to close my locker. I set her down gently when she was done hugging me. Her pixie-like hair was sprayed with Victoria Secret perfume, and her spunky personality touched up everything.

"Woah, Alice!" I laughed, "What's up?"

"They accepted it!" she squealed.

"What are you talking about?"

Alice held up a poster that read, "a Night in Paris: a Forks' High School classy dance orgazined by Alice Cullen. Tickets are only $1.50, buy yours today!"

I gasped as I held the poster, "That's amazing! How did they accept it?"

Alice smiled, "No one can resist my charms, Bella. I just persuaded them,"

I laughed and closed my locker, "Well you persuaded well,"

Alice linked her arm with mine, "I try,"

We both laughed and walked to our first class of the day: Gym. I was always the clumsiest in that class. I can't even bounce a basketball right!

Just as we we're about to enter, we heard a voice, "Bella! Alice!"

We turned around and my mouth immediately dropped. Edward Cullen was walking towards us with a big smile on his face. His brother, Emmett, was running with him, and his best friend, Jasper, was just walking casually. Alice couldn't contain the blush in her cheeks.

I was still ogling Edward's delicious body when he stood in front of me. His coppery locks were in a disarray, and his black tight shirt fitted his muscles perfectly. I licked my suddenly dry lips when I finally looked up at his face.

His eyes, we're the brightest emerald green I ever saw. It was so bright, so ethereal. My brown eyes got lost in his, as I stared at him. His jaw was so chiseled; like it was carved by angels. His skin, it looked so soft just to look at it.

I wanted to touch it.


I broke from my daze to find Edward staring at me with a cocky smirk. I couldn't contain the blush that escaped in my cheeks.

"H-hey Edward,"

Smooth, Bella. You deserve a face palm.

"Hello Bella," he was still smirking.

I blushed even redder.

See, the thing about Edward and I is we have been close friends for a long time. My father, Charlie, the Chief of Police, was good friends with Edward's father, Carlisle Cullen. My mother, Renee, has also known Edward's mom, Esme, for a long time as well. We've been together since we we're little. We all enjoyed each other's company. Edward, when he was younger, always teased me and called me, "Clumsy," or, "Awkward," and from then on, I've gotten used to those two terms.

"So where are you two headed?" Emmett asked jokingly.

Emmett was Edward's older brother. He was the goofball and the jock of his family. He is also protective of his family, especially his siblings. He also treats me as his younger sister, and we both grew fond of each other.

"We're headed to gym class," Alice said.

"Nice. Little Bells is going to slip up again?" Emmett laughed.

"No," I grumbled, "I've learned to keep my distance, okay?"

They all laughed, and I couldn't help by laughing along with them.

"Alice, what's that?"

Emmett looked at the poster in Alice's hand as he grabbed it out from her.

"Emmett! Give that back!" Alice yelled.

He held the poster high on his hand, so Alice couldn't reach it. "Chill out, little sis. I just wanted to read it,"

He opened the poster for Edward and Jasper to see, and they all grinned.

"Congrats, sis! You're dance finally got chosen!" he gave Alice a huge hug.

"Thanks," she nearly stumbled after.

They all laughed.

"I can't wait for this dance!" Emmett practically yelled.

"It's a girly dance, Em. I'm pretty sure it's too girly for you," Edward sighed.

"So?" Emmett put his arms on Alice and I's shoulders, "We can bring our girls. I can bring Rose, Jas can bring Alice, and you can bring Bella,"

I froze.

Me? Going to the dance with Edward? I've died and gone to fucking heaven.

"But, Em," I interjected, "I don't dance."

Emmett laughed and patted my back reassuringly, "Don't worry, B. It's a piece of cake. Edward can teach you, he's a pretty good dancer."

I looked at Edward and I could see the blush hiding in his cheeks.

The bell rung suddenly, making us all jump. The boys carried their backpacks as they said goodbye.

"See you girls later," Emmett said, hugging us one more time.

Jasper nodded at me, then stared at Alice. He touched her cheek slowly, then walked away; leaving a dazed Alice.

As I grabbed my backpack from the floor I felt a pair of lips at my ear, "I'll see you later, I can't wait for you to come over,"

I turned around and saw Edward kiss my ear quickly then left with the same smirk. My blush was still showable as Alice walked us to Gym.

I touched my ear slowly, then immediately giggled. I felt a bit of wetness in my ear, too. I touched it, then I gasped.

I didn't realize Edward had licked my ear too.

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