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In this chapter, the Saints decide to turn up the pressure on one of the Syndicate's biggest businesses, which hurts both the Deckers and the Morningstar badly. Loren grows very angry with this, and their situation only spirals further out of control, as Cyrus too grows angrier and gives up on his partnership with Loren. Seething with anger, Loren decides to create another backup plan to hurt both the Saints and STAG for the trouble. The chaos and destruction caused by the two enemies means only pain for the Third Street Saints...

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Mission 19 Pimps Up, Hos Down

Night fell on Steelport, and the darkness consumed all of the streets and districts in the Ashwood area, well except for one street that was filled with hundreds of citizens of Steelport. They were all standing together in a large group on a corner of a street near a large housing estate, looking at a large television placed onto the top of a large wall of a shop, with Steelport's news grabbing the people's attention. Zimos stood in the crowd with his pimp cane, close to the streetlight and stood in a laidback manner, then noticed the Boss walking towards the light but kept himself hidden out of sight so that the people could not begin an uproar against him. Senator Monica Hughes appeared on the television in a lecture hall with dozens of other politicians, all of them focusing on Hughes who firmly held a microphone close to her face so that everyone would be forced to hear her opinions.

"The STAG Initiative have made a lot of progress in Steelport; gang controlled protection rackets have been broken, pimps and prostitutes no longer occupy every single street corner every night, but sadly this isn't enough. The gangs of Steelport have given more pressure to STAG and have risen to levels of terrorists, and will not stop at nothing in their quests in bringing war and carnage across our once safe homes. I can confirm that the Airport explosion last week was caused solely by the actions of the 3rd Street Saints, who placed explosives across the entire area and used MurderBrawl wrestler Eddie 'Killbane' Pryor as a hostage, however none of them survived the explosion. I assure you, people of Steelport…That we will recover from this! The great people of STAG have come to answer our prayers, and we can only stop these sociopathic madmen from becoming so-called heroic celebrities, by increasing the membership of STAG. Sign up to STAG today, and you may be able to save our city, from these sickened degenerates!"

The crowd blazed with cheers and applause for Senator Hughes, and were quickly manipulated by the ignorant woman into going against the Saints, and approving of STAG. Zimos then looked to the Boss with a discouraged face as he knew what this meant to the leader, and the Boss quietly stated;

"Hughes has no idea what she's talking 'bout-The sooner we can hurt the Deckers and STAG, the easier life will get for us…"

Once the Boss finished his declaration, nearby citizens heard him and began pointing at him, then shouting that the Saints were in the area, causing a large aggressive mob to attack the Boss and Zimos. They ran down the street and away from the estates, towards the inner city as Zimos drew out his shotgun in frustration, influencing the Boss to order him not to hurt any of the people because it would only make the situation worse for the Saints. The Boss drew out a flashbang and threw it back towards the angered crowd of people, who quickly hid their faces in fright from the large light, allowing Zimos and the Boss to hide in an alleyway near one of the many small red light districts in the north-eastern island of Steelport. After the Boss and Zimos got their breath back from the running, the Boss began talking to Zimos about how they were going to start fighting the Deckers;

"So Z, do we have a lead on the Deckers prostitution rings?"

"Oh, I got 'chu hoo-oked up slim!'

Zimos then pointed to his infamous 'Boogie Bus' and then opened the driver's door as he sat in the driver's seat after knocking on the side-doors. Kinzie then opened the side-doors as she sat on her laptop, evidently in discomfort as Zimos had beads, strange music and darkened lights around Kinzie, which suggested the worst to the Boss. Kinzie then noticed the man as he stepped into the strange vehicle, whilst Zimos began driving the van, and Kinzie began explaining the situation to the Boss;

"Thank God you're finally here, I'm not sure how much more I can take of this…Anyway, I've figured out one of the main strongholds of the Deckers and Morningstars prostitution rings, after planting tracking devices onto some of Zimos's girls whom infiltrated the whole area-"

"Ha-Hang on, where are we going Kinzie?"

"We'll get to that…So Zimos's girls managed to get into one of the Deckers and Morningstars biggest prostitution rings, and taking the whole area for ourselves will greatly help us and hurt the Syndicate. The problem though, is that the security is incredibly large; the area is a fortress, there are goons all heavily armed and that is just for the outside, we do not know what is in the inside, Matt still has strong protection for his CCTV and all I could use were the girls. So, the only way we can take the place for ourselves is by wiping out every single goon in there, and taking all of the prostitutes for ourselves."

"Kinzie, with our situation, couldn't we be a bit more, subtle?"

"As Pierce would say, these are dark times, and we can't just sit around moonlighting whilst trying to entertain the people who would rather torture us than enjoy our company. Look, these acts won't last forever, and if we hit the Deckers quickly and painfully right now, they'll be f***ed beyond belief."

"Fair enough, so are we going to get Gat or Oleg, and just assault the, the-"

"The club, it's called 'The Respawn', meant to mock how the clients at the club are treated…No, we can't assault the club otherwise the Deckers will escape with all of the money, women and who knows what else…And we will look like party-poopers causing unnecessary ruckus in the middle of the night just to annoy everyone around us. Fortunately for us, however, the Syndicate want to improve their prostitution rings now that the Luchadores are finished, and most of their businesses are built up by the Deckers BDSM clubs. For them to do that, they had to increase their marketing for this club and the Deckers being the young naïve kids that they are, were careless in whom they gave the pamphlets to. Zimos's girls will be the front of the entertainment and the Deckers and Morningstar will be keeping their eyes on them to make sure that they won't be trying anything, and whilst that happens, you and Zimos sneak in and tear the place apart."

"OK…Great. So, how are we gonna get in if they have good security?"

"We're heeiii-ire! Time to muuve on 'chur cute little ass girl!"

"Great Zimos…God help me…Part of the new marketing is introducing one of their new…entertainment acts. They are auctioning some of their girls tonight and, well, Zimos will have to…"

"What is it Kinzie? What's going to have to happen?"

"Well…It's better you just wait and find out!"

After leaving the Boss confused and out of the loop, Kinzie jabbed him on the left side of the neck with a syringe that shocked the Boss, and he quickly fell down to the floor as he tried to cling onto the van doors. His hands shook ferociously and his eyes began to close, but all he could see was Kinzie getting up and grabbing the Boss by the legs, then Zimos opened the van doors and went to grab the Boss by his shoulders. The Boss slowly moaned in pain as he drifted into unconsciousness and the sounds of Zimos and Kinzie talking grew deeper, and their voices sounded incredibly low. Finally, Kinzie and Zimos succeeded in knocking out the Boss and he began to question as to what his friends were doing to him, whilst the froth from his mouth distracted his mind.

Throughout the night, the Boss drifted in and out of consciousness, and all he could see were incredibly bright fireworks and colours, as well as what seemed like small animals running across the very large club. Zimos handed him over to several of the Deckers, whom threw him into a room in which several men and women entered and left, after testing the Boss to see whether their money was well spent. Finally, the Boss quickly regained full consciousness, and was slowly recovering from the ordeal. He was naked and very confused, and found that he was alone in a palace-like room which consisted of several beds and pillows, as well as other things that slightly scared the Boss and helped him to understand what was happening. He spoke in a dark and low tone, and all he could hear were loud fireworks and a lot of terrible singing from Pierce in his head;

"Woah-Wo-Woah fuck…So many colours…But too many people…What did they…Ok, let's do this!"

Zimos kicked open the doors of the room and ran to the Boss, then handed him an AK-47 for him to use, whilst also arming himself with his handy Grave Digger sawn off shotgun. The shadows of the Deckers and Morningstar could be seen behind Zimos near the wall, as they were also preparing to kill the Saints. The Boss's biggest fear was destroyed, as it became clear to him that Zimos and Kinzie had not sold him out to the Syndicate, however he became more scared of what had actually happened to him during the night. Alarms warning the Syndicate of the Saints presence rang out throughout the area, and it only caused the Boss's ears to bleed which was also partly caused by Zimos's drugs, whom in a guilty tone noted;

"We're gonna have'ta turn done the alaar-rmmes!"

"Zimos…What the fuck did you do to me?"

"It was the onlay way we were gunna get in here, I didn't thaink you'd wanta know…"

"Oh I definitely did want to know Z! You fucking sold me out as a sex slave! Shit! I feel so…So…violated!"

"At least you're innna here now…We'll too-uurn off da alarms, then go down into 'da basement to see what those punks have lock' de up!"

"Alright, I take it I have to follow the rainbow right? Or the yellow brick road? They look so…So fucking similar!"

After trying to understand what his leader was saying, Zimos gave up and led him into the offices and proceeded to kill the Morningstar and Deckers that were trying to call for reinforcements, then started looking around the desks to see whether there was a button to turn off the alarms. The Boss pushed him out of the way whilst still trying to return back to reality, and shot at the computers and keyboards across the tables, causing everything to blow up in a small explosion that left the Boss dazed and on the floor. Zimos went to help him up but as he grabbed the Boss's arm, the Boss quickly threw himself forward back onto the floor, and vomited for a lengthy period of time. To Zimos, it smelt disgusting and looked a very horrid lime green colour, but to the Boss, it looked like a rainbow coming out of his mouth and it was a feeling that he had never felt before. Seeing that the Boss was struggling to understand as to what was happening, Zimos appointed himself temporary leader and began giving instructions;

"We're gunna go into da basement, find alla hos' and take 'em for ourselves! Load up your weapon liddle hustla, you're goouuna need it!"

"Ok, ok, ok, ok…That felt good, saying the same thing over and over…Speaking in general feels good…Heh heh, it's nice to talk to others huh Z? Wait, hang on...WHY AM I FUCKING NAKED?"

"I'll tell ya later maaiin! Just stay with me an' I promise we'll get outta dis!"

"Wow…So this is what it's like to be Shaundi…Awesome!"

Zimos guided the Boss through the large palace of 'The Respawn' and killed hundreds of goons and henchmen who were all standing near the balconies and walkways that made up the club. It truly did look like a palace; there were large portraits of beautiful women on the walls, there were large stairways and balconies towering over the Saints and the carpet and wallpaper looked very luxurious. The only difference between a palace and this club however, was the large neon blue and pink lights and all of the large birdcages that had naked men and women caged in, showing that this truly was a strange and unusual club. Zimos and the Boss managed to kill all of the goons after a while, and made their way towards the other side of the hall in which they walked through another door, that showed the path towards the basement. The Saints made their way through and discovered a large maze of small underground rooms and offices filled with cells that had kidnapped women and men in. The Saints were absolutely shocked at how desperate the Syndicate had become in their fight, and began planning as to what to do with the people;

"As much assa like a girl behind da bars, it ain't raaight to leave them all heeiire! We'll smash on uuup those laptops, then help these people outta here!"

"Let's do it then Zimos, as long as I get to kill that fucking leprechaun!"

"Come ooouun man, snap outta it!"

"A'ight, I'm coming back Z! Don't think that I won't forget what you've done to me!"

"Well I'lla admeeiit, you're handlin' this naked thaing betta than I thought 'chu would…"

"It just…It just feels…Right!"

After Zimos slowly helped his leader recover from the ordeal that he had actually delivered to the Boss, they ran further into the maze and looked for the computers. They were instead greeted by the Deckers, whom were heavily armed with what looked like cyber weapons; they glowed bright neon blue and looked incredibly pixelated as the Deckers aimed them towards the Saints. Zimos and the Boss quickly took care of them, after the Boss questioned as to how a goon could utilise a gun created inside a computer, however Zimos simply believed that technology was too advanced for a person to understand. They reached the end of the corridor and saw a door connecting to another corridor, as well as a computer on a table near one of the cells, and the Boss began pushing the buttons on the keyboard. After a while, he grew frustrated and smashed his fists into the keyboard, and the cells were quickly opened. The Boss and Zimos went to talk to the women and men that had been kidnapped; however they received more than they bargained for;

"A'ight people! We've come to end the Deckers and Morningstars trafficking! If you side with us at least for now, we can promise that you'll survive!"

"Are you fucking crazy? You're the Goddamn Saints! The badass mothaf***as that killed Killbane! We've got your backs!"

"Ok…Awesome…Stick with us and we'll get you out!"

"Hell yeah! Blood in, blood out!"

"And maybe…we can finally kill that fucking child, then save the turtle!"

"Gatha uuup your shit playa!"

The sex slaves were clearly committed to assisting the Saints in destroying the Syndicate, and followed them down the next corridor, brutally attacking the Deckers with their every strength and anger that they bottled up for their forced employment at The Respawn. Each one of the goons were brutally beaten by the slaves, as one had their arm dislocated and several of the goons had their faces smashed across the ground. The slaves then took the Deckers weapons, and greatly enjoyed the assault across the club. Whilst he was delighted with what was happening, Zimos realised that the plan had not fully gone as Kinzie had planned, and that once the Saints returned to the headquarters, she would likely scold the two for what they have done. The Boss made his way to another table to let out another large group of sex slaves, and smashed the keyboard which allowed even more sex slaves out of the cells, and to aid the Saints in the crazed quest. Before the Saints could make their way to the end of the maze, they had realised that they had made a grave mistake;

"Holy fucking shit! Is that one of Oleg's clones?"

"Weeill, this is ooone of the Deckas high end cluuubs…There has t' be somethin' for everyboday!"

"Sh-Should we keep him?"

"No reason why no-nooat!"

"…Aside from having the shit beaten out of us by Oleg…We'll let him decide!"

With an army of about one-hundred slaves behind them, including a very large brute that was dressed as a woman, Zimos and the Boss led the Saints out of the maze and entered the back of the club, in which they saw a large group of Deckers and Morningstar goons stood by the back entrance. They were heavily armed with assault rifles and strong explosives, and there were three brutes standing behind the small crowd, with one armed with a minigun and the other two simply armed with their fists. Zimos and the Boss looked worryingly at each other, until the group of sex slaves ran past them with their guns blazing, and the Syndicate found themselves in a large gunfight with the slaves. The brute that was now on the Saints side found himself locked in heavy combat with the brute that was armed with the mingun, whilst the other two brutes were overwhelmed by the many slaves whom had forced the brutes to the ground.

"Wow…They've pretty much won this fight already, but that's no reason for us to stay the fuck out! Z, we should look around, see if the Deckers have any more secrets locked up!"

"Be carefaauul what 'cha wish for…"

As the two Saints left their new recruits to enact their revenge on the Syndicate, they walked up the large stairway and towards the manager's office, in which they found a large group of Deckers hiding whilst calling for backup on the computers. The Boss gunned down four of the goons, and then began interrogating the last survivor;

"What else is cooked up inside this God-forsaken place!?"


"The computer?"


"Oh I love it when people say that…"

After turning his head to notice a giant supercomputer near the back of the room, the Boss snapped the last goon's neck, and dropped him to the floor before making his way for the supercomputer. He tapped one button on the keyboard, and found a lot of files saved in the documents folder. The Boss was amazed at how much knowledge Matt Miller had saved into the computer, and he realized that the key to discovering all of the Syndicate's crimes could easily be revealed by the push of a button. However before he did so, he found a link on the computer that opened up the bank account of Miller, which the Boss was more interested in;

"All the money that Matt stole from the Saints…And we're about to take it back!"

"Jus' do what 'chu gotta do playa, I don't thaink our pee-pole will survive much longga!"

"Alright Z, I'll download the bank account profits off the computer, and send them to the Saints account!"

The Boss began clicking away at the buttons on the computer, and successfully managed to begin the transfer between all of the money between the Deckers and the Saints. The Boss watched as the money slowly rose from $1,000 to $10,000 and then ever more which made him giggle, until an unwanted muffled voice rang out from the computer;

"You are not welcome to these files…BE GONE!"

"The kid's angered! Get the turtle and let's get out of here!"

"Get 'chur head togetha son!"

A timer then appeared on the computer which symbolised a countdown to a bomb, and the Boss and Zimos ran out of the room, with the Boss noticing that the money transfer was still working, and that Miller had difficulty in stopping it. The Saints ran out of the club, and aided the slaves in finishing off the Syndicate goons, whilst ordering the slaves to run to a safe distance. After a long period of running towards the city's roads, a large fiery explosion engulfed the club, and everything that remained inside was destroyed. The Boss and Zimos looked out and then back to each other, whilst screaming in amazement at how they survived, and quickly exchanged a fistbump, until the Boss noticed his phone was ringing, and his face dropped in fright upon noticing that Kinzie was trying to call him;


"Kinzie…Don't freak out, we're heading back to the warehouse now…"

"NO NEED! I'M ON MY WAY YOU PSYCHO! God, and I thought you just suffered from multiple personality disorder…"

"Wait what?"

Kinzie hung up on the Boss, and she quickly revealed herself from her customised Saints Anchor van that had pulled up next to the large group of sex slaves and the Saints. She stormed up to the Boss and began questioning as to what happened, and the Boss explained everything that had happened inside the strange club. Kinzie was stunned at everything that the Boss had told her, and she was very pleased to hear that Matt Miller suffered a humiliating defeat, then even more pleased when she checked her laptop; the Saints were successful in the money transfer with the Deckers, and managed to bring back $50,000 from the Deckers. Zimos was ecstatic at this, and noted that he was now going to be able to buy out many women for his business, until Kinzie reminded him that now that the Saints have saved the slaves, the Syndicate would need to find more workers.

The Boss decided that they would have to keep an eye on the prostitution businesses in Steelport, and also to make sure whether the Syndicate are trying to import any workers out of other towns or countries. Zimos nodded at his words, then looked at the small army of slaves whom were very eager to work for the Saints, including the Oleg clone whom gave out a large roar.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Haha…Kinzie, don't freak out…He's on our side!"

"That's one of Oleg's clones…In a dress…"

"See? That's ooone reasaone why 'chu should be raaoowling with the Z! I'd make sho' that we'd look goooud in dresses!"


Oleg's clone began screaming at Zimos, and smashed his fist into Zimos's head which knocked him down to the ground in a comedic fashion, with the Boss bringing out a mace to calm the brute down, until it stopped upon Kinzie's pleas. The Boss noted that Oleg needed to see the clone as soon as possible, and that Kinzie and Zimos needed to keep an eye out to see what the Syndicate were trying to do for their prostitution rings.

Mission 20 The Ho Boat

The Boss walked into the Smiling Jacks Diner and began ordering for a sandwich, whilst looking at his phone to check for messages; Pierce had left him around three messages from the night before which wasn't worth reading because he was incredibly drunk in the night before. Johnny had left him one message informing him of a large gang operation in the west of Carver Island that drew the Boss's attention. The final message was from Kinzie which the Boss received twenty two seconds ago, telling him to go to the back table of the Diner. The Boss did so with a concerned look and searched for Kinzie, until he heard her speaking from underneath the table as the Boss knelt down to talk to her;

"I saw you coming half an hour ago. Traffic cameras. They're everywhere in this town…"


"I'm serious, and you should toss out your overpriced cellphone too; I can find you through that easily…"

"Er…Can you come up for air? I'm not sure I'm liking having a conversation like this…"

"Totally agree, we should be using our own specialised dialect or be speaking latin to each other…"

"Ok…Anyhow, do we have anymore leads on the Deckers prostitution rings?"

"Yeah; there is a very large cargo ship coming into Steelport towards the northwest of New Colvin, near where the Airport was…There are dozens of Morningstar and Deckers all over the ship, as well as much more prostitutes locked away in crates. The Syndicate have largely improved their security since we destroyed 'The Respawn', and it isn't going to be easy getting through the ship. I'll be keeping contact with you throughout the whole trip via your phone, so if you screw up then I'll be able to see. I've called Zimos and Shaundi of what is happening, and I've sent them the coordinates; all they need is you."

"Got it. This has got to be all there is left for the Deckers, then we can take 'em out for good!"

Kinzie then gave a small smile at his words as she retreated back to her laptop, and kept her paranoid self hidden from the outside world underneath the table. The Boss ran out of the Diner and immediately stole a nearby Kaneda Japanese motorcycle much to the dismay of the saddened young punk who was incredibly agitated for his loss until the Boss gunned him down, and then the Boss made his way for the pier. It was a long drive however it was one of the Boss's best drives, as he was slowly making gradual process on destroying the Syndicate, and he was actually enjoying himself for once in Steelport.

He finally arrived after a long drive to the northwest of New Colvin, and met with Zimos and Shaundi at the pier, with the former looking through binoculars towards the ship. Shaundi was on her phone as the Boss looked out to the ship, and Zimos then handed him the binoculars to further inspect the ship.

"Lotta pussay on dat thaing!"

"I'll say…"

"So how ya gonna move alla b****es?"

"You just let me worry about that, Z."

"I can call for Pierce to come over with a chopper, we can take every single crate on that ship for ourselves, and see what it is later."

"Running in, causing havoc and thinking of consequences later; isn't that one of Johnny's strategies Shaundi?"

"Well…It'll work here!"

Impressed with his lieutenant's quick thinking, the Boss looked towards a nearby speedboat that Zimos had arrived in; it was very colourful with purple, white, yellow and red shades across the entire powerboat, and it was a clearly very strange vehicle for someone like Zimos to own. The Boss shrugged this off and handed his binoculars to a nearby homeless man, who began to chuckle at seeing the prostitutes on the ship. They bravely set off for the ship, and within a matter of minutes, the Saints had reached the bow of the ship and climbed the ladders to the top of the ship. The sun shone fiercely throughout the morning on all of Steelport, and not even the large maze of crates on the ship could escape the light. The Saints began killing the Deckers and Morningstar patrolling and protecting the crates, whilst conversing as to what to do next;

"God there is a lot of s*** here, the hell are we supposed to do with it?"

"We came for the wh***s didn't we?"

"Yeah but, who knows what else is in these crates Shaundi."

"I say dat we'll take 'em all, then leeave the Deckers empty and outta pockeeet! That way, we can make 'sho that the Deckers can't getta uuup fromma their knees!"

"I'm not sure that Pierce will be happy with the news, but f*** it, we'll have him take the crates of the girls, then have the boys come over and protect what's left behind. Zimos, you follow behind us and we'll send the girls over to you for protection, Shaundi, help me take out the Syndicate!"

"Thought you'd never ask!"

The Boss smiled at Shaundi's words, noting that despite the image she wanted to show to the other saints as well as the media, she was still acting like her usual self in front of the Boss, and that she hadn't completely changed. The Saints charged up the small walkway and began pushing through the oncoming Deckers and Morningstar goons, whom were armed with Cyber Blasters and shotguns respectively; the former confused the Boss however he decided not to bother to even ask. He opened up the first crate and looked inside it, only to discover a large amount of weaponry which made him very happy. Upgraded SMG's and rocket launchers were in the crate, and the Boss quickly took the weapons as well as the leftover ammo for himself, with Shaundi doing the same afterwards.

The Boss then went for another crate, and quickly discovered that there were around seven strippers all inside the crate, and then shouted;

"You're ok now! Stay by the guy with the big 'Z' on his back!"

"Thank you kind stranger…Please, never send us back into the box…The darkness took over us!"

After the slightly terrifying pleas from the strippers, the Boss and Shaundi proceeded with moving further towards the ship, whilst Zimos acquainted himself with the strippers in a hilarious fashion;

"Y'all caain staa-aay at ma pla-aace for a wha-aile! It's ok-ay to hol' hands togethaer!"

After Zimos's flirting worked on the vulnerable and innocent strippers, the Boss made his way to the second crate after unleashing the rocket launchers onto the Deckers, whom had improved their security vastly; there were several specialists across the ship that were using strange technology that allowed them to what seemed like teleport to the Boss, which angered him greatly. Though fortunately, there were plenty of rocket launchers, and more Deckers and Morningstar goons and specialists were quickly taken care of. The Boss made his way for the second crate and opened it, only to be astonished with what was inside; a Brute. The brute grabbed the Boss by the neck and threw him away from the maze of crates and towards Zimos, knocking a couple of strippers over in the process.

Shaundi however, knew that there wasn't time to allow for minor problems, and began firing her two upgraded SMG's, wounding the Brute's legs and bringing him down to the ground, then Shaundi finished him off by snapping his neck with both of her hands;

"HOLY F***! Where the f*** did you learn that s***?"

"From Angel! You're not the only one who went into his gym for training!"

"Da girl's got sum act-shion fooor this s***!"

The Boss returned to walking through the ship and slowly passed the Brute, noting the severe neck wound that revealed his gullet and bones to the Saints which made the Boss giggle, and the Boss then decided to open up another crate, which fortunately had more strippers in. This time, they were all grouped together trying to share body heat like penguins, which caused Zimos to smirk and the Boss to shout;

"Stick with the old Pimp! We've got you covered!"

"Shar-raing boday heat ain't wro-oo-oang, we can dooo it togetha!"

Whilst Zimos led all of the strippers by having them hold hands together as they jogged after the Boss and Shaundi, with the latter trying to cover the Boss from more Deckers and the former opening up another crate. This crate however, did not have any treats for the Boss, and was instead a very large boxing glove with a handle at the bottom, as well as blood and barbed wire on the end of the glove. The Boss confusingly questioned as he noticed several blow-up dolls and gimp outfits in the back;

"Jesus Christ…And I thought I had issues!"

"Playa, that ain't nuthin…I saw a lotta crazay s*** baa-aack at Safeword!"

Shaking his head at the sight of the sickening toys, the Boss moved on to another crate which had even more weapons in, with a large array of electronic grenades and fully upgraded shotguns, which impressed the Boss and Zimos enough to keep some for ammo, until Zimos almost blew up half of the entire ship with four of the electronic grenades, influencing him to return the technical grenades. Shaundi looked at the old pimp in both horror and fury, whilst all of the strippers were more shaken up, and they moved towards Shaundi for better protection, upsetting Zimos. Two large helicopters flew towards the ship, and before the Boss and Shaundi could send it to the water with their rocket launchers, another wave of Deckers with the teleporting technology made their way through the ship, and the helicopters quickly disappeared in the distance. The goons tried to steal the strippers away from Shaundi with their teleportation, however the Boss closed his eyes and listened to their footsteps and unleashed seven explosive bullets from one of his pistols, and upon opening his eyes again, the Decker specialists were all dead. At least, that was what it seemed, until the last surviving specialists tried to strike the Boss from behind, until Shaundi shot him dead with her AK-47. The Boss looked to her reassuringly, and noted;

"I guess we both need to learn more from Angel's gym huh?"

"Yeah….Well maybe more for you!"

"Oh ha ha!"

As the Boss continued in robbing the Syndicate of their precious resources for one of their largest businesses, the Boss began to pay further attention to Shaundi; what she was doing and what she was becoming. She was slowly becoming more open about herself to her friends, she wasn't afraid of what she had said or whether she had done something to cause the people around her to doubt her; they were all traits that the Boss had saw in his second in command, Johnny Gat. The Boss and Shaundi had both been training vigorously at Angel's gym ever since meeting him, honing their skills as criminals and always trying to improve themselves, but the Boss didn't know Shaundi was training. Up to the moment when he ran across the ship with a stripper screaming in his ear and the corpses of several large Brutes at his feet, he never realised how much Shaundi was trying to prove herself to the gang. He wanted to tell her to stop it, to be herself, but he knew it was pointless. The Boss knew that Shaundi cared too much about the Saints to stop.

"Ya gonna open anymore cra-aates playa?"


The Boss remembered where he was and continued opening more crates to look for the remaining strippers and after opening several crates and finding more gimp toys and weapons, there was only four more crates. Shaundi eagerly opened one crate, but was brutally flung to the other side of the ship, as yet another brute had emerged from a crate. Unfortunately for the Boss, this Brute had armour and a mini-gun to use against the Saints. But the Boss wasn't concerned about the Brute as he knew he could take him; he was concerned about Shaundi.


"Doin' ok-ay baby girl?"

"…I'm okay…Let's drop that son of a bi***!"

Shaundi quickly rose from the ground and returned to the battlefield, assisting the Boss in taking out the large armoured Brute with the rocket launchers, whilst Zimos decided to keep the strippers safe from harm, and pretended to shield them from the horror of the minigun. But the strippers weren't completely scared about the minigun, they were scared about the wrath of the Saints equally as the Brute, until the Brute had its kneecaps blown off and then fell off the ship. Shaundi and the Boss were both tired with opening crates at this point and had finally returned to the final three crates. Shaundi opened two of them and found them both to have gimp toys and a giant rubbery sword, which Shaundi decided to keep for a Christmas present to either Kinzie or Zimos.

Eagerly deciding that the last crate must have had the last batch of strippers, the Boss opened the crate and found to his horror a final Brute stuck inside the crate with a horde of strippers, as well as a few corpses of strippers; however what was left of the corpses couldn't prove as to whether they were from the strippers or from the Syndicate before the Brute ate them. The Brute rose out of the crate and tried to attack the Boss, however, it shortly moaned in pain and began to vomit savagely across the ship. After nearly ten whole minutes of vomiting, the Brute fell backwards and then died in a comical fashion, with the Boss and the strippers all shaken at the incident.

The Boss then quickly called for Pierce to come and collect all of the crates, which he promised to do with reinforcements in helicopters, however the Boss would need to buy some time first as there were several Deckers and Morningstars heading for the ship in helicopters and boats. The Boss ordered all of the strippers to get back into the crates so that the helicopters could carry them away from the ship and back to the Saints headquarters, which made them all cry slightly however the Boss didn't care. Zimos offered that if all of the strippers stayed in one crate, he would stay with them to promise security, which they agreed to. Zimos however, gave them a false promise as he had other plans for the crate and happily allowed Shaundi to lock him away in the crate with around twenty strippers, after failing to proposition Shaundi with staying with him inside in the crate.

The Boss and Shaundi then looked out into the distance near Steelport, and saw the large armada of powerboats and armoured helicopters heading to the ship, and the Boss could only look in disbelief at what was about to happen;

"Guess the Syndicate really do love their wh***s…We're only two people, and there are around thirty boats and twenty helicopters heading our way…"

"Do you wish Pierce was here instead of me?"

"F*** no."

"That's what I thought."

"Still though, I wish there were more of us, like clones or some s***. Well, if it all goes to s*** here…It's been a good life!"

After slowly comprehending the situation ahead of them, the Boss drew out his AK-47, which he had upgraded to its maximum level earlier on at Friendly Fire in-case problems arose on the ship, whilst Shaundi back and forth to the other crates for more ammo of the RPG. The helicopters approached the ship and began circling the whole area, like vultures, and fired at the Saints with the machine guns, until Shaundi blew one up with her RPG. This ruined the rotation pattern that the helicopters had formed, and three crashed into each other and then into the ocean, whilst the remaining five dropped Deckers and Morningstar goons and specialists onto the ship. The Boss gunned down all of the goons after a lengthy struggle whilst Shaundi violently fired rockets towards all of the helicopters in the sky.

"How's the sky full of fire and f***ing smoke!?"

"Pierce? Why you calling for?"

"Boss, never mind that s***, what the hell's happening over there?"

"There are a few…Issues here. I'll call you when we've took care of it!"

"Jesus…I'm heading over in a couple of choppers with the boys…Just don't let me fly into a deathtrap…"

Hanging up the phone before Pierce could hear him laughing, the Boss returned to the battlefield and quickly stopped the Deckers and Morningstar dead in their tracks before they could make their way up the ladders and walkways to the ship from their powerboats, whilst Shaundi delighted herself in firing her RPG and the oncoming boats and helicopters. After a long time, Shaundi and the Boss ran out of ammo in their weapons, as even more fleets of the Syndicate's vehicles arrived at the scene of war, and the Saints were slowly outgunned in their fight. The Boss and Shaundi had their backs directly onto each other as they aimed their pistols towards the Deckers and Morningstar, both of whom had climbed up the ladders on each opposite sides of the ship.

The Boss quickly finished all of the ammo in his pistol with taking out what remained of the Deckers on the ship, whilst Shaundi only had two bullets in her pistol and she used it in scoring two headshots, but there were still around twelve Morningstar goons left as well as three Morningstar attack helicopters storming the ship and preparing to deploy more goons. The Morningstar goons on the ship began firing at Shaundi, until the Boss pulled her behind him and bore the brunt of the bullets. He began to fall to his knees, until he received another call from Pierce;

"Is now good?"

"Yeah…Now's good Pierce."

And within the necessary calling that almost sounded sarcastic if it weren't for the Boss's bullet wounds in his stomach, Pierce and a fleet of Saints arrived in attack helicopters and in Pierce's case a skycrane, and after a long time; the Syndicate were wiped out completely on the ship by the missiles from the helicopters. Shaundi helped the Boss up as he smiled at the burning remains of the goons that had wounded him severely, and Pierce flew down with his skycrane and Pierce began shouting out to him;

"Always have to be the hero don't you?"

"Right back at you!"

"I can only take 'bout two or three crates at most with this baby, I'll call for Oleg and some of the others to come in and take what remains on this boat, but we've gotta move now! There'll be a lot more of them coming in choppers and boats!"

"On it!"

"Uh Boss…Where's Zimos?"

"Eh, he's in one of the crates with 'bout twenty hookers in…Home sweet home for him!"

The Boss and Shaundi got into one of the helicopters and sat in the passenger seat with plenty of RPG's, handed to them by the other saints whom had occupied the other helicopters, whilst Pierce flew the skycrane that carried three crates; one of them had Zimos and the strippers in, which was the main target for the Saints. The Saints flew across the city of Steelport, making their way towards the Henry Mills area in the North of the Downtown district, however they quickly met further opposition with the Syndicate; there were even more helicopters and boats chasing after the helicopters, shooting rocket launchers and assault rifle bullets at the helicopters.

It took the Boss and Shaundi a while to get rid of the chasers, but they were all eventually taken care of for a while, until the Saints began flying through the Downtown district, towards Aparice Island. Unfortunately for them, the fight was far from over, as the Syndicate had set out many tanks and APC's onto the ground to fire against the Saints; clearly they were getting very desperate in trying to stop the Saints.

"Are those f***ing APCs?"

"Take a left here Pierce! We'll take care of them!"

True to his word, the Boss annihilated all of the APCs on the ground with his rocket launcher, aided by Shaundi who was sitting on his right hand side, however the amount of APCs never seemed to have decreased. As the Boss and Shaundi blew up one each, another one emerged from the inner city and drove towards the river that separated Aparice Island and the Downtown district, and then another and another; it never seemed to have ended;

"For f*** sake! How much more is Loren gonna throw at us!?"

"At least we know he's getting desperate Boss!"

"Eh, good point!"

Shaundi always knew when to reassure the Boss whenever the situation became too bleak for him, but in this case, she felt that she owed it to him after he took a couple of bullets to the guts just for her. However, as Pierce began to circle across the Downtown district, deciding to take a different route to Aparice Island, there were less APCs appearing and eventually, they were all quickly destroyed thanks to the Boss and Shaundi. Pierce noted this and flew into Aparice Island, preparing to land nearby, until a swarm of rocket launchers were fired into the sky.

"Jesus! They're all over the damn roofs!"

"F***! Get the chopper on the ground quick Pierce! We'll give you cover!"

Both the Boss and Shaundi had grown tired of the resistance that the Syndicate had put up in trying to stop the Saints, and they were very brutal in the amount of rockets that they fired against the Deckers and the Morningstar on the warehouse rooftops. Eventually after a long struggle, the Syndicate goons were all killed and Pierce began to land the skycrane, just as the Boss's helicopter began to land. The Saints reached the ground, and Pierce and Shaundi went to open the first crate with Zimos in, and were startled to find him incredibly sweaty and covered in bruises as he nearly fell out;

"I thought 'dat was neva gonna end! Hell Yeah! So what's happenin' no-ow?"

Before the Boss could answer him, he received a call from the leader of the Deckers himself, Matt Miller, which interested the Boss as he had never met Matt face to face and still wouldn't; it was likely a sign of his cowardice.

"You have something that belongs to me…"

"Who is this?"

"Someone who is willing to bargain…Bring the girls back to the Deckers and I'll pay you top dollar a head!"

"I'll think about it…"

"That's all I'm asking…"

"Wha' was dat about Boss?"

"The Syndicate want to buy back their girls Zimos…"

"I can't do my thaing if I ain't no pussay to sell…Ma money won't cooome quick but you can bet it'll come!"

"And I can bet it will be a lot of money…"

"But Boss, Loren's f***ing desperate right now…We might as well take advantage of him right now and use this to humiliate him!"

"You're right Pierce, I want to do nothing more than humiliate that French bas***…Damn, it's happening again isn't it Shaundi?"

"Yeah, but you've got to be the one to make the decision…Me and Pierce will go back in the helicopter to the ship, and call Oleg and Kinzie to help us move the s***."

"Right…Now what to do…"

*The player at this point would have the choice to choose whether to keep the strippers that they had stolen from the Syndicate, or to sell them back. Choosing to keep the strippers and allow Zimos to keep them would result in a 45% increase in all Hourly Income Cash received, and a 10% bonus to all cash received would be granted to the player.

Choosing to sell the strippers to the Syndicate and largely humiliate both Matt Miller and Philippe Loren would force the Deckers to give the Saints $45,000 and the player would be also granted a 10% bonus to all amounts of respect earned. With either ending, the Saints would largely benefit from the whole situation, and Loren would still be very angry with Matt.*

Commander Cyrus Temple sat by a table in a small lounge area in the STAG PR centre with his unknown female second in command, listening to his phone and having a conversation with Senator Monica Hughes. He had both of his fists clenched and was very annoyed for some reason at Hughes, as he tried to speak down to her;

"You don't understand what you are doing; he is just a kid and isn't even that important!"

"He is very popular with his TV show Commander; hearts and minds will win the war-"

"Shock and awe wins wars Senator…Authorise the use of the Daedalus and this will all be over!"

"Absolutely not!"

"That kid is going to get himself killed!"

"Then you better make sure that you protect him, or I'll find someone that can, understand Commander?"

"*Sigh* Yes ma'am"

The call ended, and Cyrus threw the phone out of the window, into the streets whilst his second in command silently observed him, placing a TV remote on the table. Cyrus noticed this and turned on the television, to see the problem that he was speaking to Senator Hughes about; Josh 'Nyte Blade' Birk advertising STAG across Steelport, as he walked through the streets of Steelport on the television, watching STAG soldiers help civillians with washing cars and rescuing cats from trees whilst Josh gave his short speech in the advert;

"Hey, I'm Joshua Birk, on TV, I play Nyte Blade; an extraordinary but misunderstood vampire that risks life to keep the world safe. The people of STAG risk life every day to keep the world safe. Want to be a real world hero? Talk to one of your nearby STAG soldiers today – I know I have!"

Not only was Cyrus watching the advert, but so was Philippe Loren and Matt Miller in the boardroom at the top of Syndicate Tower, the former was incredibly angry and had never appeared so annoyed beforehand;

"What the hell were you thinking Matt!?"

"It just…It just seemed like a waste to lose all of those girls…They promised great things to my prostitution rings, and would offer great advertising to other women of their work to do their jobs for the Morningstar…I had to do something!"

"I – AM THE LEADER! I – AM THE MAN IN CHARGE! I – MAKE THE DECISIONS! And you certainly do not beg for the enemy to hand over your goods after battle!"

"My bad, mate…So, what do we do now?"

"Well after your latest stunt with the ship - which I did not know about! – It invaded the waters of Steelport, and went past the coastguard without revealing the ownership! Now we have made a public incident in which STAG will likely have a difficult time trying to explain the situation – Meaning Temple will be F***ING PI**ED! URGH!"

Loren slammed his hands on the table and was about to throw Matt towards the television, until he received an unwanted call from Cyrus, who also sounded very angry regarding the situation as well.

"LOREN! It has taken me every fibre of my strength, every call of favours from people I've never wanted to associate with again until today, every bit of myself to cover up the incident today…And you have crossed the line: You have done what you promised to not to have done-"

"Cyrus…Look I too am very agitated about the situation…You can never get good help these days with certain people….Why don't we discuss this face to face and think the situation through?"

"No…I've put a lot at risk and lost a lot because of you….This partnership is over…If we ever meet each other face to face, it will likely be with me holding a gun to your face! I expect to be seeing you soon…"

Cyrus ended the call to Loren, and he threw his phone out of one of the boardroom's windows, down from the tower and into the streets below, whilst shouting and trying to figure out what to do next. Matt, oblivious and naïve to everything that was happening, asked his leader as to what they were going to do next after the crushing failure caused by the Saints;

"So Mr Loren…What now?"

"I-I think…Now to ensure that we do not have a war on both fronts…We need to strengthen the war between our two enemies. We need to continue keeping the public eye away from us, but that does not mean we cannot cause a minor problem for one of them…And turn it into a complete fiasco. I never did like young actors these days, so I think it is time to pay 'Mr Joshua Birk' a visit…."

Mission 21 Nyte Blade's Return

The Boss was sitting, lounging in the Headquarters whilst listening to some music as he shut his eyes upon hearing the next song. It was an old Russian song that made the Boss hum to himself, and as he began to stretch his arms out onto the back of the couch, his phone buzzed and revealed that Pierce was calling, much to the anger of the Boss;

"What is it Pierce?"

"Have you watched TV lately?"

"Is that even a question?"

"Well, to be more exact, have you seen STAG's new advert?"

"No…Is it something serious?"

"Kinda, it's something that'll get your attention. Just come over and meet me at the comic book store over near the Rim Jobs south of the Headquarters."

"Right…A comic book store?"

"It'll make sense soon, trust me, you'll love it as much as I do. And Viola's on her way now…"


"We need her…Talents."

"*Sigh* What are you planning?"

"Just swing by, I'll fill you in…"

The Boss ended the call and put his phone back into his pocket, whilst the music off on his IPOD and put that into his other pocket, and then walked towards the elevator to go down to the garage. He didn't see a need for aircraft as the comic shop was very nearby; he remembered being swarmed by a large crowd of fans in the area whom were asking him to sign their Saints collectibles and a couple of them forced him into the comic book store to sign even more collectibles. The Boss entered the garage and brought out his new Saints customised Hammer vehicle, one identical to the previous Hammer car that the Boss had owned until STAG destroyed it outside of the Technically Legal strip club. He proudly drove in his new car to the comic book store after listening to Jane Valderama on the radio talking about the Syndicate ship coming into Steelport and mysteriously disappearing hours later; obviously this was because Oleg, Kinzie, Pierce and the other Saints had taken what was left on the ship for themselves, and likely either kept it or destroyed it to ensure that no more questions would be asked.

The Boss pulled up outside the comic-book store and greeted Viola in the way into the store, as she did so in return, whilst trying to hide a bottle of painkillers in the left pocket of her skirt so that the Boss would not give more unnecessary concern for her. They noticed Pierce standing in the centre of a room, reading a comic-book near a bookshelf and the counter, but the one thing that the Boss was noticing was that there were no comic-book fans around; they were likely scared of the Saints or just hated them so much as to not stand in the same room as him, but the Boss was happy at this for once as he really didn't want to have to sign anymore autographs for the fans. He was slowly and subconsciously becoming more of a gangster and hating being a celebrity to these people, but the Boss didn't notice this outright, and simply shrugged the desertion in the room off.

"Huh! Ok look, Pierce can read…"

"Ain't you funny with all this s*** girl…Boss; STAG is using Nyte Blade as their mascot, so if we snatch the punk-"

"-Then we draw out STAG…"

"Set it up right, and we can get the drop on those muthaf***as…"

The Boss, Pierce and Viola were all locked in heavy discussion of an interesting plan given by Pierce, in which, in Pierce's usual trend that he has created to ensure that the Boss listens to him, the good points and the positive end results are given but the bad side isn't. Before the Boss could ask him further on the plan, the Boss was met with devastation as one of the comic-book fans who was also a Saints fan walked up behind him and started begging for his attention in a very annoying voice that kept breaking at certain points because of the boy's mouth illnesses;

"Um…Um…Um…Um…Would you…Would you-Sh-Shign thish for me? Hi-I'm Jimmy! I'm your number one fan!"

"Just my luck…The f*** is this?"

"Boss, that's Johnny's comic; he sold his hate against Ultor, they're making a movie out of this s***!"

"*Sigh* God…Remind me to call Legal Lee about this Pierce…"


The fan ran down the end of the comic-book isle as he screamed his delight in what he had achieved, whilst Viola watched him with a stunned face, whilst Pierce and the Boss continued the conversation;

"A'ight, so how are we gonna do this?"

"Look, it's simple, we set up the right bait, and he'll come to us. That's why I need you and our newest girl-"

"My name is Viola, for the third time! No-F*** it-Fourth time!"

"Damn, cool it! But your name's the Bloody Cannoness!"

Pierce folded one of the pages in the comic-book he was reading and showed it to Viola; it had a young woman wearing red glasses that covered the upper half of her face, a red hat with a cloak that went down to her shoulders, a long red jacket with a white assassin-esque bikini that was very revealing and large red boots. Viola was not impressed in the slightest as her eyes lit up at the sight of the conspicuous clothing, and blurted out;

"You can't be serious!"

"Works for me…"

Both Pierce and the Boss replied the same words to Viola at the same time as she walked into the dressing room of the comic-book shop, normally for the die-hard comic book fans that wanted to play cosplay with each other though the comic owner would never have been happy because none of them was female. Fortunately for Viola, he wasn't here and she and the Boss got dressed for the shooting of more advertisements with Nyte Blade for STAG. The Boss was dressed like a priest with a large golden cross on a necklace, but the colours were replaced with black and red, and he also wore red glasses identical to the ones Viola was wearing. The two then ran out of the comic-book store and headed for the STAG PR centre, whilst Pierce promised to gather some reinforcements at the Headquarters in case the task resulted in a failure.

"I feel ridiculous…"

"Really? I think it's sexy…Slutty, but sexy."

"Boss, I didn't get a masters in economics to look like a slut!"

"Isn't nice to know that you can surprise yourself?"

Before he could give Viola a chance to slap him for his cheeky remark, the Boss jumped into the driver's seat of his Hammer car, by diving through the front window of the car which made Viola sigh at his craziness even in a strange situation as this. He began driving through the streets of the Downtown district, heading for the STAG PR Department whilst answering Viola's questions about the plan;

"So what's the plan?"

"We go in, find Josh, and then get out."

"I doubt it'll be that simple…"

"We're actors-We improvise!"

"*Sigh* Anyway, how do we even know Birk will be at the PR centre?"

"I've met this guy a couple of times, knowing him, he's probably in front of the cameras already…"

"He's that devoted to his work?"

"No, he's just in love with himself…Well, and Shaundi, the point is he'll be there!"

After discussing the mentality of Josh Birk, which didn't take long, the Boss reached the STAG PR centre and parked his car near the building as he told Viola to hide her gun if they wanted to pretend that they were actors. However, as they began walking towards the outside of the building, gunshots could be heard and the two Saints quickly discovered STAG and the Morningstar, locked in a heavy shootout. There were snipers on the roof of the building, two brutes brawling with the STAG soldiers and a large crowd of Morningstar and STAG goons shooting at each other with AK-47s and laser rifles respectively. The Boss for a moment was confused at what was happening, but as Viola quickly questioned the situation as well, the Boss learned what Loren had planned;

"Why are the Morningstar trying to kill STAG if they're working together?"

"Loren's a slimy bas***…He'll take any chance to bump someone off…"

"True…But why would he go to all this trouble, just for someone like Birk?"

"Your guess is as good as mine! We just gotta snatch Josh before Loren can!"

The Boss drew out his AS3-Ultimax shotgun as Viola drew out her AR-55 rifle and joined the gunfight; the Boss found himself inbetween the two brutes as he tried to hide himself from the giants whilst Viola was trying to pick off the snipers from cover. The two brutes then grabbed one each of the Boss's arms and tried to tear him into two, until one of the Boss's grenades fell out of his jackets pocket. The Boss and the brutes looked at the grenade in fright as the Boss luckily threw himself away from the brutes, and watched as he lay on the ground at the large organs of the brutes splattering across the ground. He then went to help Viola who was hiding behind a tree trying to take out the snipers, and after a while, the two Saints succeeded in taking out the snipers.

The Boss and Viola looked to the large crowd of STAG and Morningstar goons fighting relentlessly and the Boss decided that they should just focus on Birk and let their enemies kill each other. Viola nodded at this and the two Saints walked into the PR Centre, and were amazed by how much more people were in the building. There were corpses sprawled all across the stairway, leftover guns on the reception desks and dozens of STAG soldiers trying to defend the elevators with riot shields. Before the Boss and Viola could even decide as to what they were going to do to find Josh, more Morningstar goons entered the building behind the Saints, and there were multiple brutes with miniguns, all firing aimlessly across the whole building. The Boss and Viola jumped for cover behind the reception desk whilst the brutes savagely slaughtered the STAG soldiers, and Viola noticed something across the other side of the building;

"Wait! That brute – He's got Birk!"

"S***! The riot shields are no match for that f***er! Times wasting!"

The Boss and Viola truly were stunned at the sight they were seeing; one brute holding Josh Birk on his back whilst using his left arm to smash through the riot shields. Several goons accompanied the brute and pressed the buttons on the elevator to bring them to the garage, whilst the Boss and Viola chased after them across the first floor of the building. The Boss banged her hands onto the elevator door as the Saints failed to stop the Morningstar from escaping, however Viola tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at the front door with her rifle, reminding him that they would likely be escaping to the garage for a car to drive on the roads. The Boss understood this and the two Saints ran back out of the PR Centre, but not before the Boss threw enough grenades to kill most of the Morningstar and STAG henchmen in the building.

"You told me that you didn't want to waste time in finding Birk!"

"Yeah, but I've gotta get the bloodlust going!"

The Boss and Viola emerged from the massacre inside the PR Centre, and saw a large Morningstar Criminal pickup truck driving past them. A brute was on the back of the truck, whilst there were two people in the back trying to keep Josh quiet whilst the driver was keeping his eyes on the Saints. He noticed the purple Hammer car that belonged to the Boss, and foolishly smashed the car into a small Chinese takeaway shop, and then drove away laughing.

"DAMN! You just made a big mistake…"

The Boss charged with fury after the Morningstar on the roads, with Viola in pursuit, until the Boss was mowed down by one of Steelport's finest taxis, which only added more anger to the Boss. He slowly rose up as the taxi driver waved his hands in disgust, and the Boss put him to a permanent nap with his shotgun, noting that he didn't have time to be polite.

The Saints were in the taxi, and managed to catch up to the Morningstar after a lengthy period of driving into oncoming traffic. Viola quickly managed to kill one of the goons in the backseat with her rifle, whilst the Boss threw a Molotov towards the leftside of the car, burning the face of the Morningstar goon who was trying to shoot out of his window. Deciding that he had to save himself no matter what, the driver took a swift turn across the streets, which caused the brute to fall off the truck and onto the taxi. It smashed through the windows of the car as Viola shouted in both fright and anger, whilst the Boss pulled out one of his pocket knives and gashed all of the fingers stuck to the animal's fists, then threw it into the monster's right eye.

"A bit brutal even for you, Boss!"

"I'm f***ing pissed, that's why!"

The brute fell off the taxi and onto the streets, left to bleed out onto the pavement as the Boss and Viola continued chasing the last Morningstar goon in the truck. The goon had run out of ammo in his pistol as he frantically clicked at the weapon to stop the Saints, but to no avail. The Boss grew incredibly impatient, and brought him to the side of the road, after crashing his taxi into the back of the truck. Fortunately, the truck was being pushed into the direction of a nearby bus stop, which managed to stop the vehicle and send the goon spiralling out of the front window. Josh emerged from the truck, very dazed and barely conscious, whilst the Boss and Viola approached him;

"Are…Are we…Are we rolling?"

"It's time Birk…"

"Cyprian! You took my Marion away from me! I will destroy you!"

"BIRK! We're um…We're just kidnapping you…"

"Kidnapping me? Why?"

"Do I really need to spell it out?"

"You-You won't get away with this! STAG, my agents, the Nyte Bladettes…They'll all come looking for me!"

"Oh well that's a shame, Shaundi's going to be really disappointing…"

"Sh-Shaundi's involved? I'm in with this game!"

"Good to hear…"

The Boss and Viola then pointed Josh to the taxi, and Josh happily sat in the backseat with Viola, thrilled to be meeting Shaundi again after a long time. The Boss sped through the streets of Steelport, heading for the headquarters, however the Morningstar hadn't given up with Birk; they had sent more reinforcements to retake Birk for the Syndicate. Henchmen chased the Saints in Morningstar gang vehicles, with SMG bullets firing rapidly towards the yellow taxi, but the Saints weren't giving up letting Birk go after all of the trouble. The Saints finally reached the headquarters and got out of the taxi, then pointed to the elevator and looked to Birk, so he could escape to the penthouse whilst the Saints finished the Morningstar off.

The Syndicate did not give up much of a fight; after Josh was in the elevator and safe from harm, Saint Reinforcements arrived outside of the headquarters and were assisting the Boss and Viola in defending Birk. Most of the goons were killed and whoever remained had the sense to get into their cars and escape while they still could. After the last goon escaped in his car, Viola threw her gun down towards the ground in frustration, as she wasn't finished fighting, but the Boss tapped her on the shoulder and reminded her that the fighting will soon resume soon.

The Morningstar goon drove with fright across the streets of the Downtown district, however this proved to be a mistake as he drove into an apartment block and the car's engine was massively broken. The goon drew out his cellphone and began to call his boss, who would clearly not be very happy at that point of time;

"Boss? We uh…We lost Nyte Blade…"

"Dammit! Why are you still alive?"

"I…I knew we had lost and didn't want to go back-"

"You didn't want to? That is the problem – You're letting your own personal thoughts get in the way of you. That is inexcusable. Do you want to know something? I pay your wages. Me. And if the money tells you to listen to no one but me, and don't let yourself take over, that means you do it! I should just send one of the brutes after you…Let him eat…"

"Bo-Boss! Please!"

"Then again…You're no use to me dead. Failure is absolutely intolerable, though you may be able to make up for your mistake with a success, and gain us profit. Tell me, what is your name?"


"Rupert? An interesting name…Well then, Rupert, you will work off your failure by making a success out of the next plan…For free."


"Do you have a problem with my generosity?"


"Good…I will call you soon of further instructions…"

Elsewhere, Cyrus entered the PR Centre and looked across the dressing room, where Birk was before he had been kidnapped. The dressing room was in pieces; the chairs were turned over, the mirrors were cracked, glass covered most of the carpet and what it didn't was covered instead by blood and corpses. A group of soldiers accompanied Cyrus, and one handed him a cloth of Josh's costume that had been torn off. Cyrus looked to it and nodded quietly, until the soldier called out to him;

"What will we be doing next Commander?"

"We won't be letting anyone know of this soldier, it will only cause havoc and panic…"

"Not even the Senator Commander?"

"Not even the Senator…"