Live to Party

By: Rawr Olivia Grace

Summary: For Fiona to get everyone happy and together, she decides to throw a party for their friends. All she really cares about is to end her senior year off with a bang. {This is after Eli asks Clare if they can ever start will they left off.}

Disclaimer: I do not own Degrassi, if I did, Eli and Clare would have never broke up.

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Chapter One: The Start of the Night

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea why Fiona Coyne had invited me to her condo for a party, when she is such good friends with Eli and Imogen. It has probably been three months since Eli had stopped me at the once a year carnival. I couldn't believe that he seriously wanted to talk to me after all the crap I had put him in last year and I haven't stopped thinking about it since then.

I was walking around the carnival with a cotton candy in my hand beside Adam. Since it was mid-September, I was all bundled up in my coat and had my favorite beanie on top of my head. I had still yet to have talked to Alli but Adam and I have become even better friends than we were last year. He knew that my relationship with Jake was supposed to be a rebound from the break-up with Eli but turned into something more. Also, he knew of the fact that lately I have been thinking about what went wrong with Eli and I and he knew I wanted to fix things between us. I turned to him and asked, "So, what is going on between Eli and Imogen?"

"Clare, as much as I know, they rarely ever see each other anymore. Imogen and Fiona hang out more and when I'm not with you, I'm with him and he never really talks about her. Why?" He asked me as we walked around.

I sighed and said, "Because I like him again and I really don't want to end up getting in-between them if they are/were something. Does he ever, you know, ask you about me?"

"Well, out of the three times we hang during a normal week, there is always one full day when he asks me how you were doing. First it was how you were holding up with the fact that you and Jake had broken-up for good then went to how you were during the day. Sometimes, he asks if you had wonder about him or if you two could end up being friends again… Stuff liked that, you know?" He said and I nodded my head yes. "Well, sorry my best friend, Clare, I have to go. My mom is here to pick me up. Do you want a ride?" He asked me as he texted his mom back.

I smiled at him and said, "Nah, I'm going to walk around for a few more minutes before leaving. I'll see you on Monday morning, okay?" He nodded and walked towards his mother's car. Most people would call me insane for wanting to stay out in the cold, but since meeting and dating Eli, I have fallen in love with so many different things. From the cold weather to scream-o music, it was all because of him and I would never take the time I had with him back. I cherished that time and I hoped that Eli did too. It would crush me if he didn't and I knew that was because I was still in love with him. I had allowed my relationship with Jake, which was all an act, become something more than an act when all I really wanted was to be in Eli's arms again.

Of course, me being me, I wasn't watching where I was walking and ended up walking into someone. (1) "I'm sorry." I looked up and saw Eli.

"Hi, Clare, how are you?" He asked me and I smiled.

Walking just a few paces into front of him, I answer, "I've been good and you?"

"I'm good." I sigh and said bye before turning around to walk towards the Farris wheel. Before walking completely away, I hear Eli's voice saying my name. "Clare?" I turn towards him and tilt my head in confusion and he walked towards me. "Do you think we could ever pick up where we left off?" He looked so afraid that I was going to dash his hopes down.

I smiled and walked towards him a tad bit more. "Eli, I think before we could ever get to that point in our relationship, we need to start over. I, um, I still frankly like you and I'm not sure if Adam has told you any of this but my relationship with Jake had started out as a rebound to get over you and well I allowed my feelings for him to override my feelings for you. So, yeah, I still have feelings for you but we should be friends first before we jump into anything. What do you think?"

"I think that is a great idea and I think our first act of official new friendship, is to go ride the Ferris wheel together," Eli said while he grabbed my arm and pulled me along.

I laughed and said, "As long as you help me finish my cotton candy before we get on the ride."

"Deal," he said with his famous smirk.

Ever since that night, I'm either hanging with him or Adam but we are always laughing and cracking jokes. I was thinking of the fact that I wished that he would ask me out on a date now, when my step-brother and well ex-boyfriend, Jake, walked into my bedroom. "So Clare, are you going to Fiona's party? If so, do you need a ride there because I can give you one."

"Actually, no I don't, sorry. Eli is picking me and Adam up in his new car, another hearse. Typical Eli, if I say so myself." I laughed when he pulled up three weeks ago in his new hearse.

The day that I saw Eli's new hearse was the day that my mother found out that I was hanging out with him again. I was doing my homework on a Friday night in the living room when my mom screamed my name. Of course I jumped up and ran towards the kitchen where I knew my mom was. "Clare, why in the world is there a HEARSE in front of our house?" She asked me when she finally pulled her eyes off of our kitchen window.

I shrugged until what she said hit me. A hearse, a freaking hearse and there is only one person I knew who would ever have one. "No freaking way!" I screamed before running out of the kitchen and throwing the front door to see Eli leaning against the driver's door. "You brought a new HEARSE! I can't believe this!"

"Well believe it, Clare because she is here to stay. So what do you think about this baby?" He asked as he laughed at my shocked expression.

I laughed along as I shut the front door and made my way towards him. "Well, I got to say, she is a beauty… How old is she and what's her name?" I asked him when I finally stood by his side.

"About maybe twenty years old, way younger than Morty, but yeah, and um, I decided to call her Jewel. I think she is one of my most precious jewels." He sighed and said, "Let me guess, your mom didn't know that we were friends again?"

I looked into his deep jade eyes and said, "Well, she's been busy with work and her new husband and stuff. She doesn't even know that I'm not friends with Alli anymore, but oh well. Will you pick me up tomorrow morning? I haven't ridden in a hearse in like forever!" I looked into his shocked eyes and muttered a 'sorry'.

"Hey, don't worry about it. We were both at fault when we broke up and we both know it. Yes, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. Does ten o'clock sound fine to you?" He asked me and I nodded my head yes. "Okay, well I think you should probably go in now unless you want your mom to kill both of us." We both laughed and then hugged. I watched him get into his car and stayed there on my front steps until I couldn't see him anymore.

That day I had told my mom everything, well not everything, but she knew what I had been going through and that I was starting to have feelings for Eli again. Jake cleared his throat, breaking me out of my thoughts. "Okay then, and don't forget to pack a bag for the night and morning after. I'll probably leave after you tomorrow afternoon, so night." I said goodnight and he left my bedroom to travel towards his. You could tell that he still had a few feelings for me and I felt bad about showing off the fact that I now had Eli again.

I look over and saw that the time was slowly coming towards ten o'clock and I decide that it was time for me to go to bed. So, I stand up from my bed and open my door and yell, "Night mom, night Glen, love you." They scream that they love me back up the stars and I close my door and turn my lights off. I step into my turned down bed spread and I lay my head down and fell asleep. Only to dream about what Eli and I could be.

Waking up to a shrill sound of my alarm clock's alarm really sucks, but I knew in about three to five hours Eli would be here to picked me up. We decided last Monday that we would hang out at the park for a few hours before going to pick up Adam.

I climbed out of my warm bed before walking to my joint bathroom that the room held. When Darcy was still living here, she had the second bedroom that had the joint bathroom with it and when she moved to Kenya, my parents allowed me to change rooms and ever since then I have never been happier. After making sure the water was hot enough for my body, I stepped into the shower/bath. First I shampooed my hair with my strawberry shampoo and then conditioned with my strawberry conditioner before washing my body down with my Japanese Cherry Blossom body soap from Bath & Beyond. Once I was finished, I stepped out and wrapped a soft purple towel around my body before sitting down on my chair in front of my mirror. I pick up my hair dryer and turn it on to start drying my hair. After my hair was dry and curled I walk back into my bed room and pulled on a pair of soft blue bikini cut underwear and a matching bra to go along with them. Then I walked into my closet and pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and a green tank with a white cardigan with little roses over it. Once I was dressed I made sure that my pink bag was packed with my pajamas and my outfit for the next day, before pulling thick green socks on and then my brown boots with the fur on top. I made sure that my purity ring was on my ring finger on my left hand and that my cross necklace was around my next before pulling a white beanie on my head and then spraying myself with my new perfume, Midnight Rose, from Lancôme. (2)

I walked down the stairs and saw my mom and Glen sitting on the couch together watching the news. "Hi, mom, Glen, what are you doing tonight while Jake and I are at Fiona's condo?" I asked them while walking into the kitchen for some breakfast. Eli had told me not to eat a big breakfast because he had planned on us eating while we were out before the party.

"Well, we had decided to go on a much needed date, and since we know that you and Jake are going to be fine and with your friends, we feel better about not leaving you two alone by yourself. So, who are you riding with? I think Jake said something about picking up Jenna, but I remember you aren't quite friendly with her after the whole K.C. thing." My mom said as she looked at me before turning her head back towards the news.

I placed some hundred percent whole wheat bread (3) into the toaster before saying, "Oh, well, Eli is picking me up and we are going to hang out before the party. He's taking me out for lunch and then we are hanging out either at the park or in his hearse." My mom knew that nothing was going on between me and Eli, so she didn't really have to worry about us being alone in the back of his car.

"You two aren't dating yet? What is wrong with that boy? He has wanted a second chance with you for quite a while now and he has still yet to make a move on you? Clare if he doesn't make a move on you tonight, I say you take a chance and make your own move on him in the morning." My mom says and Glen laughs at the look on my face.

My toast pops up and I put it on the plate before I spread Nutella on them. (4) "Mom, you don't even like Eli. You hated him, if I remember correctly. (5)" I sat down at the kitchen table to eat my toast and stare intensely at my mother.

She was about to say something when Glen spoke up. "Clare, sure your mom didn't like him but she has thought hard about this and we both think that now that she is in a better phase of her life; she should allow some things be put in the vault and her feelings about Eli should be there. So, once you two get back together, we want to have dinner with him, as a family, and we want the same with Jake when he starts dating Jenna. (6)" I smile and laugh.

"Okay, will do, Glen. Thanks mom for being okay with my feelings for him and can you see about dad giving him a second chance too?" She nodded and I look at my phone and see a text message from Eli and I open the message.

Hey Clarabelle (7), I'm bored and I wanted to know if you want to hang out now? Because Fiona moved her party up to four o'clock and yeah, I was hoping we could get some sandwiches from The Dot and then hang out in Jewel.

I laugh before texting back, Sure Eli. I have to brush my teeth and then I'll be ready. Can you be here in ten minutes?

Yeah, sure I can, Clarabelle. Don't forget to put your toothbrush and toothpaste back into your bag. See you in ten.

I smile before placing my empty plate in the sink before looking at the clock to see that it was almost noon and that I was sitting talking to my mom and step-father. "Okay, mom, Glen, I'm going to finish getting ready and Eli is going to be here in about ten minutes." I say as I ran up the stairs and into my bathroom. After brushing my teeth, I throw my toothbrush and toothpaste in a zip-lock baggie before placing them into my bag when I heard my mom saying hi to someone, most likely Eli.

"Clare, Eli is here. Are you ready to go?" She screams up the staircase and I laugh while walking down.

"Hey Eli, catch," I said before throwing my pink bag at him. "Be a gentleman and carry a lady's bag out to the car." My smirk that has been a constant symbol of our friendship graced my face; but when I looked at him, my smirk turned into smile. He was wearing a Bullet for My Valentine T-Shirt with a skull on it, black skinny jeans, and along with his constant black blazer, converse, his silver chain with the silver guitar pick, and his black stone and skull rings. (8) & (9)

Eli laughed before saying with his smirk, "Why if I must Clarabelle." I laugh along and hug my mom and Glen goodbye before walking to Eli's hearse. He open and shuts my door after I got in before throwing my bag into the back of the hearse then getting in his side of the car. "So, do you want your usual from The Dot?"

"Do you even remember my usual?" I asked him as he starts up Jewel before moving the gear stick to pull away from my house.

Eli looks at me like I was crazy before saying, "Of course I do and let me surprise you that I do, okay?" I smile and nod my head yes while he turned up Dead Hand. We listen to the 'Paisley Jacket' and just sat in silence as Eli drove to The Dot. (10) "So, are you ready for this party tonight?"

"Actually, yes, I am. To finally be out of the house and saying at a friend's house is really great. I haven't been able to do that since before Alli kissed Jake, which you know that, I have been over the fact that they kissed for a while now but… But, I guess I can't seem to go and talk to her and make it right because, what if she does it again you know? Because she knew at that point I still had feelings for him and everything, and ugh!" I scream out making Eli jump in his seat.

He pulled off the road and in front of The Dot before turning to me. "Clare, I know that you hate this and are afraid to take another step towards friendship with her again, but the New Year is about to start, so can't you, you know, try to make it work?" He asked me as he unbuckled his seat belt.

"I'll try but I'm still not sure if it's a good idea to do so…"

Eli sighed before taking my hands into his. (11) "Clare, before I asked you that question three months ago, did you ever once think about being friends again?"

I looked into his trouble eyes before saying, "That's all I ever thought about Eli. You have no, and I do mean no idea how much I had missed our talks." He smiled before nodding his head to The Dot. "Yeah, go get our food, so we can get going, we still have to pick Adam up in two hours." Eli laughed and got out of the car to walk inside. While he was inside at the bar ordering our food, my favorite song from Paramore came on the radio. "I've got a tight grip on reality, but I can't let go of what's in front of me here. I know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up. Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream." (12) I sang along to the song, belting it out, so of course I wouldn't have know that Eli was back sitting there, smiling his head off. (13)

"Nice Clare, I didn't know you could sing." Eli says, which brings me one, out of my thoughts about what this song meant and two, to make me blush bright red. (14)

Looking down at my jean covered legs, I say, "Um, well, thanks, I guess… Are we ready to go to the park?" He smiles and nods his head yes before pulling away from The Dot and towards the park that is the closest to Adam's house.

Once we get there, Eli parks and turn the car off. "So, are we eating in the back?" He questions me and I nod my head yes. We both step out and then step right back into the back of Jewel. "So, where is my sandwich?" He laughs and hands me my sandwich. The first bite I take was mind blowing.

"How in the world did you remember my favorite sandwich?" I asked between bites.

He laughed before saying, "Clare, it would take an idiot to not know that your favorite type of sandwich from The Dot was 'Peanut Butter Dream Bars', a sandwich with a name like that just sounds nasty. (15) So, of course I would remember that." He ruffled my hair before he continued eating his 'Pastrami Reubin' sandwich. (16)

"Eli, you have never once tried my sandwich!" He smirked and shook his head at my comment. "How about this… I'll try a bite of your sandwich if you try a bite from mine?" I asked as I moved closer to him. Eli rolled his eyes before sticking out a part of his sandwich for me to try and I did the same with mine. Once we both took a bite and pulled away our sandwiches and mouths. After I finished chewing up the amount of food in my mouth, I spoke out loud, "Okay, not that bad of a sandwich. I mean, I still like my sandwich but you have good taste in sandwiches."

He smirks and rolls his eyes at me. "Well thanks and I guess the same goes to your sandwich. That sandwich is like a blast of flavor!" I laugh and we become silent while we finish our meal. "Okay, now that we are done and we have an hour before we have to pick Adam up for the party. What do you want to do?"

"How about the Twenty Questions, you know the game where we both ask twenty questions?" I ask him as I pull my bag under my head. Eli smiles and nods to me to go first. "Okay… What's something you do that not many people know about?"

Eli laughed before saying, "I can play the guitar and I'm quite good at playing. (17) So, what actually happened between you and Jake that made you two breaks up?"

I looked anywhere but him while I tell him. "Um, we were going to have sex and as I'm getting undress, he pushes me off him and runs out of my bed room. He left me there broken…" When I finally look up at him, he was pure angry and I'm hoping he wasn't angry at me.

"How can he do that to someone as beautiful as you? I mean, damn it, if it was me that you were going to be sleeping with, I would have made sure you got all of the attention in the fucking world! Jake is such a fucking ASS!" He screamed out and I just sat there with a confused expression on my face. Eli had to take a few minutes before speaking again, "Okay, I'm sorry about yelling.

"It's just at times, when something happens that extremely upsets me, my bipolar starts up. My medicine normally works against me but Jake had to make you feel awful about yourself, which you should never do. I guess that is something I learned along the way of getting better…"

I smiled and said, "Okay your last question… If you and the girl you like were to watch a movie, what type of movie would you pick for you two to watch and why?"

"A scary movie because I would love the fact that she would have to get all bubby-buddy with me; the fact that she would end up jumping into my arms all throughout the night would be great!" He smirked at me before asking, "If I were to kiss you, would you slap me? I mean, the kiss would just be like a peck on the lips and um, yeah…" To shut him up, I lean over and gave him a gentle kiss to his lips. "Oh, well um, I think I know the answer to my question now." We both laugh and get out of the back so we can pick Adam up.

The drive didn't take too long and soon Eli was honking his horn and I was slide over even closer to him. A minute after the honking had completely stopped; Adam was running out the door and throwing his bad into the back. "Hey guys, are you two ready to party?" Adam screamed as his body slide into the hearse.

When I looked over at him, he was dressed pretty normal besides his- "Adam, is that a sports jacket?" (18) Eli asked in outraged.

"Sorry, I couldn't find the jacket I normally wore and took one from Drew." After that we sat in silence for the twenty minute drive. The drive to Fiona's was really weird and awkward because I knew Eli and I both wanted to talk about the kiss we had just had. "Man, did the two of you do it or something, because you can cut the tension with a knife!" Adam commented which brought a blush to my face.

Eli groans and says, "Wouldn't you like to know, but no we did not do it or something; so nothing has happened…" At his comment being voice, my heart fell to the pit of my stomach. He wanted that kiss and he knew I did, so why would he call it nothing? Because that kiss was totally something to me…

When we were at a red light, Eli pulled his phone out, texting quickly before sending the text and going across the intersection when we light turned green. Not even two seconds after he pressed send, my phone buzzed in my lap. Clarabelle, I want you to know that that kiss did mean something and tonight when everyone is asleep, we need to talk about what it now means for our friendship. Nod your head yes for me if you understand. I giggled and nodded my head yes as we continued our drive to Fiona's house.

Eli pulled up to the curb outside of Fiona's condo before turning off his hearse. "Okay, let's go party with some… people…" Eli trailed off and Adam and I laughed at him before getting out. He walked out towards the back and pulled all three bags out. Adam picked up his bag and slides it on to his shoulder, but Eli wouldn't allow me to carry my bag.

"Eli, do you really want to be seen walking in with a pink and white bag?" I asked him while I tried taking my bag from him.

Both Adam and Eli laughed before saying, "Clare, I don't mind what people think, remember? And I could always say that I was carrying a pretty girl's bag, which I am." With that being said, I blushed and stepped into the elevator. Adam pressed the sixth floor after Eli got in behind me.

"So, what did you guys do before picking me up?" Adam asked and I blushed remembering that kiss.

Since I wasn't going to speak, in fear of my voice acting up, Eli said, "We ate sandwiches from The Dot before playing twenty questions."

"Oh, cool… What do you guys think we are going to be doing tonight?" Adam asked us as the elevator continued moving up.

I laughed before saying, "Probably some games before eating and watching a movie…" The doors opened and we all stepped out before walking to Fiona's door, door 618. I knocked and we waited a minute before Fiona throws the door open.

She was dressed in professional ripped, skinny jeans, a black shirt with laced sleeves and upper torso, and black boots with the zipper in the front. Her outfit was complete with a red beret and a green chunky necklace. "Hey guys, come on in. No one else is here yet, well one person is…" She said as we walked in before shutting the door. Once we were inside her condo, Fiona walked towards her bedroom with our bags as Imogen walked out of the kitchen. (19)

"ELI! I didn't know that you were going to be here. Hello, Clare. I thought you didn't hang out with them anymore?" She asked as I looked at her outfit.

She was wearing black skinny jeans with a blue and black tutu over it, along with a purple leopard print tank top, along with a black leather jacket. Her outfit was complete with black lace gloves, one of those black hats with lace over the eyes, and black high tops with multiple colors on the inside. "Um, I was always still friends with Adam and Eli and I have been friends for about three months. So, right around when he broke up with you, right?" I smirked and stayed close to Eli's side. Both Eli and Adam gasped at my comment because I have never had the guts to do something so gutsy like that.

"Oh, well, are you two dating?" Imogen asked with a smirk because she knew that we weren't dating at all. That would be very big news in our high school. Anything Eli or I did was big news.

Adam looked between Eli and me, before Eli says, "Imogen, stop being a fucking jealous ex-girlfriend! (20) If Clare and I were dating; it would be NONE of your business!" He takes my hand before pulling me to the couch.

"Okay, guys, the others will be here in about five to ten minutes, so then we will start the party," Fiona said as she walked from her bedroom. And not even after five minutes the door bell rung. Fiona smiled and walked to open the door. "Hey guys, thanks for showing up."

Fiona walks in with K.C. trailing after her, and Dave after him. They were almost wearing the same exact thing. (21) After they walked in two girls were right behind them. I knew one pretty well but the other was a new face to me. The first girl was the one that I didn't know at all and she was in jeans, a long sleeved gray shirt with love written in a heart, along with a gray hooded sweatshirt that had some type of words on them. "Hi, I'm Jess and K.C. invited me… I hope that's okay with all of you." She was shy, like me, but I could totally see that both she and K.C. liked each other.

"Don't worry about it," Fiona told her.

Sadie was behind Jess and she was wearing a pink cropped shirt over a tank top with pink and white stripes, flare jeans, pink tennis shoes, and her beige trench coat was open. "Hey, guys! Haven't seen you in a while… ADAM!" She screams and runs over to hug him. I didn't even know that she knew him, let alone that they were friends. Maybe that's who he is with when it's just Eli and I alone... I look towards Eli and I know he is thinking the same thing that I was when I got his text. Clare, I think I know where Adam is when he isn't with us or his family.

I agree Eli, I agree. After he received my text message, we share a secret smile before jumping into the conversation. Another five minutes went by before the doorbell rang out in the room.

"Coming!" Fiona yells before skipping to the door, so we could get the party started. "Hey guys, everyone else is in the living room and I'll take your bags and place them into my room." We could hear from the front that everyone was headed our way. First I see Jake and he is in what he normally wears when we weren't in school, then Jenna comes in after him. (22) She was wearing skinny jeans, a gray shirt with something all over it with her beige coat open, gray TOMS, and a locket -which I knew had her son's picture and a family picture of her, K.C. and Tyson. After the whole moving into Summer's house and Jake saving me, I had become better friends with her and I had totally got over Jake. (23) The one person that I didn't want to be here walked into my view once Jake and Jenna walked out of it; Ali was wearing black skinny jeans with a long-sleeved purple top that had some type of design on it, and black heeled ankle boots. Her jewelry was simple but over the top; silver bangles, a ring with a white stone, hop earrings and some type of necklace that I have never seen on her before. We have still yet to speak a word to each other after I had accused her of jumping straight to Jake once we broke it off "for good", so a good few months. "Okay guys, everyone is here, so what games do you guys want to play? I have a list of some games that will be fun; truth or dare, soda pong –which is a knock-off of beer pong-, never have I ever, spin the bottle, strip poker or maybe regular poker, seven minutes in heaven or would you rather?" Fiona asked once she came back into the room. After a long voting and fighting debates, we all ended up choosing truth or dare.

A/N: Okay, hey everyone, I hope you like my first chapter! The next chapter will be all about truth or dare, so I'm pretty sure the chapters that are going to be about the games might be kind of short… But I know for sure that the last chapter will be pretty long and maybe, just maybe, the second to last chapter… Who knows!

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(16) Again, I have no idea if this is good or not but here is what it is - Sliced dark rye bread, Thousand Island Dressing, Swiss Cheese, Dill Pickle slices (YUM), Crunchy Sauerkraut, and Roasted fresh pastrami

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(20) Remember Fiona gets them together and when they break up, I think Imogen would be a totally jealous ex-girlfriend (not like how she is in the actual show after they break up)

(21) Look at my Polyvore for his outfit… I had decided not to write what each guy is wearing…

(22) Look at my Polyvore for his outfit… I had decided not to write what each guy is wearing…

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