"InuKimi, slow down, sweetheart," Kagome called out after her daughter who was running away from her brother. She sighed, sitting down on a bench in the garden and shook her head slightly as her son tackled her daughter down to the ground and the proceeded to wrestle. "Touga, we don't pull hair!" She rose up at her daughter's screech as her brother pulled her hair. Leaning down, she lifted her son up off of her daughter and separated them.

InuKimi, named for Sesshomaru's mother, wiped at her cheek where there was obviously a tear streak down from her amber-colored eyes. InuKimi could be a complete replica of Sesshomaru except for the black tips all along the bottom of her hair. When she'd been born, her hair had been short enough that they'd believed it to be black until it had grown out with silver roots. Like her mother, InuKimi had one single stripe on either cheek running down her back over her arms and wrists and her legs and feet with her father's crescent moon on her forehead. "It's alright, baby," she stated softly before looking at her son. "Touga, apologize to your sister."

"But Mom! She called me a silly boy!" Touga protested, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I don't care, that doesn't warrant pulling her hair. How would you like it if she pulled your hair for calling her a silly girl?" Kagome questioned. Touga, unlike his sister, had black hair with what looked like silver highlights, making it seem like his hair shone in the sunlight. Two stripes ran down both of his cheeks, arms, and legs just like his father. His eyes were also much darker than his sisters, closer to Kagome's original brown color than Sesshomaru's natural amber, and Sesshomaru said that was why he had decided to name their son after his father, because the Great Dog Demon had been graced with darker eyes than himself.

Touga lowered his gaze to the ground, clenching his fists and then wincing as his nails bit into his palms and he relaxed his grip before he broke the skin. "No, I guess not. I'm sorry I pulled your hair Kimi," he said softly before looking back up at his mother. "When will Miyatsu be coming back over?" he asked her.

"He will be back whenever his parents bring him over to play again, Touga." Kagome reached up, brushing a strand of hair from his face gently. "He only left yesterday morning, do you miss him so much already?" A laugh was given when Touga lightly nodded his head. "Don't you worry; he will be back over before you know it, Baby."

Miyatsu was the son of Sango and Miroku, named for Miroku's grandfather whom Naraku had originally cursed with the wind tunnel. He was over quite a lot seeing as how Touga was only two months older than Miyatsu, they got along very well. Even though Sesshomaru spent plenty of time with his son, teaching him how to fight so that he would be a strong ruler for the West lands when the time came, Touga loved spending time with his friend or with Shippo.

Kimi, more often than not, was either with Kagome or with Rin. Rin had taken on the role of 'older sister' quite well. She loved both Touga and InuKimi and was always trying to help take care of them, even when they were younger. At 7 years old, the two of them, Touga especially, tended to think they were too old to be babied anymore. But InuKimi at least could spend 'girl time' with Rin that she didn't spend with her mom.

Kagome smiled at her two children, sighing softly as she straightened up and looked over as Sesshomaru walked into the garden. "Good afternoon, Mate," she replied easily, smiling at him.

"Good afternoon, Mate," Sesshomaru replied in turn, leaning in to kiss her cheek gently before looking at the children. "You two behaving for your mother?" he asked, to which both children vehemently began to nod. He looked over at Kagome. "Have they been good?"

Kagome chuckled, nodding slightly. "Yes, they have been very good," she stated simply. "Why do you ask?" Usually, Sesshomaru had some sort of other angle whenever he asked if the children had been good, some sort of special treat for them.

"Well, I was thinking of going into the village and thought that Ah-Un needed to get away from the palace and stretch out a bit, but I have no need of Ah-Un carrying me, so I was wondering if there were any volunteers to make sure that Ah-Un behaved themselves while my back was turned," Sesshomaru suggested.

Touga immediately grinned before forcing himself to contain his enthusiasm. "Father, might I be allowed to accompany you?" he asked in as formal a voice as a seven year old could manage, looking up at his father and not quite managing the stoic mask that Sesshomaru had long-since perfected.

"Me too, me too, Daddy!" InuKimi shrieked, not nearly as composed as her brother. But then, in Sesshomaru's eyes, females were supposed to be a bit over-emotional. It was to be expected.

Sesshomaru glanced towards Kagome. "Would you like to accompany us?" he asked softly, brushing hair from her face this time with a very faint smile. The smile was so faint that anyone other than his immediate family and friends would have missed it.

Kagome looked down at the kids and pretended to debate over the subject mentally, laughing as both children latched themselves onto her legs and pleaded with her. "Alright, alright, let's go then," she stated, smiling slightly. The children cheered then rushed towards the gate where Ah-Un were already waiting for them.

Kagome walked beside Sesshomaru, smiling as she watched her children attempt to climb onto the back of the dragon without aid and continued to fail. Kagome was content in her new life. She had four beautiful children, her friends, and her husband. There was only one thing that was missing, and she had to admit that it hurt her somewhat that her mother would never be able to attend her grandchildren's 16th birthday party.

Her mother wouldn't be able to buy them a car and warn them not to text and drive or to drink and drive. Her mother wouldn't be able to take pictures of them when they turned 18 and graduated from high school. Her brother wouldn't get to make fun of her for having children so young. Her grandfather wouldn't be able to sit down and tell her children about the ancient family shrine and bore them to tears.

Well… not yet at least. Kagome smiled slightly as she reached her children and helped lift them onto Ah-Un's back and climbed up behind them. She looked down at Sesshomaru and smiled, looking forward to the day, 500 years into the future, when she would be able to introduce him to her mother as her husband and her mate.

She just hoped Souta got over the disappointment that she hadn't married his hero, InuYasha.

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