She walked out the house, feeling a bit shamed and embarrassed, feeling the similar feeling of rejection that she always felt.

She walked to her car opening the door, she was about to get in but took a second to think, she needed to see Michael, she didn't care if she got rejected again she just needed to make him see that she loved him. She closed the door, locking it, and walked by towards his house, smiling to herself.

But then she saw it. She saw her. Jealousy ran through her body.

They began kissing then the door closed

Linda frowned angrily. Why did she want everything, she had Jez, why did she want Michael as well, her Michael.

If it wasn't for Sian maybe, just maybe Michael would take notice to her and she could finally open up about her feelings.

It was all Sians fault.

She saw Sian's car parked up. Conveniently, one of Michael's neighbours had been doing up their front garden and the building materials were still on the pavement. She smiled looking at a brick, she picked it up swinging it at Sian's car.

The alarm went off

She ran mischievously off to her car and drove away. She stopped off at Sian's house ringing the bell

"Hello?" Jez said wondering why Linda was at his door

"Is Sian in?" Linda said, like she didn't know.

"No, she's just giving Maddi a lift" Jez said

She could just tell him there and then...But that would ruin the fun

Linda gave a fake smile "Will you just give her this for me?" she said passing him an envelope

"Yeah...Okay then" Jez said taking the envelope

"Thanks" Linda said keeping up her fake smile as she walked back to her car driving off with a smile on her face.