Author's note: This was inspired by the image I chose for this story. I think I found it on Tumblr, but can't remember really. If you know something about the source please tell me.

Supposed to be a oneshot, but turned into a two/three chapters, still don't know. Hope you'll like it, (even if I'm pretty disappointed with this one -.-)

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It was almost six in the evening, and the little Francis Williams was laying on the carpet , admiring the pictures on a recipe book, while his friend Gilbert pointed out which object the cupcakes in the photos reminded him.

"Look! This looks yummy!" exclaimed Francis, pointing at a picture where there were muffin with white chocolate and strawberries. Gilbert just pinched his nose "Bleah! I don't like strawberries! They have all those small seeds inside…"

The other turned the page where there was a recipe for a chocolate and vanilla cake with hazelnut cream "This is something I can eat!"

Francis looked down at the ingredients "Hey, I can ask Papa if I can do it! Then you can come and eat it with me! "

Gilbert looked up at his friend, eyes shimmering "Really? Your Papa will make this for us? That's awesome!"

The other shook his head chuckling "No, Papa would just help me with the oven. He doesn't cook bad, but the only thing he could do perfectly are pancakes"

"They're awesome too!"

A little canary flew from on the top of Gilbert's head, tweeting happily, the kid took the small animal in his hands gently, nuzzling the animal with the tip of his nose "Gilbird! You're here! Who let you out of the cage?"

A worried woman came from the same direction of the little bird, she wore a green apron over her white tracksuit, he had wrapped her long light brown hair up in what attempted to be a bun.

She was still holding the broom.

"Oh, he's here!" she got closer to Gilbert and took the canary in her hands "I was cleaning up the porch and opened the cage…"

The little albino kid had a pout on his face "Be more careful next time mom!" he scolded, sounding everything but threatening, Elizabeta could just chuckle at the reaction "Ohnonon, you shouldn't speak to your maman this way Gil, she's just making chores so you could play in a clean house"


"Not that you do much to help!" Gilbert's little brother, Ludwig had come in, and as usual was scolding his lazy sibling "Shut up already, bruder!"
The blond shook his head, sighing "Anyway, there's Antonio outside. He wants to know what are you doing"

Francis and Gilbert stood up heading for the garden, to find their friend with an inhuman grin on his face, sign he had something funny to tell them.

"Hey, what's with this teeth show?" asked Gilbert, the other just chuckled "I played dad Lovino a trick, I hid all his underpants in the basement while he was showering. I waited for him to freak out, then ran here! You should have heard him! My mom says that he could light the fireplace with all the curses he spits!"

They played football outside until a familiar sweet voice came from the porch "Francis, papa's here!"

Francis weaved at him "I'm coming!" the little blond turned to his friends. "I guess I have to go. Catch you tomorrow!"

"Remember the fishing rod!" shout Antonio at the running figure


Matthew took Francis in his arms "Fishing rod?"

"Yes, tomorrow Lovino has the day out and brings us to the lake to fish" giggled Francis all happy tugging on his father's hand

"Oh, I'm so happy for you! Do you need some lunch for tomorrow?"

"Not really Papa, Lovino said he'd think about it"

Matthew smiled to himself, that pouty mouthed Italian could appear to be some kind of abominable parent, at least that was the idea he made the first time the both of them met. Truth to be told, the Canadian was almost shocked when he heard Lovino calling his son tomato bastard, but then he discovered that bastard was some kind of compliment applied to him.

He completely changed his mind, when he saw how he held his little Antonio in his arms, the boy was something like three years old, and he fell asleep during a dinner, Lovino hugged and cradled the little kid, just the look from his eyes tell everything. Maybe the Italian was a little too rude with mouth, but that was just his appearance, Matthew himself found a good friend in him.


Once they got home Francis threw himself into the kitchen "Papa! Can we bake the chocolate and vanilla cake with hazelnut cream?"

Matthew looked at the watch "But, it's already nine PM, I need to make dinner…"

"Don't worry, I just need you to use the oven! While you are preparing dinner I can make the mixture!"

Matthew sighed, there was nothing he could do, and anyway, it didn't seem to be such a hard task.

"Fine, then, but go change your clothes, I don't want you to ruin these with flour and eggs"

"Alright Papa, je t'aime!" he exclaimed running up the stairs.

Matthew smiled at his son's exuberance, he had been this happy about cooking, his wife was a good cook and the little Francis just loved to spend Saturdays and Sundays behind the stoves with his mother, and despite being so young he already seemed to be a promising chef.

Francis arrived, his hair laced in a ponytail, wearing his clothes that he usually used to cook. He reached his father who was cutting potatoes for dinner "Papa, I'm ready!"

"Oh, sure sweetie! How many degrees do I have to turn the oven ?"


Matthew turned the oven on, as his son was already mixing the ingredients in a bowl. He stared at his petit a while longer, admiring his carefree in using all the ingredients, just as it was as natural as breathing.

"Here you are papa! You can put it in the oven!" smiled Francis handing his father the oven dish with the mixture in

"Thank you, how long should it stay?"

"Forty-five minutes"

While the mixture was still baking, they have dinner "Don't you need to make the cream too?"

"It has to cool first, and the cream is fast to make, I guess I can even do it tomorrow morning. Gilber was so eager to try it!"

"Where did you find it?"

"A cook book Gilbert's mother has, he said it would be ymmy, and I promised we'd eat it together! I hope that Lovino and Antonio like it as well!"

"I'm sure they will, your cooking's delicious mon cher!"


The following day Francis got up very early, he was enthusiastic about the fishing day.

After having breakfast he hurried to prepare the cream for the cake. When his father come down to eat as well, he found him intent in putting the hazelnut cream in the middle of the cake.

He got closer, ruffling the little one's hair "Good job Francy" he cooed, kissing his son's forehead "Thank you Papa!"

"At what time is Lovino coming?"

Francis checked at the wall clock "Well, he should be here in twenty minutes"

The little Canadian carefully took the caked and put it on the table "Can you pack it dad? I need to get ready"

"Don't worry, I'll deal with it"

With that, Matthew took a paper box and carefully placed the cake in, securing it with grip tape.

Something like fifteen minutes later, Lovino was already at the door

"Good morning, mon ami" smiled the Canadian

"Whatever you maple bastard! Is your son ready?"

"Here I am!" shouted Francis getting past the two adults and running towards the car where is two friends were waiting

"Francis, aren't you forgetting anything?" teased Matthew at the euphoric kid "Oh…The cake!"

The older chuckled "Don't worry.." and handed Lovino the box

"Here's a cake my son made for you"

"I told I'd brought all the food! Hmf!" pouted Lovino

"You're welcome" joked Matthew, knowing that the Italian just thanked in his way.

"You made the cake we were looking at yesterday?" asked Gilbert full of enthusiasm


The German boy hugged his friend "Francis you're so awesome! Well…not as awesome as me, of course"

"That's not fair! I want to be awesome too!" protested Antonio

"You don't bake cakes!"

"But I can do this, look!"

The kid threw a leg behind his neck "Look!"

"Antonio! Sit properly, I don't want some stupid police bastard to stop and piss the hell out of me!"

Scolded Lovino, without leaving the sight from the road.

They took a side street and ending into a grassy path. Just few minutes later they were already at the lake. The sun was shining brightfully, even if it wasn't too hot, being in May there was still fresh breeze around, besides there were no mosquitoes around.

The kids helped Lovino laying a blanked on the stony ground and placing all the fishing equipment aside.

Lovino taught them how to bait the hook and placed them in four different places "What are we going to do noe Dad?"

Asked Antonio anxiously "Wait. Fish is a game of patience.."

"So it's not your thing dad, uh?" teased Antonio laughing, making Lovino grow red in face "What the heck are you aiming at? I am a great fisher! I won several prizes!" he snorted, crossing his arms over the chest.

"Sure…" his son kept on laughing, dragging his two friends along. The older one didn't debate, for how much he wanted to show the others he was a insensible guy, he knew too well that glad sounds were irresistible and could make even the hardest heart melt.

Time went by, and the kids fell asleep before noon was coming, they woke up very early, Lovino sat there, calmly staring at the lake, when suddenly one of the fishing rod moved, it was Gilbert's.

Lovino got closer and grabbed it securely, pulling it towards him. The animal on the opposite end struggled, but the man was too expertise and smart to let the little lake bastard win.

With one last pull he took the fish out of the water. It wasn't too big, but surely was a noticeable kind of carp.

Lovino scooted closer to the boys, gently waking them up "Hey, seems that Gilber caught something…"

Said kid jumped up, like he had never fell asleep and run towards his prize "It's huge! It's huge! I knew that! I'm too awesome!"

"Hey Daddy, can we eat this fish?"

Lovino made a disgusted face "No…it tastes like mud!"

"If you wash and dress it properly, it's actually good. My mom often cooked it" pointed Francis "And I remember it tasted very good!"

Antonio massaged his stomach "Talking about food, I'm pretty hungry, what did you cook for us daddy?"

Lovino took out the bowl with pasta and made four equal plates "We'd better eat and then get going…" he gave a look up at the sky "I think it's going to rain soon…"


Francis was tired but still euphoric about the day out, he didn't stop talking about it since his father stepped home

"…Do you think next year I can go to a cooking class at school? You know, Antonio's little brother said he's going to, and I'm wondering…"

Matthew looked at his son, there was something strange in those violet eyes, like he was worried over something. He didn't answer the question.

"…and then Antonio and I are going to stay in the same classes, I'm so excited!"

The kid noticed his father's absence, and tried to drag him back to reality "Dad, are you listening?"

Matthew almost jumped at his son's call "Uh? Ow…sure….well, I hope you will find—"

"And then I knew that a new guy from Japan is coming, monsieur Rodereich told me so, I really want to meet him"

"Francis, I'd rather you won't get too excited about that…" sighed Matthew seriously

"Why? Don't you like people from Japan?" asked Matthew, clearly confused.

His parent shook his head, looking down at his feet. The little one slowly approached, leaning a hand against his father's knee, and trying to catch his eyes "Papa…are you feeling well?"

"Francis…you're not going to this school next year….we're leaving the town by the end of the next week…"

The new shocked the little Francis "What? Why? Am I going to the school a little away from town? But that's not fair I'd be seeing Gilbert and Antonio just in the weekends!"

His father didn't answered, just hugged him "I'm sorry Francis, Papa just got a job in New York City and—"

"But it's in the USA! No! I'm not coming!"

Francis tried to shook free from his father, who was desperately trying to calm him, caressing the back of his head, but the kid was too upset

"I'm not coming!" he cried out, jumping off his father's arms and running towards the couch. Matthew went behind him "Francis! Francis! Listen to me!"

"No! I don't want to come!"

His father knelt down trying to hug him again, but Francis just ran away again "No! Don't touch me! I will never go to New York!"

The click of the key in Francis bedroom's door made Matthew grow worried, he knocked several times just to obtain other protests from the kid. It wasn't long before his son went silent and then started sobbing.

"Francis, open this door!" he commanded, just to be ignored again

"Come on, don't throw tantrums, you're such a good boy…"

"I'm not coming out until you change your mind!"

Matthew leaned against the door, letting his forehead rest on the cold wooden surface, leaving out a deep breath to calm down. He was expecting a not too happy reaction from his boy, but this was just too much.

He'd never thought Francis could be so attached to his friends.

He tried to turn the knob, silly idea, but he made the attempt anyway.

The sobs grew and he was sure Francis was crying his heart out now.

"Francis, don't make me repeat myself"

"Then don't. I don't wanna see you anymore! You're mean!"

"So, are you staying jailed there for the rest of your life?" asked Matthew more defeated than ever


"Alright then, we're gonna talk tomorrow when you've calmed down… it's getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow. I hope you will reflect and get on with the idea, because I can't step back"

Matthew fell back onto his bed, that was too much to bear! He was very sorry to make his son sad, but there was nothing best he could do. His wife's family had several financial troubles, she hid Matthew everything, but at her death, facts came to the surface and he had to work himself to the bone to avoid the worse to come.

He still had some debts to pay, and this occasion in New York would have allowed him.

Several times the social workers called him and threatened to take Francis away from him, no: he wouldn't let it happen, not even in his dreams!

He shut his eyes closed trying to sleep, but he couldn't, there were words, someone has said him before his wedding that were echoing in his mind

I told you it would have ended this way! With your son hating you! You should have listened!

Matthew sunk his head in the pillow, trying to repress that voice, and the sense of guilt.

In the morning Francis would have stepped the anger mode, they would have talked and everything would have gone back to normal.

Or, at least that's what Matthew hoped.

In his room Francis was still sat on the floor, his little back against the wooden door, eyes red and cheeks still wet, he grabbed his knees, almost bruising them for the nervousness. This couldn't be happening!

After his mother's death, happened when he was six years old, he had several mood changes. There was the first month in which he was locked in his room and moved just to go to the toilet. It occurred Matthew to fight hard for pushing him outside.

Then there was the refusal and the hate towards all the kids that had a mother, and refused to socialize, and then, he had a complete switch in his mood, he became chatty and friendly towards everyone, sometimes even a little too much.

He met with Gilbert and Antonio at his first year in elementary school, they were the same age and were together in class. It wasn't so hard to become friend with them two, they were chatty and funny, basically the perfect friends for him. They loved joking and playing silly games.

From there, even his father found friends in their parents. He was a little terrified the first time he saw, or better heard, Lovino. But then Antonio showed him how funny it could actually be to take curses out of his mouth, not to mention when his wife, Bella scolded him.

The same thing wasn't worth for Rodereich, who was always serious and obsessed with good manners. The little Gilbert often tried to tease him, but it always ended with the elder as neutral as always and the kid freaking out like a fool, until his mother would have threatened him with a pan, and he would shut up in a second.

Also Matthew was calm, but he was different from Rodereich, the first was pretty cold, and sometimes he had a careless attitude; while the second was far more sensible, and would often screw out, also give himself in tears of nerves when something didn't turn in the right way. And while, once Rodereich made a decision, there was no way to make him think about it a second time, with Matthew some tears and protests would have worked. That was what Francis wanted to obtain in part. He really hoped his father to change idea, he hated the thought of being separated from his friends.


When he woke up, Matthew was glad to notice that Francis had unlocked the door. He silently opened it just to see his son still asleep. He got closer, gently shaking the little shoulder

"Francis…Francis…wake up, your cousin Michelle is coming here…"

Ocean blue eyes looked up at Matthew, still dead tired, he must have fallen asleep very late "Just five more minutes…" he yawned "Please Papa"

Matthew ran a hand in his son's hair, as to comb them "Well then, I'll make her wake you up later"

He went away, carefully closing the door, and leaving some minutes later.

He hated not being able to see Francis for the most of the time, but luckily with the new job coming, he would have plenty of time to spend with him. He gained free Saturdays and Sundays and had less hour to work, but yet he had a more consistent income.

Matthew usually would have given in any drastic decision like this one. New York had never been his dream city: too chaotic, too stressful. But if there were no chances, he just had to get along with it.

Besides, there were too many memories linked with that city. That damned project he had to do, his colleagues and…him. Matthew groaned and slapped his face, everything was over and there was no need to be sorry for this. He was made himself clear that everything was just a game to elude reality…


"Francis, pick up your jacket, we're going to the park" smiled the young girl, tying her long black pigtails with a red ribbon. Francis appeared from the kitchen, a blue jacket folded on his arm

"Are Gilbert and Antonio there?" the little asked hopefully, the girl ruffled his hair playfully "Well, I saw Bella yesterday, she said she would have come. I don't know if Gilbert will be there too"

The walk took them no more than ten minutes, Antonio was jumping the rope, while his little brother Tim sat on Bella's lap.

Next to her there was Gilbert counting his friend's jumps.

"Hey, Francis! Come over here!" weaved Antonio, letting go of his rope and running towards his friend, the little blond didn't need to be told twice as he hurried towards the bench.

"You've finally made it! Come on, we have to find a lost treasure behind the wooden house!" Gilbert took both his friends' arms, dragging them away "Don't get too far! I need to see you! And don't get soaked, you can catch a cold this way!"

Advised Bella.

"Yes mom!"


Antonio dug a hole with his hands, getting all his shirt dirty, while Gilbert was examining the ground to find some useful branches.

Francis sat silent, staring at his friends. The words of his father still bothered him. He didn't want all of this to be lost.

"Hey Franny! What's with that totally unawesome silence?"

The albino was looking at him, clearly puzzled, Antonio had stopped his digging activity to stare as well.

Francis crossed his arms and hung his head, taking a deep breath "My papa wants me to move to New York…"

He said bitterly

"What? But that's totally fantastic! I'd sell my bull doll to visit New York at least once in my life!" cheered Antonio.

"Then we won't be able to see each other anymore…"

Gilbert patted him on the back "Well, then, this means we are coming to see you sometimes, it will be awesome! Can you think about it? Finding treasures in Central Park! That would be awesome!"

"I don't want to move! New York is too far away from here. This means I can see you just once a year…"

Antonio scooted closer as well, becoming serious for a while "But, if your dad decided it, then there's nothing to do with that…"

Francis shook his head vigorously, trying to hide the tears that threatened to break out "No! I don't want! I want to be with you guys! What if then you forget about me? Or I forget about you?" his voice loss power as the sentence ended

"Hey, Franny! We will never forget about you! I'm too awesome for that!" then he looked at Antonio, who was glaring at him "Well! Yes, even Antonio, he's an idiot, but still awesome. So the awesome ones will never forget about you!"

"He's right…wait! Who have you just called an idiot?"

Gilbert smirked and gave his friend a thumb-up "The three, Antonio, the three"

Said boy looked down guilty "'s okay then"

This little cameo helped Francis to find his good mood again, and for the rest of the week he didn't think about the moving anymore.