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Fried oil smell, a general chaos of people running from left to right holding trays and plates, putting in and pulling out pieces of meat and fries, shouting out loud orders to their colleagues. If you stood there with your eyes closed, the fast food could remind some circle of Dante's hell.

Alfred was clearing some tables when one of his colleagues came all running holding a mobile in his hands "Jones!"

He tilted his head up questioningly. The man handed him the device "It sounds important".

He tensed up as soon as the voice announced to be a doctor, and when he heard Matthew was brought to the hospital, he didn't even let the doctor finish, Alfred threw the phone back to his colleague, running out of the restaurant "Cover me for tonight, I really have to go" and he left, with the poor man staring at him in confusion "He's going to work twice of what is in his duty next week."


The kids sat in the rest room, a Nurse was there to check on them.

Francis was curled into a ball on the side of the couch, eyes still red, the previous events left him with a mix of fear and sadness inside.

He heard a violent hit and Arthur was crying desperately. His father was on the floor, motionless.

Luckily he was cold blooded enough to call an Ambulance in time.

Right now, the young Canadian was scared, and a guilty feeling was building up in him, he told his father to go die. He knew that wasn't serious, but realized it just now.

He clutched the hem of his shirt nervously, sobbing and crying.

What if Matthew would never wake up again?

He felt someone leaning on him, Arthur was crying too.

The nurse tried to cheer them up, telling them that Matthew would heal soon, but it was all completely useless. Forgetting the recently happened accident wasn't easy, especially for a kid.


"You are here. Mr. Williams lost his senses consequently to a fall where he hit his head. Nothing to worry about though, we have already checked, there is no kind of brain damage; though we're still have to wait the response of blood analysis, just to be safe."

The doctor explained to Alfred "How did it happen?"

Asked the American still worried about the events.

"According to the nurses and paramedics who rushed in the help of him, he was lying on the floor and there was a fallen chair besides him. I suggest he had a fall in sugars or even a temporary loss of balance, he fell and hit his head against the table or the counter. You don't have to worry about him, though."

Alfred put a hand over his chest letting out a breath of anxiety "Thanks to god."

"Where are the kids?" he asked, alarmed all of sudden.

The doctor made sign to follow him. They walked down the endless white corridors reaching the rest room. He almost had a shot on his heart at the sight of the two sobbing children.

Alfred got closer, kneeling down to check on them.

As soon as he noticed his father was there, Arthur threw himself at him, while Francis curled tighter around himself, like making a protective shield.

"I suggest you to bring them home and make sure they calm down, Mr. Williams is still under the effect of medicines, he wouldn't wake up for a bit. It's pointless for you to stay there, if there will be any relevant news, I will let you know" the doctor advised.

Alfred nodded, stretching a hand towards Francis, caressing his cheek "Have you heard? Your papa is well…" he soothed. The kid tentatively looked up at him, the signs of worry were still marked on the adult's face features.

Francis slowly grabbed his hand, accepting to follow Alfred home.


The entire building was silent, and all of this was a little upsetting. Francis tightened his grip on Alfred's hand.

The door opened with a squeaking noise, allowing them to the messy apartment.

Alfred leaned Arthur on the bed, the kid had long drifted off in the car.

"Francis, it's better for you to sleep as well, tomorrow we're going to visit your dad"

The boy shook his head "I can't sleep"

"I see, come with me. I hope a cup of hot honey milk will help you"

They moved to the kitchen, Francis sat silently, his eyes still red for the amount of tears that flowed that night. Alfred took a pot out of the cabinet, he felt quite uneasy with the child around, not knowing how to behave and which words to say.

He poured the milk inside the pot and patiently mixed it with the honey.

"Why are you wearing your uniform?" asked Francis suddenly

"Oh, well…" Alfred glanced at the clock "…I was supposed to be working now"

The kid bit his lower lip, looking away "Don't you risk to get fired?"

"Well, it might happen in places like that, but I care more about your father than money. I could always find another job.." he put the sweet liquid into a cup and turned to give it to Francis "…besides I was worry for you."

The boy looked up from the warm mug "..For…for me?"

"Yes, I know you may not know me well, and maybe you also don't like me because…well because it's me…but I actually care about you. I imagined how scary could have been for you"

Now he could see why his father was so happy to be with Alfred. He would have never sworn the American could feel so attached to his father, maybe then, it was right to let them stay together.

The matter that bothered him from the beginning was that his father seemed to share a stronger bond with Alfred rather than his mom. But now that he could see it, his father deserved to be loved, and the annoying American seemed the only one who could accomplish this task.

He bit on the edge of the porcelain mug, taking another sip.

Alfred noticed that new tears were forming at the corner of the younger's eyes, this time he decided to act by instinct and hugged the boy, who, surprisingly, didn't resist, he just leaned his head on his chest "I'm sorry Alfred…it…was all just my fault…"

Alfred stroke his back lightly, trying to comfort him "It's not your fault. That was an accident. It could have happened to anyone"

"But…I said terrible things to papa…I…I was mean"

Even though he didn't know what happened before, Alfred decided not to question further, there would be time later.

He lifted the boy up and moved to the couch, rocking him gently "Calm down Francis, don't cry, you will be able to hug your papa soon" he soothed keeping the gentle cradling motion.

When Francis seemed to have fallen asleep, Alfred moved to the bedroom and placed him besides Arthur, he left to have a shower for his nose's sake.

"Alfred…" said man looked down at the little drowsy figure "…you promise me to take care of papa, and never hurt him?" the words were almost mumbled, but Alfred understood them all. He placed a kiss on the boy's forehead "It's a duty for me."


Matthew woke up confused, his head still pounding. That wasn't his room, it was all white. Where had the maple forest painting gone?

The night suit he was wearing immediately advised him he was at the hospital. What for?

It took him a bit to recall the past events, and when he did, he felt sad inside. Was Francis still mad at him? Wait a moment, where was Francis?

Matthew rang the bell for a nurse to come.

A pretty old and rounded woman came in all the way smiling "Oh, Mr. Williams, you're awake"

He didn't even have time to speak that the nurse rushed out of the room.

Few seconds after, he could hear some childish and familiar yells coming from the outer corridor. Francis ran inside, climbing on the chair on the side of the bed, hugging Matthew tight "Papa! You're awake! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I promise I won't get mad at you like I did yesterday…"

Matthew stoke his son's hair smiling "I'm happy to see you Francis, papa was worried. Where did you spent the night?"

"Alfred brought me to his house…" he looked around and whispered close to his father's ear "…you should teach him how to clean and tidy a room properly"

Matthew giggled, he felt relieved that all the tension built up the previous night had vanished away.

"Papa, I have something to tell you"

His father smiled and nodded "Yes?"

"I am sorry for what I said, I want you and Alfred to be happy together. I was selfish…and I'm so sorry."

Alfred appeared on the door, holding Arthur in his arms "I can't leave you alone five minutes that you make a huge mess…" he joked, moving closer and placing a kiss on his lover's forehead.

The nice picture was interrupted by the cough of the doctor behind them "Sorry to ruin such an happy moment, I've come here to advise that the fall made no damage at all and that Mr. Williams could exit the hospital tonight. I recommend you to eat a little more, though. The results of blood analysis revealed a scarce sugar and iron content in your body"

With that he went away.

Alfred smiled pinching his belly "See? At least I won't suffer for sugar losses"


Events seemed to have just a positive increase from that point. Alfred got called by an editor, they liked his latest ideas and were ready to publish his works.

The sales of his comics guaranteed him a good income, plus he found job in a multimedia store as a shop assistant, where his wage was higher than the one at Burger King, and with surely more affordable shifts.

Matthew finally finished to pay his debts, also helped by Alfred and they succeeded to rent an apartment that was big enough to contain four people.

They spent the first two months together as a family at Matthew's, but really, they had to pass over each other to do anything. And when the kids would have get older, it would became impossible to move at all.

The new apartment had a bedroom and a bathroom more, which allowed Arthur and Francis to have their own room, even, until the age of ten years old, Arthur would occasionally sneak into his foster brother's room whenever a nightmare bothered him, and always putting forward the excuse that the noises outside his window didn't let him sleep properly.

Francis got used to the "Big Brother" thing, he slowly became attached to the younger boy, he was jealous about him.

On his first year of elementary school, Arthur was often bullied. Luckily for him, Francis would go and protect him, even if he risked to get beaten as well.

Francis learned from Alfred how to paint, and growing up he became far better than his teacher in oil painting. He tried to repay his foster father by learning him how to keep a room properly tidy, but Alfred wasn't very keen on learning. More than once happened that someone sat on a painting brush or a pencil, and the sensation wasn't too pleasuring.

Once happened that Alfred forgot a neon pink temper color can open on the floor and Matthew, accidentally, dropped it all on the floor while he was going to eat something. It took them the whole day to clear the white marble pavement, and yet there's still a pinkly shade on that part.

These little hitches aside, life was good.


Little flash-forward

"Wake up you bloody frog! What the hell! It's two in the afternoon!"

Arthur's voice echoed in Francis's room, said boy looked at the digital clock and just turned himself over, covering his head with the pillow.

Arthur grabbed the sheet and threw them aside "There's no time to sleep over, wanker! Wake up already!"

The other sighed, there was no way he could succeed to sleep a little longer. He sat up rubbing his eyes "May I know why on earth are you shouting like this for?"

"You completely forgot it, you bloody git! Don't you?"

Francis looked at the calendar on his bedside table 22nd October 2022. Shit! That was the tenth year Alfred and Matthew got engaged.

"Merde! I was forgetting it.."

"I noticed, now drag your bloody ass out of that bed and help me!"

They moved to the living room that was a big mess as usual: sheets, paint brushes, pens and other stuff everywhere. Francis sighed heavily, Alfred would have never learnt.

"I guess we should start here"

Arthur nodded.

The two brothers decided to prepare a surprise for their fathers to celebrate the anniversary, Francis made sure that the two would stay away from home as long as possible.

"Bloody hell!" Arthur screamed in pain, holding his foot with both hands, his foster brother looked at him questioningly "What?"

"Something pointy just pierced my foot"

"We'd need armors to clean this mess up" groaned Francis while putting the brushes aside in a box.

His brother was doing the same with pens "I will never understand why he pulls all this bloody stuff out when he only uses the black pen!"

"Because in the rare times he decides to put some order, he just closes all the stuff together in a box, and when he needs the pen, he just scatters all the brushes and company around again."

Arthur piled all the sheets scattered up and moved them on the desk in his room. He then moved to the bathroom looking for something in the cabinets there, and cursing aloud when he didn't found that.

"What's wrong mon cher?"

"Don't call me that. Where the hell is the dusting cloth?"

"In the kitchen, second drawer on the left"

"They've always been there! Who moved them?"

"Speak to papa, the last one to tidy the bathroom was him" Said Francis in a defensive tone.

They needed more than a hour to completely clean the living room. There were objects coming out from everywhere, like the tennis ball that magically appeared under the armchair, which Arthur almost killed himself with.

When even the floor was washed, Francis threw himself on the couch "This was infinite!"

Arthur sat beside him, taking a breath "I've never risked my life so much in such a brief time!" he then glanced at his brother "What's left to do?"

"I'll go and make the cake now" he answered jumping up from the seat.

"That's great! I'll help you out!"

Francis abruptly turned and gave him a scared look "Please don't! It's not that you aren't good at cooking, is just that the stoves seem to don't like you too much, I mean, every time you try to make something they decide to set themselves on fire…"

"Fuck you!" he pouted, knowing his brother was right "Should I prepare the bedroom?"

"That would be a great idea!"


When Matthew got out of work he had to spend something like forty minutes in the traffic. Francis needed the car, and so he and Alfred had to get used with one. He still didn't know why that day his son had this urge, he was stubborn and insisted until Matthew had no choice but do as he asked.

And now here he was, blocked in the middle of the city. That avenue was never so crowded, but obviously, when you're dead tired and look forward to go home and ravage your bed, the fate just decides to help and make everything even harder.

He didn't have one of his best days either. The idiots at the sail department had got the sums wrong , the coffee machine in the office was broken, Mr. Barton's secretary went crazy and ran out of the building screaming.

Yes, for Matthew that was a hell of a day.

Luckily for his mental sanity, Alfred was already out waiting for him, he had heavy black bags under his eyes as well, Matthew deduced the meeting was a pain in the ass for his companion.

He got into the car, kissed Matthew and leaned back onto the seat, dead. "I'm so tired, I'd skip dinner to see a bed!" groaned Alfred "We are on the same line…"

Matthew reached the apartments block, and as the two parked the car, Arthur and Francis came out of the building. As soon as they saw their parents, the teens hugged them.

"We are going to stay at uncle Jack's tonight. He wants to show us the pictures of his last trip to Australia…" said Francis

"That's okay, don't go to sleep too late though, and tomorrow be home for lunch"

"Alright papa, don't worry, I'll look after Arthur"

"Like I need a baby sitter at sixteen years old…."

Matthew chuckled at the sight of his two complaining children and Alfred did the same, they stareded as both their sons walked into the car and drove away.

Alfred stood at the door's apartment, sneezing something in the air "Can you feel it? It smells like sugar and fruit. I'm afraid of going in"

"Come on, Alfred! Don't be so tragic about it! If Arthur decided to cook lunch today, maybe the kitchen will smell of burning for a bit" Matthew opened the living room door, sneezing a little and giving a relaxed breathe "This looks like chocolate more than burning"

The lights flickered on and both of the men had a gasp. There was a freshly baked chocolate and vanilla cake with strawberries on the table. On top there was a sentence written with the cream

Happy 10th anniversary papa and dad"

Alfred clapped his hands together eagerly, his stomach enlarging with anticipation "Francis is something magic!"

Matthew took out the knife and made two pieces of the cake, needless to say, Alfred ate almost good half of the whole pie.

Matthew gave a displeased sigh "Would you believe that our children remembered about our anniversary while we didn't? It's kinda sad" Alfred took his hand "Well, you could be right, but with the latest rhythms, we're lucky to remember our own names!"

"Maybe…" Matthew yawned "Shall we go to bed?"


After undressing and washing themselves, the couple made his way to the bedroom, completely unaware that their kids fiddled with that room as well.

As soon as the light flickered on, their jaws literally dropped, there were rose petals scattered all over the bed surface, and they noticed how Arthur carefully decorated the covers by sewing their names framed with roses and lilies. On every furniture there were candles and flowers.

The packet of condoms in the middle of pillows was the cherry on top. Alfred laughed his ass off, while Matthew's face became bright red. There was a note behind the condoms, written on a light blue paper. Alfred immediately recognized it to be Arthur's handwriting.

Dear dad and papa,

Me and Francis were so happy for you that we decided to make you a surprise, not just to celebrate your anniversary, but to show you how much we love you.

I just inform you that we are out for tonight, so feel free to do whatever you want for this special date.

I want to clarify that I just wanted the cake and the bed covers. All the stuff I had to scatter around your bedroom was all an idea of that pervert frog that is my brother. He said that after the cake you needed to move in order to burn calories.

Hope you liked our presents,

With love,

Francis and Arthur

Matthew had tears in his eyes, beside the surprise, he found his children's thought one of the sweetest things they ever did.

"What are we supposed to do now?" he asked. Alfred pulled him down on the bed, pinning him to the mattress "Our sons worked so hard to pleasure us. I think it's sign of good education to accept"

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