Summary: Ichigo and Renji end up in a discussion that leads them towards the 12th division, where, with Ichigo's bad luck, they end up being covered in one of Mayuri's failed experiments.

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Ichigo and Renji shot a glare at each other before finally taking in their surroundings.

Oh shit.

They were not where this discussion…. Uhm fight, had started out. They'd started out on the training grounds of the sixth division but now somehow found themselves in a room in what was obviously the 12th division. All the bottles with weird colored fluids were the giveaway.

And that's when they noticed that they were covered in one of those fluids. A bright purple one.

Oh shit.

And before they could even really think about it they found their skin itching while they were decreasing in size until they were only about 25cm high.

The teen gazed at his best friend, blinking before quickly telling the other they had to hide when they heard the door open. "Renji. HIDE!"

And they hid beneath the shells right on time to see the captain of the 12th division walk in, cursing before he seemed to realize the situation was better than he'd guessed. The man started chuckling, much to the horror of both men hiding away, and started saying something about 'failed experiments', 'werecats' and 'heat'. And to be completely honest they really didn't like the sound of that.

But soon after the man left, not even noticing the clothes on the floor, or maybe just ignoring them. The two man quickly gazed at each other, now finally able to see each other.

"we're cats….. You've got to be frigging kidding me." Renji, the now black cat, mumbled.

"yeah well. Cats or not. We've got to get out of here before he finds us and decides to experiment on us because his experiment didn't fail in the end." The orange cat mumbled back.

They ran out as fast as they could, quickly hiding away in the bushes and running to the sixth division training ground. "We've gotta find a way into my quarters. We're probably save there." The redhead mumbled.

Ichigo agreed wholeheartedly. That was until the captain of the sixth division, Byakuya Kuchiki, decided to come outside and sit against one of the trees. He cursed but followed Renji out of the bushes anyway, walking as silent as he possibly could.

But apparently that wasn't silent enough because they suddenly heard Byakuya, the man they thought to be stoic, call after them. Thankfully not by their names. Just by 'here kitty kitty."

They stared at each other with wide eyes and decided to play along. If they acted like cats, then the man probably wouldn't even notice it was them. So they walked towards him, sniffing his hand and then rubbing their heads against said head.

Okay, he'd got to admit. That felt pretty good.

And apparently Renji thought the very same because the man…. No, Cat, was now purring loudly. But that wasn't what shocked him most. No the thing that shocked him most was the fact that the black haired noble chuckled at the sound.

"You know. You two remind me a bit of my lieutenant and Kurosaki. Escpecially you-" he said mumbling while petting Ichigo. "You even have the orange hair."

They once again stared at each other. Still pretty much in shock from hearing the stoic man chuckle.

"I am just wondering how you got here. We normally don't have cats in the seireitei." He picked up the black cat and petted it on the head. "You hungry?" he mumbled softly, now rubbing the cat behind it's ears. "I bet you are. Come. I shall have someone prepare some food for you."

He put the cat on the floor and started walking while once in a while looking back to see if they were indeed following him.


Ichigo and Renji were both purring loudly, laying on their back. They were stuffed, and thankfully not with catfood but with cooked chicken. "Y'know." The redhead mumbled, patting at the teen to get his attention. "I actually wouldn't mind staying here like this."

"yeah. I bet you could." The other mumbled back before rolling on his side to watch outside. The sun was setting and it was slowly getting darker, covering the beautiful garden with a blanket. The sight was absolutely something Ichigo liked, especially when stars started to show and the moon softly illuminated it.

But suddenly his skin started itching again and he stared at his paw as it slowly started deforming back into a hand.

"RENJI!" He poked the other one who had been dozing off. "We gotta go. We're changing back." He said quickly as he stood up and started pulling the other one with him. "C'mon! before he enteres and sees us change. We're goddamn naked!"

The redhead's eyes snapped open and he looked at Ichigo. "'Kay. Time to go."

Not even five seconds later they were outside, hiding once again in the bushes. They slowly started to grow and held themselves as low as possible, waiting for the itching to stop. And when it finally did they took a look at each other, both suddenly putting their hands on their heads to feel around.

"Goddamnit!" The baboon cursed. "Why do we still have these friggin ears." He lowered his hand to his lower back, his brow twitching when he felt a furry long tail. "And a tail! Are you kidding me! How am I gonna go to work tomorrow aye? He's gonna recognize me!"

"Yeah well at least your 'attachments' aren't bright fucking orange.." The younger one mumbled, before pulling Renji along with him when the noble came outside to look for them. "C'mon. We're going into the rukongai. See if we can steal some clothes. A little bird told me you're great at that."

The redhead scoffed. "Good? I'm fricking GREAT when it comes to that."

About an hour later they finally had some clothes to wear. They may have not been from the best quality. Or may have even only been pants. But they didn't want to steal too much stuff from the people who already had so little.

They sneaked back into the seireitei, going to Ichigo's place because Renji's place would be the first place the stoic noble would look for said lieutenant and dropped down onto the bed.

Soon after both of them were asleep.