Recap: "yeah well. Now he wants to test some drug to counteract the heat just in case I get my heat when I'm not anyway near him. But he needs to get the heat inducing drug into me first."

"…Right." Renji's grin only widened and Ichigo stared at him warily before he suddenly felt hands grab him and a needle pierce his skin, making him yowl loudly. "RENJI GODDAMNIT! WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN ME!?" Ichigo mewled out as the drug started taking it's effect.


Ichigo yelped as he was thrown onto the futon by the perverted shopkeeper he called his lover. He couldn't this was happening to him right now. His body was burning up and his was very much living up to his false namesake as his face was a bright strawberry red color.

He growled softy at Urahara as the man tried to get closer to him with another syringe.

"C'mon Ichi." The man said with a devious smirk on his lips. "I need to know if this works, and if it doesn't I'll take care of you just like last time." He pets Ichigo on the head, rubbing his newly appeared ears until the teen's defenses lower themselves and he starts purring softly.

He waits until he is sure the 'kitten' won't respond to the needle before pushing said needle into the teen's arm and pushing the slightly blue fluid inside.

Ichigo glances at the needle before glancing up at the shopkeeper with half lidded eyes, the purring sound only raising in volume.

"How do you feel?" The scientist asked as he stroked Ichigo behind his puffy cat-ears again.

"I don't feel any different." The teen mumbles out. "I'm still burning up from the inside out, only now it's going faster than before." The last part came out as a silent whimper, followed by a low moan coming from between Ichigo's lips.

Urahara chuckled loudly, making Ichigo glare at him and mumble a not so meant 'I hate you' before he started whimpering again.

Ten minutes later Ichigo found himself completely naked with his very eager lover already preparing him for more to come. He could feel the scientist poking his prostate, watching his reactions very intently like he didn't already know how he reacted to this mind-numbing pleasure coursing through his twitching body.

A loud moan escaped his lips as he told his lover to 'hurry the fuck up and do him already'. Which Urahara happily obliged to. Like he was ever going to say no to something like that? Okay, maybe he would say no if Isshin was way too close to where they were. He didn't want to get killed yet.

The hated man pulled out his three fingers out of his lover's entrance and positioned himself with the tip of his member against the puckered hole. He could barely restrain himself, but he knew that he had to push in slow and not slam inside because Ichigo was actually nowhere near prepared enough.

But when the teen get's impatient and orders you around you listen to what he has to say. He'd already learned that in only these few weeks since Ichigo and Renji had stumbled into the shop as cats.

And of course he wasn't really in for the punishment he'd most likely receive in case of not obeying the teen's orders.

He waited for a couple of moments more before he –finally- started moving, going faster and faster every time he deemed fit, or every time the writhing teen underneath him ordered him to do so.

He watched with interest as Ichigo moaned and spasmed underneath him, so very close to his climax and helping himself to reach it with that soft fluffy tail of his. A groan escaped the orange haired teen's lips as he finally fell over that edge, pulling the older blond along.

Urahara collapsed on top of his lover with a soft puff of air escaping his mouth. They haven't even lasted that long but he was still feeling kind of exhausted. He gazed up at his equally tired lover with a gentle smile that told him the three words without having actually spoken them.

"How are you feeling now?" He asked, smile widening till a full blown grin.

"Tired, exhausted, still kinda hot and about ready to chop your dick off for making me go through this again."

The scientist gulped at that response and buried his face against the other's collarbone making a soft whimpering noise before apologizing to the teen.

"I know. Science always gets the better of you. I guess I'll just have to live with that. But at least give me a chance next time. 'kay?"

The shopkeeper nodded eagerly, promising the other to do exactly that before pulling him closer and waiting for the other to fall asleep. He knew exactly how out of character the teen made him act. But he didn't really care about that right now. All he cared about was that –first of all- he was forgiven and –second of all- he was allowed to keep his 'attachment' where it belonged. And he needed that attachment very badly for giving Ichigo the time of his life thankyouverymuch.

He gazed at the other's sleeping face for a little while and kissed his forehead before laying his head down and going to sleep as well. Maybe they could retry the experiment later on.