A deep sigh escaped Byakuya's lips as he walked into the council room. Today they were finally going to get an answer about their relationship. It had been a week since they had returned from the living world. A week in which they weren't allowed any contact other than that as a captain and lieutenat. A week in which they had held back even the smallest of kisses, hoping that –somehow, maybe- it would work out in their favour not to openly show their relationship yet. Hoping that it would push the council in a positive decision because it would prove that they could indeed seperate their personal lives from their professionals.

But as he took a look at the faces staring at him his lips tightened in a frown. He didn't like that they looked so serious because that most likely didn't point to the positive reaction he was hoping for. It barely even crossed his mind that they always looked like this. Maybe it just disturbed him so deeply because the matter of discussion today was so personal, so close to his once frozen heart.

"Byakuya-sama. Please seat yourself." The head-elder stated in a deadpan voice very similar to the captains one.

The clanleader did as was asked of him and seated himself in his usual seat at the head of the table, not even being able to hide exactly how nervous he was feeling.

Not that he was in any way intending to end his relationship with Renji just because they said so. Renji had come to mean so much more to him these last weeks. So much more than he'd even thought possible. They would just have to keep their relationship a well-kept secret.

"First of all we would like you to call you fukutaichou here. We'd like him to be present.

The nobleman's eyes widened at that. He had no clue if that was a particular good sign, or a very bad one.

Only ten minutes later a hesitant knock was heard from the door and a servant lead the very pale looking fukutaichou into the room.

The eyes of the elders followed the redhaired male as he sat down in the chair next to his lovers, not daring to look back at them. He hadn't expected to be called here. Byakuya was supposed to handle this situation and then tell him the conclusion. He wasn't supposed to be here, the council never invited in 'strangers' and that was so close to giving him a nervous break-down.

"okay. First of all; Abarai-fukutaichou. We want you to keep everything we talk about in this room to yourself. You are not to talk about this to anybody except Byakuya, us, or the healers of the houshold."

The baboon nodded and waited for them to go on with whatever they wanted to discuss.

"Okay first we would like to adress the most important part, the part we especially called you here for Abarai-fukutaichou, the part about the possibility to an heir."

At that the two lovers gazed at each other and swalowed. This couldn't in any way be good.

"Now. As a noble clan we have another way of creating an heir other than the 'normal way'. We have a procedure that can allow men to bare children. The only problem with that is that, to keep it a secret, we have to find Byakuya-sama a wife who will act as the mother. After a while you will have the possibility to divorce unless you wish otherwise."

Renji's eyes widened. "Wait.. Wait What?"

"To be short, Abarai-fukutaichou. Would you be willing to bare Byakuya-sama's child, because, as a clanleader he cannot be hidden away from the public eye for the duration of the pregnancy. It would also be him who will have to act as the father with his wife who will act as the mother."

"I'm sorry but no." Everybody stared at him with wide eyes, Byakuya's eyes filled with hurt. "I would not be willing to bare Byakuya's child and then have the child not recognize who I am. If I were to carry his children, I want them to know who I am, and not be the third wheel, the 'affair'. I wouldn't want to see my children call somebody else their 'mommy'." He crossed his arms and glared at the elders. "I can't even believe that anybody would ever say yes to it with those conditions."

Byakuya grabbed his hand and squeezed it, looking at him with this thankful look in his eyes.

"I agree with R- Abarai-fukutaichou. I would not be willing to marry a women and see how my children call her mother while she didn't carry them, while Renji would be standing at the side, waiting for the divorce and even then the children wouldn't recognize him as a parent."

The head-elder sighed heavily and nodded. "Then how would you solve the problem about the secrecy?" he asked with a serious tone. "Unless you find a way to hide all of this from the public eye I will not allow you to do this."

"Why do we even have to hide it?" Renji asked seriously. "Wouldn't it be way easier to just come out and say it?"

"Because people could abuse the knowledge."

"How? You said so yourself that it is a procedure. So it's not like with a women right? It's not like the men can suddenly become pregnant? How could people possibly abuse the knowledge. If I am completely honest I only so something positive here. You might even make other people happy by giving them a chance to bare the children from the ones they love."

Once again they were all staring at him with confused looks on their eyes. "I'm not proposing you tell everybody the procedure, just that it is possible. If it were me, I would only tell Unohana-taichou about the procedure, maybe even Kotetsu-san."

A glimmer appeared in the head-elders eyes and Renji had no idea what to think about that.

"You are a true leader aren't you Abarai-san? You immediately have an answer to something the council has been having a discussion over for over a century. "

Renji's face immediately turned bright red. A compliment was about the last thing he had expected to hear from the man, and judging from the baffled look in Byakuya's eyes, he hadn't expected this from neather of them as well.

"Is that a yes to my proposition?" The redhead asked cautiously.

"We will think about it. But until then you are allowed to maintain your relationship under the condition you keep it hidden at least until we have an answer. "

They both nodded and waited for the council to dismiss them before walking outside as calmly as possible.

Once outside of the room Byakuya pushed Renji against the wall and kissed him passionately making the younger one gasp in surprise.

"Byakuya?" he choked out when he broke away for air.

"I'm sorry, I'm not normally like this but it has been too long since I got to kiss you and somehow I found you speaking up like that really hot."

The redhead's eyes widened to a comically level. He knew Byakuya could get really passionate, of course: it showed especially in their bedroom. But for it to be so bad that he couldn't even wait until they were at the clanleaders room, or at least until they were out of the council building.

"So you like me speaking up then? Taking the lead? Bossing people around? Going against the rules?"

He stared into the older man's eyes with a soft smirk, a smirk that widened as some ideas started flooding his mind.

"Would you like me to boss you around?" He asked with a husky voice, same smirk still playing on his lips.

The captain stared up at him with wide eyes, this was not going like he had planned, not that he had really planned any of this of course, but something like this happening hadn't even crossed his mind.

"Well. Would you? Tell me." Renji's voice took on that autorative tone, the tone he used to speak to the shinigami in his squad and it made Byakuya's legs turn to jelly. Nobody dared to speak to him like that.

Nobody except Renji. And it turned him on way more than it should have

" ."

"yes. I do find that I quite like that."

Well at least his brain was still working a little as he was not yet turned into a babbling mess.

Little did he know that he was about to.


A loud moan escaped the clanleaders lips as he tugged on his restraints. After their 'conversation' Renji had just picked him up and had flash stepped as fast as he possibly could to the captain's room before throwing him on the bed and tying him to it with a playful smirk.

Something Byakuya hadn't really appreciated until Renji started using that voice again, commanding him to lay still, before kissing him just as passionately as before.

Another loud moan escaped his abused lips as the redhead started lowering himself, first kissing his neck, right below the ear, then going to the chest, taking a pinkish nipple in his mouth and softly biting on it before licking it apolegetically. He switched to the other one and treated it exactly the same while he let his hands wander down, following the happy trail into the other's pants and pulling those off in one quick movement.

The redhead grinned widely as he stroked the head with his thumb; grin widening at the shudder he heard from above him.

"You want more?"

A gasp was the only answer he got at that, but it told him enough. So he slowly lowered himself, licking all the way down before taking the head, now covered in leaked pre-cum, into his mouth and giving it a harsh suck.

"R-Renji... More."

And he'd officially reduced his normally always so in control, stoic captain lover to a babbling mess. Mission accomplished.

He moved his hands to Byakuya's mouth, carresing the skin of the man's abdomen, chest and neck as he went.


The glare he received only lasted for a second before the mouth opened and he could push his fingers inside, watching as the captain's tongue wrapped itself around them, wettening them with his saliva until they were dripping.

With a smile he pulled them back, a string of saliva still connecting the fingers to the man's lips.

"You know taichou," the title left his mouth in a seductive whisper, "you look really hot like this."

He moved the fingers down, leaving a wet trail against the man's chest and abdomen, moving the finger over the flushed, hot shaft and even further down to the puckered hole.

"How bad do you want this?" Renji asked while teasingly pushing against the hole. "How bad?"


A moan was the only answer he got once again, but it was all he needed as an answer really. Because it so overly obvious meant 'really really bad." And he decided to oblige his captain's request, pusing one finger inside before moving it around.

He kept an eye on the man's expressions, watching carefully for any signs of pain, intending to stop once one showed itself. But none did, so he quickly added a second and started stretching with a scissoring move.

More soft moans started escaping the noble's lips and Renji decided he very much liked those sounds, so he started searching for the man's prostate, softly rubbing against it once he found the sensitive bundle of nerves. Always touching it, but never enough.

Which was not only a great turn on for the man underneath him, but a great frustration as well.

"Renji!" Byakuya growled out from in between his teeth. "stop teasing me."

"aww but I like teasing you taichou. Your reactions are so cute?"

The captain's face turned a bright red shade, and if they weren't in the bedroom right now, Renji should probably start fearing for his life. He shudered at the thought of the clanleader 'punishing'him.

Okay, so he might have a slight kink, everybody has kinks right?

He smirked at the thought and jabbed Byakuya's prostate harshly one last time before pulling his fingers out and positioning himself against the man's entrance.


"yes, now hurry up."

Renji snickered as he bent down, kissing his lover on the lips –biting gently on the bottom one- before thrusting inside in one swift movement causing the both of them to gasp.

The redhead waited for a little while, until he was sure the older man was accustomed to his –not really small- size and then started a slow pace, thrusting in deeper and harder everytime the other man begged for it, and only then.

Only when the man begged for it he gave him what he wanted.

Apparantly he had some kind of power-kink as well.

With a few well placed thrusts he finally found the man's prostate, making him moan the loudest he'd ever done, making it impossible for Renji to stop smirking.

They were so doing this again.

He kept his pace, hard and fast, going as deep as he could, jabbing the sensitive bundle of nerves everytime he thrust inside until he could feel the captain twitch and contract around him, feeling the warm come hit his stomach before he himself tumbled over the edge, releasing deep inside his lover before collapsing on top of him.

They laid there like that for about 10 minutes before Byakuya aparantly got sick of being tied up to the bed.

"Renji. Untie me."

"Aigh Aigh sir." The redhead mumbled sleepily before doing as his captain told him. Because in the end he always did what his lover asked of him.

He rolled of the nobleman, cuddling into his side, feeling sleepy as hell.

But Byakuya wasn't in for that, the man wanted to talk, much to the sleepy lieutenants displeasure.

"Would you really?" Was all the ravenhaired man asked, but Renji got the message loud and clear.

"Yeah. Not immediatly thought, maybe in the future, when i can have it my way, not with the disturbing rules your elders have."

Byakuya nodded and pulled him even closer to him, actually cuddling.

"I would like that. I would like that very much." He mumbled softly, before they both drifted off to sleep.


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