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Chapter Five: Never Gonna Give You Up...

Emo walked over to Metal's desk. "Hey, Metal." Metal looked up from his mirror. He was spiking up his hair. "Oh! Hey, Emo," he replied, looking up at the younger female who stood at his desk. "Tech and Dub said I could ask you if there's any desks around?" Metal seemed confused by her nicknames for Techno and Dubstep. She figured that she should have nicknames for their nicknames.

"Techno and Dubstep?" he asked her. She nodded, and replied, "Yeah. You have any desks?" He nodded and said, "I got a desk when I figured no one would give me one. Turns out that they gave me one before I had the chance to bring the one I bought in. I could add some stuff to it, make it more you, if you want. Or you could do it," Metal said. "I can add stuff of my own, but thanks for the offer. I'll take it!" she said, smiling.

"Hey, Emo..." Intern 2 greeted her, stopping her near the coffee maker. "Hey, Intern 2!" she said, smiling. She was happy to see him, and hoped to get to know him. She had nowhere to go. "Um... how's things with Techno and Dubstep?" he asked, trying to make some conversation before he asked her out for coffee. "Good. I just got a desk from Metal, so... yeah.

"How are things with you, Intern 2?" she asked, a little excitedly. "Good... Scene's been watching Nyan Cat all day so she's been quiet, leaving me some peace." Emo nodded. She knew how Scene got whenever she was bored. Scene would always groan and moan until the other person either walked away or did something with her to keep her entertained.

"Yeah, Scene can be really loud." They both smiled, talking about a little bit of everything for a few minutes. "I know this may be rushing things," Intern 2 said, readying himself to ask her out. "Would you want to go with me for coffee or something?" Emo instantaneously nodded and said, "I'd love to."

Just then, Idol walked into the break room.

"INTERN 2 JUST ASKED EMO OUT!" Idol screamed, angrily, into the camera. "AND SHE SAID YES! AGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Idol was pissed off and everyone knew it. The film crew didn't bother to ask Idol any questions. They just let her blow off steam by yelling into the lens. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! HOW THE HELL DID THAT EVER HAPPEN? Ugh..." she said, calming down.

"I guess I better update the company Facebook..."

"I did it!" Intern 2 cried, happily. "I asked Emo out, and she said YES!" Intern 2 wasn't usually like this. He was so energetic and happy that the film crew began to supsect that he had been talking to Scene a lot more than he should. "I can't believe it!" But then, the blue-eyed uptight man got serious. "But, I mean... It's not like a date or anything, though."

But he could tell from the looks on their faces that the film crew was thinking, "Yeah. RIIIIIIGHT."

The next day was Emo and Intern 2's coffee date, and Emo was excited as she could ever be. She had even put on her best dress. It was black and red striped and had thin straps on the top, with a black corset separating the top from the skirt. It had black ruffles and red lace. She was still wearing her black combat boots, though, but she had on black fishnet stockings.

She looked better than she ever had, or at least, in her opinion. When she went outside, Intern 2's car was parked in front of her house. He stood at the end of the sidewalk wearing khakis, black penny loafers, and a red sweater vest over a white button-up dress shirt. His brunette hair was slicked back as usual, though it was a little messier than usual. It wasn't different, but it looked nice on him.

When he saw Emo, his jaw dropped. "Hi, Intern 2!" she said, in an energetic way that reminded Intern 2 of Scene. He couldn't believe it. She had gotten all dressed up... FOR HIM! And she looked amazing. He was stunned. "H-Hey, Emo... Might I say that you look AMAZING? If I knew that you were going to be dressing up like this, I would've dressed up, too!"

She smirked at the tall brunette man in front of her as he gestured for her to get in the passenger's seat of his car. It was an old convertible, with light blue paint. Emo liked it, a lot. Intern 2 sat in the driver's seat, next to her. "It's going to be a long way until the coffee shop, so be prepared," he said, grabbing his seatbelt. She followed him and put on her seatbelt.

"So, Intern 2..." she said, when they got to the first stoplight, "that CAN'T be your real name. If I tell you my real name, would you tell me YOURS?" He looked at her. He was guessing her name would be different, like a name that could be used for both genders. He liked Logan and Spencer, but he wasn't sure if they quite matched up to the grandeur that was sitting next to him.

"Okay," he said, smiling at his date. She held out a hand for him to shake said, "My name is Echo. Echo Riesman. And you are?" He liked the name, Echo. It really suited her. "Hello, Echo, my name is James Evans," he said, shaking her hand. She smiled and said, "James, huh? Mind if I call you Jimmy?" He liked the way she said his name. It sounded beautiful when it came out of her mouth. He smiled even wider than he was before, and replied, "Sure, feel free."

They talked and laughed for the remainder of the trip and on the date, they drank coffee and talked. It turned out that the two had a lot in common! Intern 2/Jimmy even asked her out on a SECOND date! Well, of course, Emo/Echo was going to say yes. What else WOULD she have said to someone she liked so much?

Their first date was over, and they were in front of Echo's house. Jimmy smiled, happy that for once someone didn't just call him "Intern 2." She got out of the convertable and said, "So, where should we go next time?" Jimmy smiled and replied, "How about we go somewhere you like?" Echo nodded and said, "I'd like that." Jimmy walked her to her front door.

There, on the third step of the four that lead to the door to Echo's house, at exactly 2:43 and 12 seconds P.M., they had their first kiss. She initiated it, pulling him towards her. They stayed lip-locked for about 10 seconds, not too long, not too short. It's funny, she thought, how 10 seconds seemed like forever. When the two pulled away, they both had blissful looks on their faces.

"Goodbye... Jimmy," Echo said, waving at him, halfway through her doorway. He was walking back towards his car, but turned around and waved back. When she got inside, she screamed and called up Scene.

"Hey, Scene... You'll never believe this... I'M IN LOVE!"

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