A young woman, who appeared to be in her late teens, stood before us. She had long wavy white hair and bright emerald green eyes. Her skin was very, very pale. She had on a long blue and white long sleeved gown and a crown on ice and crystals atop her head. "My name is Icelia, fairy of ice. I have been your protector since you and Liam were born. I took the form of a dog to be able to protect you better. When you're mother decided to send you to Gravity Falls, I knew that I would have to be extra careful with who you are around and what you say. When I first met Dipper and Mabel, I knew that they weren't a threat and you would keep each other safe. It was chance that you fell in love with one another, but it will help you in your journey," she explained.

"What do you mean, 'fell in love with each other'? Yeah, Liam and Mabel are dating but-" "You like Dipper, and Dipper likes you. You each couldn't tell each other because you always picked the wrong time," she interrupted. "You like me?" I asked nervously. Dipper just nodded. "I like you too," I said, looking down. Dipper smiled and gently kissed me. "AWWW!" Mabel and Katrina squealed. "So why did you need to protect my brother and I?" I asked, blushing darkly.

"There's more to you, you're family, and Gravity Falls than you might think. I was selected to protect you until you were thirteen. I don't know his name and I can't remember his face but a man who came here looking for someone to protect his children from the secrets in Gravity Falls. He was here six years before me died mysteriously. I'm not sure if it was you he was asking me to protect but I did anyways," she explained. "And now that you're thirteen, you don't need protection anymore, but I will always be there for you," Icelia said.

"Wait, I'm not thirteen," I said. "Oh, so today, August 18 isn't your birthday?" I gasped. "I had no idea what day I was! I totally forgot!" I exclaimed. "What about the griffins?" Liam asked. "They were after your journal so I came here to fight with them but they only came out when you appeared," the fairy explained. "Will I ever see you again?" I asked. Icelia smiled and nodded. "Trust whom you love. Remember, the past is more important than it may seem. Family is the key," she said before disappearing in a cloud of snow and frost. "Well, that's enough weirdness for today," I said. Katrina nodded. "Are you leaving tomorrow?" "Yeah," I replied. "Where do you live?" Mabel asked. "We live in Piedmont, California," Liam said. "No way, we live there too!" Mabel exclaimed. "Maybe we'll see you," I said. "You'd better!" Mabel laughed. "Bye, see you tomorrow," I waved to the Pines twins.

The next morning I had all of my things packed up and ready to go. I then helped Katrina pack her stuff up. We walked down the stairs and put our stuff into my mom's van. "Liam!" I called. My twin brother popped out from the front door. "Yeah?" he asked. "Let's go say bye to Dipper and Mabel," I said. He nodded and we started walking to the Mystery Shack. "We'll be back in a few minutes, mom!" I called. When we got there, Dipper and Mabel were pulling suitcases out of the gift shop door. "Hey!" Katrina called. They stopped what they were doing and waved. "You guys leaving today too?" Liam asked. Mabel nodded. "We just wanted to say bye. Oh, right before I forget," I scribbled three different numbers on a piece of paper. "Here," I gave the list to Mabel. "Yay! I'm gunna miss you guys!" Mabel said. "We're gunna miss you guys too,"

"You coming back next summer?" Dipper asked. I smiled and nodded. "You bet. We're always up for a little mystery solving adventure," I replied. "Liam, Lily, Katrina! Time to go!" I heard my mom call. "Sorry, but we gotta go. Don't lose those numbers," I said. "We won't!" Mabel replied. "Bye!" Dipper and his twin sister said in unison. "See you next summer!" I turned around and waved. Liam, Katrina, and I started our journey back to the car. "Next summer it is."


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